Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountaina - Another Quest pt 6

Clawing Claw/ Kuo-toa and more popping out/in

DM – Amy
Location: Undermountain (Hall to the North of Library)
Characters: Lee, Stealth, Bumble, Sir Francis, Star, Arabella, Zack (new), Capt’n Pat (new)

The party had barely started away from the Library when the familiar sound of popping came. With it, Jonny, Adric Fire, Finn, Perry and Merek were missing. It was decided that the group would continue, but leave marks indicating their direction of travel. But it was hoped that if they were to return and pop-back in.. that they would be able to find the group quickly enough.

A few more pops and two new adventurers arrived in their midst. One was a Captain of a pirate ship, Capt’n Pat. The other surprisingly was the older brother to Sir Francis, a Zack Drake – a self-admitted thief, who had been adventuring in Undermountain with other companions when he was popped in here.

They traveled along a hall with Stealth and Capt’n Pat in the lead. They found a Crawling Claw – a disembodied hand along the wall. Battle ensued. The crawling claw was defeated.

Around the corner from that they met up with a kuo-toa who seemed to be standing sentry by a door.

The fishy smell of the creature was quite foul and several of the party ended up on their knees vomiting. Of the others that had stronger stomachs, one (or two) knew the Kuo-toan language and were able to communicate with the creature. It too had seemed to have been ‘popped’ or summoned into the lair and it was lost, looking for its companions.

As it did not seem evil or pose any threat, the party left the creature to continue its search on its own as they moved on. The party moved northward through the door and then northward again through another. This led them back to their original entrance to the underground lair by the well.

The room had one other exit. Dare they take it?



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