Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Princess of Smit Lake
A Kua-toa princess gets captured by a Broken One and its up to Jacques and his companions to save her.

DM – Amy
Location: Lake Smit
Characters: Jacques Dubois, Shadow, (Riley’s thief -?) and Angelet the necromancer.

The group met at the Smit Inn, during feeding time for the Kua-toa. Jacques introduces his new companion, Angelet to King Smit of the Kua-toa and is informed of her recent capture by a Broken One. A beast with the head of bear and vulture, legs of a lion, camel and man, arms of an orc, lizard and crab and the tail of a scorpion.

The group travels across the lake (with Jacques singing all French portage songs). On the opposite shore they find tracks and hear the sounds of a creature in the woods. They found the sound to a cave, where in they encounter the Broken One. Shadow is quick with several amazing spells, (Invisibility, Web and Sleep). Between the spells and Angelet’s calming influence on the creature has the party soon returning back to the Inn with the Princess and two trophy heads.


DM – Adric
Characters – Neu-Goo, Murtle, Ranger Joe, Terrance, Lashawn

The group found it waking in prisoner cells with dead zombies being tossed down upon them from above by a knight. The priest Neu-Goo discovered to her dismay that her powers were weakened in this place. In a rare moment of clarity and communion with her god Apollo – she was informed that they had been brought to a new realm where his powers were limited. After escaping the cells, and killing a few random attacking zombies, the party avoided a nearby demon and attempted to make their way out of the Asylum. Along the way they met a helpful (almost human seeming zombie) who explained this new realm to them.

There was much group did not understand, such as zombies with humanity and zombies without called Hollow Ones and how Bonfires were important resting places, and how if she wanted her prayers to work she needed a ‘wand’ of sorts to focus her god’s power.

At learning of the existence of such a wand nearby the party went of in search of it. Several Hollow Ones later they found the room in which is was kept. In fact there were two. They were guarded by a demon which the party fought (well mainly the Ranger) though Neu-Goo helped by casting a prayer from a magical scroll – Hold Monster.

They picked up Lashawn, another priest – a follower of War. She was given the other wand.
From there the party rested at another bonfire and met with their friendly zombie and was informed of a means back to their own realm. It required ringing the two bells – one in the Lower U?.. and the other in U parish.
The group traveled on a ways to a house where a dragon was seen.

Their route took them up along a cliff where more Hollow Ones attacked… (game paused here)

Beware the Beholder

DM – Sinthija
Location: The Arena
Characters: Dale Douglas, Capt’n Pat, Enlxo, Keira, Hiphid, Lashawn

The group is gathered together in what seems to be an Arena game outside of what appears to be a chained door to a mountainside. Surrounding them is a shimmering field that when touched gives painful electrical shocks and which can’t be passed through. A sign outside the door reads – BEWARE THE BEHOLDER. GO BACK.

The party unlocked the chain and enters.

Arena Games #6

DM – Sinthija
Location: The Arena

A new group of Arena conscripts (Captain Pat the Pirate, James ‘the Hawk’ Hawkins (cabinboy), Terrance, The Legend and Penny find themselves facing off against 4 goblins, and a minotaur. James takes the brunt of the damage having to be healed after each battle. Thankfully the Arena came stocked with a magical ‘Red Cross’ room.

Captain Pat not content to wait for the next combatants goes investigating. He and James, begin a systematic search of the spectator areas and the holding cells for the ‘monsters’. There they find a Troglodyte (which the Captain decides to knock unconscious and take with them) and Kenny – a priest who’s been held in captivity for several days.

Terrance and The Legend follow a tad a behind but are there in time to help defeat the Kuo-toa that nearly killed poor James. But a poorly time pilfering by the thief Terrance causes party strife and there is a scuffle in which the young teen is skewered by Capt’n Pat. It is only by the quiet pleading of his cabinboy that the Captain allows the priest to be called in to help save the thief’s life.

The party, with the tied up thief and trog, spend a few moments resting in the nearby spectator banquet room.

(next day)
The party continued searching the hallway, and encountered a few other monsters (10 kobolds) but the greatest threat came from within the party when the young thief back-stabbed Captain Pat and nearly killed him. Kenny saved the Captain, while James took down the thief. The boy Terrance was left behind unconscious in the Arena but his ‘spot’ was filled soon after with a rescued ranger – Ranger Joe.

The troubles of Smit

DM – Amy (NPC Ariel)
Location: Lake Smit
Characters – Jacques Dubois, John (Walks in Moonlit ‘aka’ Unseen), Kenny, Cartman, Bowan, Doom

The party was gathered at an waystop, an inn, in the midst of the wilds. The Smit Inn and Tavern was rumoured to be haunted with patrons disappearing mysteriously.

Al (Ariel) spoke to the patrons gathered that night and warned of the disappearances. Jacques spoke up and announced his intention of investigating the disappearances – others offered to help.

As the next expected disappearance was that evening, plans were made for the PC’s to stay up all night and keep watch from outside the inn. Jacques attempted to set up snares in an area where some odd footprints were seen.

Just before midnight, noises from the nearby wood could be heard from the right hand side of the building where John, Kenny and Al were. From the woods emerged a Kuo-Toa. Other kuo-toa appeared in other areas surrounding the inn. Battle ensued.

Ronny's Arena Game - #5

DM – Ronny
Location: The Arena
Characters: Finn, Aleena, Tom, Miranda, Penny
6 goblins and 2 ghouls

results: Finn and Aleena unconscious,

Conclusion of the Raven's Lair

DM – Sinthija
Location: Raven’s Lair
Characters: Enlxo, Luigi, Mario, Adric Fire

Ravens’s lair concluded.
From the library the groups rogue (Etxo) tried unlocking the back door. When that didn’t work the warrior Adric smashed the doors lock with his battle axe. That did the trick.. the door opened to a hallway that led to a room from which heat and red glow eminanted. Some thought it might be a dragon and hesitated.
Mario, Luigi and Etxo continued on and found a pit of a room. The pit was 30 ft with a stream of lava running down at the bottom. Also at the bottom were metal spikes driven into the ground and several exotic (most likely poisonous) snakes. At the far end of the room, level with the door sat a stone coffer on a ledge. Along either side of the room was a small sloping ledge lead around toward the back wall but did not connect with the ledge the coffer was on. There was a 5 ft gap.
Adric arrived after bracing the doorway to the hall with a library shelf. He navigated the ledge with nearly disasterous results but just managed to keep his footing. The group tried to bring in a plank of wood, broken off of a book shelf in the library.. but a near slip caused the plank to fall down into the pit.
In the end Adric jumped across the 5 ft gap. Etxo decided just to Climb Walls across the area.
Etxo checked for traps and nearly got stuck with a poisoned needle (which he kept afterwards). After this he unlocked the coffer..
and to the singing of a chorus of angels (courtesy of Chester the Jester) the adventurers found the gem Lord Adric was seeking.
Lord Adric’s summoning horn was sounded and Lord Adric arrived to take possession of his stone. Chester tried to convince the adventurers to stay and clear out more of the lair but the group had had enough and went back to Vaillencourt with Lord Adric via his magical teleporting.

Arena Games #4

DM – Sinthija
Location: The Arena
yet another arena game.. can’t recall all the details.. (Ronny, Vaughn, Adric and Amy -players)

The group found themselves outside a stone door with a magical forcefield surrounding them on the other side – away from the door. The only viable route was through the door which they managed to open with sheer strength (?). Inside they found a set of stairs leading down into a catacomb. Vaughn’s elf noted the blue outline of undead just as the humans began sparking up torchs. He yelled at them to put them out but the humans thought they’d have better luck again the undead if they could see. Smart thing too because the catacombs were filled with undead. The fighters took on a couple in melee before Amy’s priest turned the remaining ones. The skeletons fled into the next chamber. The group followed and were met with a pair of ghouls which were quickly killed.
The mysterious voice seemed unhappy at the quickness of their slaughter and popped the group back to where they came from.

Troll Bridge

DM – Sinthija
Location: District of Sunborough
Characters: Tom, Sir Eddy, Sir D’ndy, Marco, Noko and ?

(Yes, it’s a theme that is often over done but oh well.. my son hadn’t played one before so…)

In Vaillencourt, where the paladin and knights had been reporting their progress with the town of Calbury, Lord Adric Sunborough directed his vassels to take a more northly route, a recently made road towards the Elder Wood. Rumours were that the populace were afraid to travel the newer road and those that did – some were never seen again. The warriors were to check it out. With them would travel Noko – brother to Marco who was going to Calbury to see his brother

Just within the Elder Wood the road crossed a deep river canyon via a large stone and timber bridge. A sign posted beside the bridge informed all that this was a Toll Bridge.

When the party scoffed at the notion of paying and began investigating, for they knew Lord Adric had not commissioned any such Toll Bridge, they were attacked by 20 kobolds and one large troll.

The kobolds were handled easily – though it took some time.. being the group could only kill one at a time.. the troll however was another matter. It wasn’t until Noko recalled that trolls cannot regenerate fire damage that they finally took down the creature.

Aiding Calbury

DM – Sinthija
Location: Calbury (Sunborough District)

Tom, Marco, Sir Eddy, and Jack. Went somewhere called Calbury. and when they got to the towns people where under attacked by goblins. Then we went down to the town. Every town’s people were scared. The goblin’s were just leaving with stolen stuff.

This has turned into a somewhat regularly campaign with the party building up the towns defenses (stone wall and training of guards and some townsfolk)


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