Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain - final

the last rp'd scenes

DM – Sinthija
(Characters: Cadelle, Lee, Bumble, Finn, Lady Jess, Eko, Jonny, Merek, Star, Kenji, Sir Francis)

The party had just encountered 10 Blink Dogs guarding their pups. A fight was avoided when Bumble did Speak with Animals and negotiated their passage passed the dogs. The party took West route from their and discovered that lead to the pit room (38A) We left off in the Blink Dog room waiting for Cadelle and DS to check other routes. Bumble was talking to the Blink Dogs and Finn was keeping rear watch.. everyone else (Lady Jess, Sir Francis, Eko, Merek, Star, Kenji were chilling) Day 4 at 2:10 pm

After which occurred several Undermountain Arena scenes.. all in the same day I believe – January 2nd – but no details of what was discussed in noted down : (
(Room 34 – Lee/Jonny)
(then Sir Francis / Bumble & Kyria)
(then Kenji/ Finn in room 34 with Bumble and Kyria)
(white room – Sir Francis/ Lady Jess / Lee)
(then Kenji/ lady Jess / Lee)
(then Kenji/DS/Lee)
(Room 34 – Lee/ Jonny/ Kyria – fight (or arguement?)
(then DS/ Natass – seeking info about party..)



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