Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain - Another Quest pt 2

Living Wall and Library

DM- Sinthija
Players: Amy, Sinthija

Characters: Sir Francis Drake, Arabella, Merek, Star, Lee, Stealth, Bumble and Finn.

After exiting the cavern, the paladin suggested pairing up and Lee thought that was a good idea.
Stealth with Merek… led the party using their half-elven infravision to check the route ahead.
Sir Drake and Bumble followed next, Star and Finn came after, with Arabella and Lee taking rear guard.

They didn’t go far out of the room, ignoring the doors to the north and west and walked out towards the hallway east then to the south, then through an unlocked door when low moaning was heard by pretty much everyone. Paranoia gripped everyone and the thief and ranger were sent ahead to check the hallway around the corner . The noise itself seemed to be coming from the very walls themselves – though none dared go near them. Bumble was able to determine that there was an illusionary magic on the walls in a certain section. The cleric Arabella and Star both suggested that it might be a ‘Living Wall’ – an atrocity of Purgatory.

After some hesitation, Stealth attempted to move past… walking in the very center of the hall avoiding the walls pointedly. Everyone attempted the same. Merek alone tripped over his own feet and was grabbed at by the Living Wall. Luckily he was strong enough to pull free of their grip and escape the hallway through an unlocked door.

After another empty room, the party emerged into a library of sorts. Shelves of books packed the room on various topics but mostly to do with Biology and Dissection of numerous species. It was decided by the paladin to rest there some for the mages sake. Stealth continued on with Merek, thinking to check the door just down the hall some. Unfortunately it was locked and trapped and she got pricked by the poisoned needle.

Her cry of dismay and summoned the others to her. Bumble couldn’t neutralize the poison but he was able to identify the type (type I) and Slow it somewhat. Embarrassed and angry at her novice move in front of the ranger, who she thought was rather cute, she kicked at the door in anger and busted it open. The noise however attracted monsters which arrived just as the party was moving on further south, where they discovered another rough stone cavern.

Sounds surrounded them. Lee in the rear glanced back and saw Gnolls.

(session paused here due to time)



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