Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain - Another Quest pt 3

Fighting the Gnolls

DM – Sinthija
Players – Sinthija and Amy

Characters: Sir Francis Drake, Arabella, Star, Merek, Lee, Stealth, Bumble, Finn.

The group found themselves being attacked on two fronts by 11 Gnolls. Arrows shot at the Paladin and Lee being attacked from the back.
- magic missile from Star to the ones on attacking Lee on the stairs.
- Stealth tried to find a way around
Bumble Praying, Arabella chanting – calling down their gods cumulative blessing.
- Star – forked lightning bolt down the cavern killing the 5 in front of them.
Lee – hit repeatedly as she cut down 4 of the 6 gnolls.. before got too much and she fell back allowing Merek and Sir Francis space to get in and finish them off.



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