Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Zack's Training Arena

The Cave Dweller Michael

Zack: I see bumble

The excitable cleric grins over to you. “Looks like it’s our turn for some Arena fun, hope you’re ready for it.” Then the cleric turns towards the stranger and offers out a small chubby hand, despite the strangers battle ready stance and odd looking weapon. “Hi! I’m Bumble. This is Zack”

As usual the Arena is lit by magic, rather than actual sunlight. By this light Zack gets his first look at the stranger he’d encountered in the cave.

The man stands about 6 ft tall wearing odd pants and jacket of mottled greens and browns. (Camouflaged army fatigues). His sandy blond hair is cut extremely short. He has wide blue eyes as he stares at the gnomes offered hand. He hasn’t lowered his weapon yet.
Zack takes out his sword

The weapon trains on Zack for a moment. “What’s going on here? How’d I get here?”

Zack: Ahhh

Bumble doesn’t seem fazed by the weapon pointing. “Consider this like a training arena. You fight monsters – gain some skills then are sent back to where you came from. It’s a form of entertainment for some really powerful mage so it’s probably best if you play along.”

Zack: Roll to attack

(Attacking the stranger ? With your sword? Ok – one sec- rolling his surprise)
Zack manages to surprise the stranger, who doesn’t fire his weapon as Zack attacks with his sword, but oddly though the blade hits the core of the body and the man is staggered, Zacks blade doesn’t cut through the man’s clothing.

“What the Heck man, we were talking,here!?” The stranger raises his weapon aiming at Zack’s chest then adjusts to shoot the ground at his feet. A burst of three rounds of bullets. “Stand down! Lower your weapon now! The next shot will drop you!”

Zack puts it away saying “You scared me man I don’t like guns pointed at me”

Bumble, who had been preparing himself to intervene, grinned. “Much better. Usually we’re sent here to kill monsters- not each other”. The gnome commented wisely. “So as I said before I’m Bumble, the guy with sword is Zack and you are….?”

Zack says “yeah who are you buddy?”

The stranger hesitates, but seeing Zack re-sheath his weapon, the guy safety’s the gun and lowers the barrel to the ground. “Michael” he answers.

Zack: “Ok who’s all playing?” No answer.

Zack: “Ok Bumble, looks like its just me you and Mikey then”

Just after they finish their introductions, the voice of the Arena Mage sounds in the air above their heads. “Now that you’re all friends. It’s a race to see who can get to the finish first. Beware the traps!”

An obstacle course begins to materialize around the outer edge of the arena. A blinking sign reads ‘START

Zack: Check for traps

DM: Zack is too far away and the course is too vast to check it all from where he is presently

Zack: He walks to the course

DM: First is a straight run to a huge wall that they have to climb

Zack runs to it

Michael looks uncertain about the blinking Start sign but follows after Zack. “Are you sure about playing along?”

Zack: “Yeah, I am let’s do this!”

Bumble jogs along side motioning for Michael to hurry up. “Yeah, we haven’t had anyone die in an Arena game in a long time – oops hope I didn’t just jinx us!”

The three line up at the starting line but can’t move beyond because of a force field. An announcers voice (not the mages voice) says “On your marks, get set…”

This at least is familiar to Michael and he shoulders his M16 and drops into a runners starting stance.

Zack checks he’s pack what does he see for equipment

DM: He’s got a standard pack.
DM:He has 5 written on his sheet but it doesn’t say which type

Zack yells “Can we started yet?”

“Go!” The force field drops.

Zack: Check for traps

Checking for traps implies that you are moving slow and inspecting things for a minute before moving through the area.

Michael and Bumble both break into a run heading for the huge wall. It’s easily a 100 ft tall and is at the about 100 m away.

Zack: Change of Action: I follow running

Michael quickly takes the lead if Zack purposely follows . Bumble is much slower with his short gnomes hair legs. (OOC that was supposed to read gnomish legs – damn auto-correct!)

Zack grabs Bumble and runs with him

“Thanks Zack.” Bumble says

As they near the wall, they can see coiled at its base three sets of rope and a grappling hook.

Michael is the first to reach the wall and he quickly grabs a rope and starts tying the grappling hook on.

When Zack gets the the wall he puts bumble on his shoulders “hold on bumble” as he grabs a rope, ties on the grapple and throws it up first toss and starts to climb.

“Hey no, set me down. I can do this” Bumble complains

Zack: “okay”

Michael gets his grapple tied and rope up the wall.

DM: Zack made his climb walls. After setting Bumble down, it’ll take him under 2 rds to get the the top.

Michael is nearly to the top when his grip slips (failed dex roll) and starts to free fall, he manages to grab the rope again half way down and hangs there by one arm trying not to piss himself at his stupid slip-up

Zack laughs “smooth move”

Meanwhile Bumble goes over to his pile of rope and grappling hook, thinks a moment before pulling a few tools off his sash and begins working on attaching the grapple to the head if his staff sling. Within couple minutes he has a bit of a grappling hook launcher and his rope is soon at the top of the wall beside those of Zack and Michael.

Zack: “f**king bumble always one step ahead”

Michael grumbles at Zack’s wise- crack and he more carefully continues his upward climb, this time with more care. But Zack is already ahead of him and is standing at the top of the wall.

DM: At the top is a single beam of wood (4" by 4") stretching across a wide gap. The gap is over 100 ft

Zack starts walking across.

DM: Mid-way through is a burning hoop obstacle that he’ll have to deal with.

Bumble meanwhile is working on a system of pulleys at his waist to help him climb. It takes him another couple minutes to tinker this together. Michael has managed to get to the top of the wall without any further mishap.

Zack: "hey you did it’ (Does Zack have any water?)

DM: Ale, whiskey and potions are the only liquids you have listed. Though a standard pack usually comes with a wineskin of water so yeah.

Michael smiles a bit at the jibe. “Yeah. Hey what happened to the short dude you were carrying?” But he glanced down and saw the gnome working away at the rope.

Since there was only one wooden beam across the gap and Zack was already crossing and about to approach the burning hoop, Michael tentatively started across. “So what’s the hold up there, Zack?”

DM: The beam is 4" by 4" and spans about 100 ft. The hoop is about 4 ft in diameter and burning.

Bumble was working away at getting his pulley system together when he heard a low moaning sound from behind him. Distractedly he glanced back then let out a high-pitch cry of alarm. “Zack! I’ve got Zombies!!”

Zack turns around and comes back for Bumble. “thought you said you could get up buddy”

Before Zack can make his way back along the beam to the top of the wall. Michael calls down to the gnome. “Tie the rope to yourself. We’ll pull you up!”

Zack helps Michael.

DM: Encroaching on the gnome are 10 zombies. They are close. It might be a close call depending on how fast the gnome can tie himself off.

Michael sees this. He looks between Zack and himself – Zack looks to be buffer. He passes the rope to Zack. “I’ll lay down some cover fire.”

Zack: He starts pulling double time

Bumble knowing that Zack is on his way to help is less panicked, and he quickly ties off and manages it just as Zack starts hauling.

Michael unshoulders his M16 and carefully aims down towards the zombies closest to the short man and fires three shots. Michael hits two of the three closest dropping them but one makes it through to Bumble.

DM: And it hits Bumble for 8 damage before Zack pulls the gnome out of range.

Zack: He continues pulling.




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