Lord Adric Sunborough

Powerful teen fighter/mage


Race: Human
Class: Fighter / Mage
Age: 14
Birth date: March 15th
Sex: Male
Hgt: 5’5" (6’1" at 18 yrs)
Wgt: 152 lbs

Reads/Writes: Common
Speaks: Common, Elven, Goblin, Dwarven, Latin/Hebrew, Orc


Born in the Canton of Vaillencourt, Shandimere
Heir to the Lordship of Sunborough.

Father – Lord Edgar Sunborough (assumed deceased)
Mother – Lady Melissa Sunborough (deceased)

Adric began his adventuring as a squire to his older sister Lady Teneway, Paladin of the Holy Order of the Silver Sword. During this time he began his training as a fighter with his sister and Caladon training him, he was also introduced to a magic-user named Halaster, who in secret, began teaching him magic.

Now 5 years later, Adric’s skills as a mage far outstrip his abilities as a fighter but he continues to practice both daily, while beginning to learn the duties of his role as Heir to the lands of Sunborough.

Knows / Adventured with:
Teneway Sunborough, Caladon Darkskies, Timora Blackheath, Blirr, Taviss-D, Kaiden Greywhiskers,

Lord Adric Sunborough

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