Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

ICC - Mexton Mess details
Seeming goes a long way

March 20th 01:00
Maddison is outside Mexton (north on the road)
1 hr remaining on Adric’s SEEMING spell (so she looks like someone else)
She tripped Natass’ “ALARM” (set up looking for her)

- Natass sends familiar (weasel) to check on the source of the Alarm. Weasel “popped in” (TELEPORT)
- Maddison is unaware of being followed. It follows.

Adric: Casts TELEPORT – Pops to Pounce

Maddison becomes aware of “eyes” in the dark…
-picks up speed to get to town.
-26 minutes later she arrives at the town gate and gives her real name (Weasel behind)

Adric: Reading teleport

Maddison goes to decent inn in the good area of town and gets a room.
10 minutes for weasel to arrive
Maddison hears weasel scratching down below her window.

Adric: Casts TELEPORT – Pops to Mexton.

Maddison heads to bed

Natass casts SPIDER CLIMB via Crystal Ball on the Weasel (3 rds to climb)

Adric: Pounce smells Maddison in town
- lands in town as close to her scent as possible (on the street outside the inn)

Maddison is asleep

Weasel is freaking out due to Dragon Fear. Natass knows this is the one.
Natass Preps: Defensive

Adric: heads to the Inn (pounds on the door) – wakes the inn keeper
Maddison still sleeping
Natass: TELEPORT (outside window -ground floor) / SPIDER CLIMB

Adric is let in “I need to see your records. I am looking for a woman who just arrived tonight”
Natass: KNOCK on the window , unlocking it

Adric: Gets the room number and arrives outside her door – gets rid of Inn owner “Thank you that will be all.”

Natass: Enters
Maddison: Still sleeping
Adric: Slowly opens door, sees figure by the window and thinks its Maddison at first til he sees the sleeping figure on the bed.

Natass – Casts BIGBY’S CRUSHING HAND – sent towards Adric. (goes at 13)
Adric – seeing a spell about to be cast, casts SPELL TURNING (goes at 13). Turning the spell on Natass instead.
Maddison: Still sleeping but wakes at Natass’ gasp at the necromancer is being crushed by his own spell.

Maddison: grabs staff and runs to Adric.
Adric: grabs Maddison’s hand while rushing out the door.
Natass is held this round as he attempts wraithform – 6 crushing damage.
Natass has 2 rds of brainfart before he cancels/dispels his Bigby’s Crunching Hand.
still has wraithform.

Maddison & Adric – outside heading for Pounce, gets on and flies off.
Natass is pissed and fuming. casts DEATH trying to center it on the dragon .

Rolled 2 to hit. Missed his mark, miscalculating the dragons speed and as a result 33 people die in Mexton the DEATH spell encompassed 891000ft cubed.

2:00 am
Adric directs Pounce to fly to Deerport after discovering that Maddison spoke to Fiance.
Maddison falls asleep on the way there – tied to Adric.
Flight is 6hrs (3 hrs , 1/2 hr rest for Pounce to eat, drink and nap, 3 hrs)

Arriving at Deerport (outside of town) at 08:30
Walk into town – Arrive at Guild at 09:00. During which Adric casts POLYMORPH SELF (black hair – short buzz, blue eyes, 1/2 elf 18 com, 5’6" 17 yrs, buff tanned.) Introduced by Maddison as Jacob ((OOC think Jacob from Twilight but as a half elf rather than a werewolf))

Discover Fiance is under Natass’ spell GEAS
Adric has idea to put a GEAS of his own .
Maddison want to torture Fiance – Adric offers to “SILENCE” the screams."
1 hr of various torture.

09:00 Adric casts GEAS on Fiance.
" You will no longer willingly, or under Geas or torture impart truthful information about Maddison or I; and when pressed to the point of breaking the Geas held by Natass you will by any means possible knock yourself unconscious to prevent from breaking that Geas. As well, you will inform myself or Maddison of each and every time you are questioned or visited by Natass or his hirelings and share pertinent information about the meeting with us. Lastly, regardless of your feeling towards Maddison, you will not attack, plan to harm or speak ill of her at any time."

10:30 Setting up Fiance for test. Adric reading Seeming.
11:00 Casts SEEMING on himself and goes to test his Geas.
11:30 Adric meets Fiance as Natass. Fiance didn’t tell “Natass” anything truthful. (The thief seemed adapt at making things up)
Afterwards Fiance contacted Maddison/Adric (after cancelling the Seeming) and told of them of the meeting with “Natass”
12:30 Head out to bring Pounce back to Keep Darkskies.
While leaving the guild they were seen by other guild-members -Spike’s wife and Jessica recognize undisguised Adric.
13:00 Adric reads spell, casts TELEPORT on all 3 (Pounce, him and Maddison). Pops at Keep Darkskies. Nearly passes out.
(notes end here – will ‘estimate’ the rest)

13:10 Adric speaks briefly with Teneway. Introduces Maddison. Makes plans to return tomorrow after he’s rested. Sunborough is more warded so safer.

13:20 Adric reads spell, casts TELEPORT on him and Maddison. Pops in his room at Keep Sunborough. This time does pass out.

In character conversation / Natass plot - Lord Adric and Maddison
Mexton Mess

What happens when Adric and Natass arrive in Mexton at the same time and both intent on finding Maddison? A town full of death is what. 33 dead and that’s just the beginning of the story…

Mexton (weasel, Bigby’s Crushing Hand, Spell Immunity, retreat, Pounce, Death spell – 33 dead, escape to Deerport/ Traitor/ Fiance/ Geas/ impersonating Natass & evil plans / Keep Darkskies & Lady Teneway / Teleport Maddison to keep / Adric falls unconscious.

in character conversations
happy couple or not so happy couple: Lee,Jonny,Kyria

DM: sinthija
players: Jonny, Lee, Kyria

Jonny and Kyria get popped into the room that they were just in with the slime but no one is there Jonny feels awkward talking to Kyria but figures there’s a chance to get to know her. After having a conversation about their families and about their history they hear a pop and the light in the small room where they got popped in goes out. A strong female voice calls out in a Texas accent “roll call!”. Jonny quickly gets up and moves away from Kyria but doesn’t answer Lee’s call.

Lee, unable to see in the dark, sparks a torch and Jonny then says “are you going to come out of the room or not?” Lee exit what she views as the teleport room and asks "why did you not reply to the role call? and jonny snarkily says “because i did not feel like it your not the boss of me”. Surprised at the animosity, Lee just blew it off the first time and said look its just the two of us and then jonny says no there is one more.

Lee looking around then sees kyria sitting there and says hi. Jonny does not look lee in the eye so she is starting to get worried that there is something wrong with jonny. Lee then asks jonny whats wrong jonny just blows it off and says he is fine. jonny opens the next door and 3 stirges flew out 1 missed kyria and jonny the other stuck onto lee’s neck after fighting that one another stricks onto kyria jonny and lee finally get the one off of her and move towards kyria lee shouting dont attack jonny than pours a potion down her throat.

finally after getting the one off of kyria we all thought it was over but as lee and jonny are kissing jonny gets attacked and it sticks to his neck. lee than attacks then creature when kyria stands away and jonny attacks it after attacking it for a little while jonny than cuts his shoulder lee tells jonny to stop swinging the sward at her. kyria joins in to help after a while with a couple more hits the creature is dead and falls off jonny. lee than says “do i get to shove a potion down your throat now” getting the reply of “no i am fine” walking to the next door jonny and kyria notice that there is another door from the room that the weird bug things came out of

Jonny than sends kyria to go and check it out. jonny and lee wait at the next door. Lee than says "why aren’t you opening the door??? with the reply of kyria is checking another door. when kyria gets back we than open the next door in side that door there was floating ghost with a black staff in the middle floating. joking around jonny told lee to go into the room so she does.

jonny grabs her arm and trys to pull her out but she swings her arm away all the ghost heads turn towards use jonny pulls lee out and says why wold you risk your life for me. In a pissed off tone Lee says “do i even have to answer that” jonny than passes the monster manual to lee to check up on Ghosts and she reads it out loud in her strong Texas accent throwing in a few comments and questions as she does so. “What’s a THAC0?” “Armor class 0 , Armor Class 8 – what’s better..?” but discovers that yes – turning should work on a ghost. now knowing what these creatures are jonny goes in and try’s to turn them but it does not work so he just grabs the staff and the ghosts smile and fade away. jonny does a detect magic and he can tell that the magic is necromantic and adjuration. Jonny knowing what this is does not tell Lee the type of magic.
In Character conversations
Adric and Maddison

story continues off of what had occurred in the pbem – Adric and Maddison quarrel about her owing him (his estate) for the purchase the Non-Detection Amulet needed to avoid Natass.

Maddison kept changing the subject to divert the need to sign any formal agreement. Eventually she commented that she likely had most of the funds needed back at her room in her former guild (in Deerport). So Adric comes up with the idea to disguise Maddison in order to go there and fetch it. Considered doing a Polymorph Other but decided against it. Used Seeming to change her appearance to that of a buxom, comely maid.
(1 days horse ride to Deerport, then spell)

At the guild, Spike not there, Adric and disguised Maddison, spoke to Spike’s wife and ‘politely requested’ the return of Maddison’s monies. After some directed threats (and reminders from Maddison to address Lord Adric properly ‘yes Sire’), the woman complied.

Afterwards, as agreed Adric took disguised Maddison to a bar to have a drink. He was thinking all was settled, and was making plans in his mind of how else Maddision could pay off her debt through quests, when she got irately upset at his refusal to drink anything more stiff than a wine. Things got worse between them and the evening ended with Maddison threatening to expose Adric to Quility and / or his sister. He thinks her threats are just a manipulation and lets her go off to cool down. He is on his way back to the keep.

when Adric thinks Maddison ks just blowing off steam she makes her way to the guild. when she gets to the gulid knocking on the door hoping that the bitchy lady does not open he door and her wish came true fiance opens the door asking who i was. maddison replys with “its maddison” he says prove it whats your name i say “maddison also called maddy and goes by swift” girl fiend what happened and they talk on maddison gets to the point and says she needs another horse. fiance than gets her the horse and she leaves. maddison is fully aware of what could happen if this gets out but she is still headed to she lady teneway for about a week horse ride

Arena -
It's All an Illusion

DM: Kirsten
Characters: Ora Greystone (dwarf), Kyria, Tris

The three were ‘popped’ alone onto a empty path about 50ft from a crossroads. Tris had been at home packing up for adventuring with her husband thus arrived with all her gear. Kyria had been ‘popped’ out of another adventure with Bumble and Sir Francis, and thus also arrived with all her adventuring gear. Unfortunately, young Ora the dwarven miner was at home cooking a rabbit stew and studying her secret talent of magecraft when she was popped out – so she arrived with naught but a pot of stew, a spoon and her spellbook.

While the two rogues met up at the center crossroad, Ora at first hid in the woods, checking out who the other two were. Her interest got piqued when they announced to one another to be ‘professional adventurers’. Ora over the most recent years, had dreamt of adventuring, but had never given in to the desire – it was bad enough that she practiced magic in secret she couldn’t imagine how she would ever be able to hide her talent while adventuring.

Gathering a bit of courage, Ora stepped out of the woods and greeted the others. After introductions were made, the trio of women continued along the road looking for a clear space off the path to set up a tent for the evening dark that was fast approaching.

Tris located a clearing to the south-east and set up her tent. While the others were gathering wood for the fire , Tris noticed a chest situated just behind where she’d pitched the tent. How it got there or what was in it was a mystery but oddly the rogue did not approach it or mention it to others at all for the first while as they made camp or ate.

In the midst of their evening meal of rabbit stew (thanks to Ora) they heard an odd mewling sound that sounded from behind the tent. They followed it to its source and discovered the chest as a group. Tris looked it over for traps and unlocked – all the while pretending to Ora that she wasn’t doing anything thiefish. Inside Tris discovered her kitten, Kyrie found her puppy and Ora a spellbook -not her own (or her grandmothers) but some other book filled with various spells.

It was only after the group was retired to tent for the night and about the sleep that strange noises sounded from outside, large growlie sounds. Ora seeing a large looming shape just outside the back of the tent, made a small fist and attempted to punch it. She succeeded but it was very ineffectual.

In fact, when she exited the tent to see what it was that she attacked – nothing was there. Not even footprints. Distrustful of how that could be, Ora snuck away to cast a spell – Detect Magic, from that she learned that the chest was magical and that there were indeed tracks but only visible through magic – illusionary magic.

Ora tried to convince the others of the creatures attack on the tent but since Ora was the only one to hear it or see the tracks – no one believed her.

It was about this time that each woman began to hear the calls for help from their loved ones. Ora heard her mother calling out for help. Kyria also heard her mother calling to her. Tris heard the cries of her daughter, her eldest child.

Each encounter was slightly different but each met with their loved one who needed them to give up the item or pet that was found in the chest, afterwhich the loved one disappeared. In Ora’s case her mother not only wanted the new spellbook, but her personal one as well. Despite Ora’s uncertain belief that this was all an illusion and some sort of trap, she caved in when it seemed that refusing to give up the book would suffocate her mother.

When the party regrouped by the tent once more Ora was adamant that this was all an Illusion. (game paused)

Undermountain - final
the last rp'd scenes

DM – Sinthija
(Characters: Cadelle, Lee, Bumble, Finn, Lady Jess, Eko, Jonny, Merek, Star, Kenji, Sir Francis)

The party had just encountered 10 Blink Dogs guarding their pups. A fight was avoided when Bumble did Speak with Animals and negotiated their passage passed the dogs. The party took West route from their and discovered that lead to the pit room (38A) We left off in the Blink Dog room waiting for Cadelle and DS to check other routes. Bumble was talking to the Blink Dogs and Finn was keeping rear watch.. everyone else (Lady Jess, Sir Francis, Eko, Merek, Star, Kenji were chilling) Day 4 at 2:10 pm

After which occurred several Undermountain Arena scenes.. all in the same day I believe – January 2nd – but no details of what was discussed in noted down : (
(Room 34 – Lee/Jonny)
(then Sir Francis / Bumble & Kyria)
(then Kenji/ Finn in room 34 with Bumble and Kyria)
(white room – Sir Francis/ Lady Jess / Lee)
(then Kenji/ lady Jess / Lee)
(then Kenji/DS/Lee)
(Room 34 – Lee/ Jonny/ Kyria – fight (or arguement?)
(then DS/ Natass – seeking info about party..)

ICC - Repayment

Adric and Madison – Repayment (started Nov 3, 2014)
The first book Madison looks over seems to be mainly lower level spells: Things a novice would learn. Spells like Read Magic. Detect Magic. Cantrip and Magic Missile. Looking over the first book takes about 20 minutes. Adric seems intent on his own book by the time she finishes.
She will said quietly um I’m finished this one nothing that could really help…… Did u find anything
“Nothing yet, grab up another book and continue.” he answers
She will get up to the sam replace he grab her first and grabs another then returns and sits down
The second book she looks over hold slight more complex spells, these ones instead of being a page in length are 2 to 3 times that length. There are various spells she reads the titles and summaries to. Most are obviously offensive and damage dealing spells like Flaming Sphere, Lightning Bolt, and Fireball – just to name a few. While others are more passive or defensive, Detect Invisibility and Dispel Magic. The only two spells in the second book that mentions any type of concealment are Invisibility, and Feign Death.
She will put a feather in the 2 and than tell adric when she is finished get up grab another book and ask him how he is doing
Adric rubs at his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose trying to ease the headache-like pain growing there after nearly an hour of non-stop intense reading. His rejuvenation potion must be wearing off, he realized. He is likely to crash soon. “It’s going.” He answers as he removes his hand from his face and looks over to Madison. Adric notes the feather in the one book. “Ah good, you are finding things.”

Adric stands up and gives a bit of a stretch. “I’ve found several spells that could be of use… Mislead, Non-Detection. The main problem is how to keep them going over along period of time. Most have an active period of less than an hour. I’ve considered Permanency. But that is not a spell that is effective on everything and to be honest its at the very limit of my abilities. If I attempted such a spell and the two magics were not compatible, the side-effects could be worse than death.”

Adric began to pace about the room. “Instead, it may be worth our while to research and design the making of a magical item to imbue with the effect we are looking for. However, something like that would take weeks – possibly months.” He pauses. “I wonder… The wizard Turan has a wide selection of items… but such a item would not be cheap even at his ridiculous prices.” He regards Madison. "But I’m sure you would be willing to work off a debt, yes?

Um yes I have been feathering things and are you okay u seem a little off do u need to sleep…..? Um I have herd of Turin’s and um I don’t know depends on what the det is…
“The debt would be working for me of course, assuming that Turin would have a useful item. I’m sure – once you are able to leave the premises – that there are tasks I could set you to to keep you busy to work off what might be owed.” Adric answered her last question, completely ignoring her earlier question about sleep. “Sound good?”

“I’ll leave you here to continue researching, in case he doesn’t have anything. I’ll go to Turin’s now and check his store. Be back soon.” With that Adric left the room. He would get a horse saddled and ride down into town to the Turin’s there.
She screams NO ADRIC u did not answer the important question DO U NEED SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the scream, which seems to echo throughout the hall which is adjacent to the study, Adric turns about an appalled expression on his face. He walked back into the room shutting the door with exaggerated care. “How old are you, Madison? Under three? Because honestly, even my neices of three years have better manners than what you just displayed.”

He takes a moment to see if his lecturing words have any impact on her before continuing. “I didn’t answer your question because it was irrelevant. Yes, I am tired. But I am fine. I do not need sleep. And even if I did – it is not your place to insist I do so, or to scream like a child when I ignore such. Is that understood?”
She rolls her eyes “whatever” she says and blows a kiss to be a bitch.
He rolls his eyes right back. Because of moments like this, he would be glad when she was able to leave and was no longer his responsibility. “Why do I bother?” he murmured to himself rhetorically, then left once again. Pausing momentarily at the door should she feel the need to have the last word – which he was discovering, she did.
Have a good trip don’t be long when he leaves she will make her way back up to her room and clean her weapons and sort everything
(I need you to roll percentage dice. Do you have your die with you or should I roll for you?)
(1 and 2 is 12 12% is under the 40% I’d given for Turan’s thus YES.. Turan’s has a ring of Non-Detection. : )
I’m gonna check the books and see if such a thing exists and at what cost and will reply back later.)
(Ok so it apparently exists online and in Forgotten Realms but wasn’t able to find an cost of xp gain for it there but on an item similar in 3rd edition. Woah 35 000 gp. (Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location). OK so for Turan that would be 3500 gp. : )
(Nov 6 2014)
Adric is gone for over two hours, during which time Meredith, Madison’s blind maid, comes by with a basket of breads, fruits and dried meats for Madison to eat from while Meredith finishes with the cleaning chores. She even offers to help Madison with her weapons – not personally but by offering to take them to the keeps weaponsmith for sharpening and repair if needed.

It was only when Meredith heard the familiar tap on the Madison’s door that the maid, stood up to take her leave. “That will be Lord Adric. I’ll get the door and see myself out, Miss” She smiled and opened the door, meeting Adric with a curtsey. “My Lord.”

Adric nodded towards the maid. “Meredith. You’re not sharing keep secrets with my visitors are you?” His tone was light and playful.

Meredith laughed slightly. “Only that one about how you sleep-walked into the kitchens in naught but your socks. I’m told it was quite the sight to see.”

Adric’s mouth hung open a moment before he let out a good chuckle. “I think its time I promoted you to Court Jester. You’re funny. Go on now. Madison and I will be down later.” Meredith left and Adric watched her for a moment before shutting the door. He turned back to Madison. “She made that up” he denied with a grin.

Maddy will say thank you for the basket and no thanks I can do my weapons by myself…… And Adric I wanna be here the next time you walk around in nothing but ur socks
….. She winks and giggles how did Turin’s go did he have anything for us

At Madison’s comment regarding his sleep-walking, Adric shook his head. “That probably wouldn’t be so good.”
“And yes, Turan’s inventory was quite extensive, so he did indeed have something that I think will be of use to you. However, give its value. I will need assurances that its cost will be repaid, either in gold or in services. Which will it be?”

“Why not adric?” she smiles “how much was the item….?”.

“At any other shop other than Turans… over 30 thousand gold pieces. However the old man is daft and sold it to me for 3500. That is what you owe the Canton of Sunborough. Until such time as it is repaid you will be listed as one of its retainers and will be called upon to do on occasion to work off the debt. I will have a contract drafted for later this eve. What would you value your time at?” (ie how much a day would she normally charge to do work?)
It would depend on what u have me doing adric and holy shit that was expensive
“What manner of work would you be interested in doing? Menial work about the keep I wouldn’t pay more than a few coppers a day. A mercanaries position with my army would earn a silver a day to be on call. A gold a day when sent to battle. A versatile adventurer might be paid 5 silver a day to collect various items the risk of such questing varying from task to task.”
Madison replys with I playing tone y do I have to pay it off when if it was not for u I wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place adric
Adric stiffens at the remark despite the playful tone. His tone in return is anything but playful. It is cold, dark and emotionless. “It was not I who agreed to work for Natass. All I did was open your eyes to the danger you had put yourself into. If you wish, I can rescind my wards, send you back to where I found you and leave you to the mercies of both your former employers.”

(scene was paused here or I lost the other emails)

ICC #?

—It is well past daybreak, possibly close to noon when she finally wakes on her own. Her kitten is still sleeping peacefully by the crook of her neck. There is a slight tapping on her main door (not the one between hers and Lord Adrics)

she will get up trying not to wake the cat and saying “whos there”

“Your maid, ma’am” came the reply of the blind maid from the other day (can’t remember if I named her)
“I’ve come to clean the room and assist you with your wardrobe, ma’am”

maddy will walk over and open the door “hello how are you today”
she says

“I’m fine ma’am. You sound well rested today, ma’am. That’s good.” She stepped inside feeling her way along the wall with a hand. “What would you like me to do first ma’am? Fetch you a break-fast, help you dress, or clean the room, ma’am?”

do what you would like. would you happen to know where lord adric would be about now..?
maddy will go and pick up the kitten

(I need a name for her – any suggestions?)
The maid started with the cleaning since Maddison didn’t seem interested in either break-fast or dressing, given her comment. “Lord Adric? I believe he’s down at the edge of the court yard training with his knights. He does so til noon every other day.”

okay maddy says thank you for all the help you have given me

“You’re quite welcome, ma’am. I’ll be done with the bed linens in just a moment. While I’m passing the kitchens what can I get you to break your nights fast?”

im not hungry at the moment but when you can will you let adric……lord adric know i would like to speak with him up here please

“yes of course, ma’am” with that the blind maid felt her way out of the room with her load of dirty bed linens, and a promise to return to assist with getting dressed.

The keep seemed quiet, the only sound being that of an occasional clash of metal on metal coming from outside in the distance.

After a while, even that stopped. The maid returned as promised to help with dressing and following just behind was Lord Adric.

hello she says to the maid and hi lord adric with
a smirk

He was dressed in a plain undertunic and tan breeches (Pants and t-shirt like) and his hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat from the workout he must have just finished up.

how is your day going

Adric looks over Madison slowly. (How is she dressed? did she change for sleep last night or still in the skirt and blouse outfit? Or perhaps something new?)
“My day keeps getting better.” he comments with a slight smile. “I trust you slept well?”

skirt and blouse……

you seem happy today and yes i slept well thank you how was ur sleep.

“I didn’t sleep. I spent the night studying a new spell.” Odd – for someone who hadn’t slept he looked well rested.

“I’m sure.” then he grinned and leaned closer to semi-whisper towards her “I cheated – used a potion to renew my physical and mental acuity for the day.” He laughed then looked towards the maid who was busy at the wardrobe setting out different skirts and dresses for Madison to decide from.
“Meredith (there she has a name now) you can return to your other duties. Miss Madison is already dressed. She’ll ring the bell if she has need of your assistance. Thank you.”

“Of course, milord.” The maid bowed towards Lord Adric and then towards Madison “Mistress.” before feeling her way out of the room. She shut the door behind her.

when the door is closed maddison will look at adric you cheater! and ask "=what have you beeen up to today there was no knock at my door from you this morning. she will than grab his hand then starts
to walk her way to the bed and sits down. she grabs her cat

Adric smirks at her teasing insult, but follows along a tad warily when she grabs his hand to lead him to her bed. He remains standing beside the bed as she sits. “Training. And doing the day to day duties necessary to overseeing my lands. My apologies for not waking you. Given how last night ended, I wasn’t sure if you’d want my company today.”

its lonely without you and sit I’m not going to do anything
sit down adric ;) she winks

Adric looks doubtful but after a moment sits down.

(continues.. but am missing that part)

Undermountain Adventure #37

DM – Amy
Characters – Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn, Lady Jess, Eko, Jonny, DS, Merek, Sir Francis, Kenji, Star, & Arabella

Scene starts back at the fight between Lee and Spike…
Pop -outs (Johnny Cage, Zack, Sir Raymond, Spike) / Pop-ins (Sir Francis, Merek, Kenji, Star and Arabella)

Amazing catch by Jonny (Lee was dropped from her levitation/flying)
Sir Francis gives 1/2 hr warning to pack up
K&M leave for the tent – raid the fridge and refill water in wineskins
Star leave for the tent – hanging out in her room until time to go
Arabella – checks in with Sir Francis
Sir Francis – gets everyone together
Bumble – checks gear, restocks on food and water, one last prayer
Finn – help with clean-up of kitchen, packs and waits
Cadelle – picks up arrows, talks to Sir Francis (about what?)
Lee – talks to Jonny (about what?)
Jonny – talking to Lee
DS – hanging out with Stealth
Eko – taking down tent (once everyone out)
Jess – pick up arrows / chatting with Kenji

Lee has her M16 out – singing Achy Breaky Heart (seen by Bumble, Finn, Cadelle, Arabella, Kenji, DS, Lady Jess and Eko)
Partner up… DS/Cadelle, Sir Francis/Eko, Merek / Bumble, Kenji/Lady Jess, Star, Finn/ Arabella, Jonny/Lee at the back

15 min to room 41 (what time of day?)
J& Lee approach throne
C goes to South West door
LJ w/ Kenji – holding hands by South East
Eko looking at body ((why?))

Undermountain Adventure #36
Kirsten's Undermountain Arena Challenge

DM: Kirsten
Characters: Undermountain usual 13 (LJ, DS, E, J, L, C, B, F, SF, Ar, St, M, K)

Party is popped in as teams standing with their partner in a circle around a center pillar on which is their odd man out

Teams: Lady Jess & Lee / Sir Francis & Finn / Bumble & Arabella / Eko & Kenji / Cadelle & Star / Dark Shadow & Merek – out man out is Jonny

Rules: Teams are asked to answer a question – answering like the other member.
If they get wrong the odd man out will be forced to attack the one who answered wrong
( with what weapon? – 3 attacks)

1st round: What your favorite weapon to use?
Eko & Kenji – Answers: E “bastard sword” / K “bastard sword” cheering
DS & Merek – Answers : DS “bastard sword” / M “thieves picks” booing
Jonny attacks Merek – misses on all three attempts
Bumble & Arabella – Answers: B “hammer” / Ar “prayer” cheering
Cadelle & Star – Answers: C “magic” / St “bow” cheering
Lee & Lady Jess – Answers: L “bow” / LJ “short sword” booing
Jonny attacks Lady Jess – misses on all three attempts
Sir Francis & Finn – Answers: SF “short sword” / F “battle axe” booing
Jonny attacks Sir Francis – hits once for 6 dam.

Jonny and Sir Francis switch spots.
And the teams pop about at random

2nd round: What god do you follow?
Bumble & Kenji – Answers: B “Gond?” / K “Gond” booing
SF attacks Bumble (? dam)
Arabella & Eko – Answers: Ar “yourself” / E “God” cheering
Merek & Cadelle – Answers: M “doesn’t follow” / C “no god, believes in nature” cheering
DS & Star – Answers: DS “no one” / St “no one” cheering
Finn & Lady Jess – Answers: F “Diancecht” / LJ “no god?” cheering
Jonny & Lee – Answers : J “doesn’t follow a god” / L “God of War” cheering

Teams change:

3rd round: Do they have siblings?
Bumble & Eko – Answers: B “no” / E “no” cheering
Kenji & Lee – Answers: K “no?” / L “never heard him speak of any so no” *cheering

Jonny & Finn – Answers: J “no?” / F “no?” booing
Sir Francis hits Finn (?) for 11 damage
Lady Jess & Arabella – Answers: LJ “no” / Ar “no” cheering
Cadelle & Merek – Answers: C answers yes to Merek because she knows but hasn’t told Merek yet… / M “no” booing
Sir Francis attacks Merek – miss all three
Star & Dark Shadow – Answers: St “no” / DS “no” booing
Sir Francis attacks Star – (no damage listed)
pop in Sir Raymond and suddenly Sir Francis has a team member
SF & SR – Answers: SF “no” / SR “yes – Zack” cheering

Team switch and more pop ins (Johnny Cade and Zack)

4th round: Are they in a relationship? Or who likes them?
Jonny & Bumble – Answers: J “no” / B “duh.. Lee” cheering Lee flushes embarrassed.
Sir Francis & Dark Shadow – Answers: SF “Kenji?” / DS “Stealth” booing Cadelle laughs.
(no mention of the punishment for wrong answers – no damage noted)
Sir Raymond & Merek – Answers: SR “Lady Jess?” / M “no one” booing
Finn & Johnny Cade – Answers: F “Star” / JC “no one” cheering Finn looks disappointed.
Lee & Arabella – Answers: L “Marco” / A “Jonny likes Lee” cheering
Eko & Zack – Answers: E “Zack” / Z “no one” cheering
Lady Jess & Kenji – Answers: LJ “Kenji?” / K “me!” booing LJ blushes.
Star & Sir Francis – Answers: Star “no one” / SF “Johnny Cade” cheering

Team Switch!

5th round: Who have they tried to kill in this party?
Lady Jess & Bumble – Answers: LJ “no one” / B “no one” cheering
Kenji & Eko – Answers: K “everyone” (Eko glares at K) / E “no one – he’s too much of weakling to try anything like that” booing
Zack & Finn – Answers: Z “her inner self” / F “Lee and DS so far as I’ve seen” booing
Arabella & Sir Raymond – Answers: A “no one” / SR “no one” cheering
Merek & Johnny Cade – Answers: M “no one” / JC “no one” cheering
Sir Francis & Dark Shadow – Answers: SF “Cadelle – maybe 1 or 2 more that I might have not been told of” / DS “no one” booing
Cadelle & Star – Answers: C “no one” / Star “Dark Shadow and Eko?” cheering Cadelle laughs and high fives Star.
Jonny & Lee – were about to answer but were popped out.



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