Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #37

DM – Amy
Characters – Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn, Lady Jess, Eko, Jonny, DS, Merek, Sir Francis, Kenji, Star, & Arabella

Scene starts back at the fight between Lee and Spike…
Pop -outs (Johnny Cage, Zack, Sir Raymond, Spike) / Pop-ins (Sir Francis, Merek, Kenji, Star and Arabella)

Amazing catch by Jonny (Lee was dropped from her levitation/flying)
Sir Francis gives 1/2 hr warning to pack up
K&M leave for the tent – raid the fridge and refill water in wineskins
Star leave for the tent – hanging out in her room until time to go
Arabella – checks in with Sir Francis
Sir Francis – gets everyone together
Bumble – checks gear, restocks on food and water, one last prayer
Finn – help with clean-up of kitchen, packs and waits
Cadelle – picks up arrows, talks to Sir Francis (about what?)
Lee – talks to Jonny (about what?)
Jonny – talking to Lee
DS – hanging out with Stealth
Eko – taking down tent (once everyone out)
Jess – pick up arrows / chatting with Kenji

Lee has her M16 out – singing Achy Breaky Heart (seen by Bumble, Finn, Cadelle, Arabella, Kenji, DS, Lady Jess and Eko)
Partner up… DS/Cadelle, Sir Francis/Eko, Merek / Bumble, Kenji/Lady Jess, Star, Finn/ Arabella, Jonny/Lee at the back

15 min to room 41 (what time of day?)
J& Lee approach throne
C goes to South West door
LJ w/ Kenji – holding hands by South East
Eko looking at body ((why?))



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