Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #36

Kirsten's Undermountain Arena Challenge

DM: Kirsten
Characters: Undermountain usual 13 (LJ, DS, E, J, L, C, B, F, SF, Ar, St, M, K)

Party is popped in as teams standing with their partner in a circle around a center pillar on which is their odd man out

Teams: Lady Jess & Lee / Sir Francis & Finn / Bumble & Arabella / Eko & Kenji / Cadelle & Star / Dark Shadow & Merek – out man out is Jonny

Rules: Teams are asked to answer a question – answering like the other member.
If they get wrong the odd man out will be forced to attack the one who answered wrong
( with what weapon? – 3 attacks)

1st round: What your favorite weapon to use?
Eko & Kenji – Answers: E “bastard sword” / K “bastard sword” cheering
DS & Merek – Answers : DS “bastard sword” / M “thieves picks” booing
Jonny attacks Merek – misses on all three attempts
Bumble & Arabella – Answers: B “hammer” / Ar “prayer” cheering
Cadelle & Star – Answers: C “magic” / St “bow” cheering
Lee & Lady Jess – Answers: L “bow” / LJ “short sword” booing
Jonny attacks Lady Jess – misses on all three attempts
Sir Francis & Finn – Answers: SF “short sword” / F “battle axe” booing
Jonny attacks Sir Francis – hits once for 6 dam.

Jonny and Sir Francis switch spots.
And the teams pop about at random

2nd round: What god do you follow?
Bumble & Kenji – Answers: B “Gond?” / K “Gond” booing
SF attacks Bumble (? dam)
Arabella & Eko – Answers: Ar “yourself” / E “God” cheering
Merek & Cadelle – Answers: M “doesn’t follow” / C “no god, believes in nature” cheering
DS & Star – Answers: DS “no one” / St “no one” cheering
Finn & Lady Jess – Answers: F “Diancecht” / LJ “no god?” cheering
Jonny & Lee – Answers : J “doesn’t follow a god” / L “God of War” cheering

Teams change:

3rd round: Do they have siblings?
Bumble & Eko – Answers: B “no” / E “no” cheering
Kenji & Lee – Answers: K “no?” / L “never heard him speak of any so no” *cheering

Jonny & Finn – Answers: J “no?” / F “no?” booing
Sir Francis hits Finn (?) for 11 damage
Lady Jess & Arabella – Answers: LJ “no” / Ar “no” cheering
Cadelle & Merek – Answers: C answers yes to Merek because she knows but hasn’t told Merek yet… / M “no” booing
Sir Francis attacks Merek – miss all three
Star & Dark Shadow – Answers: St “no” / DS “no” booing
Sir Francis attacks Star – (no damage listed)
pop in Sir Raymond and suddenly Sir Francis has a team member
SF & SR – Answers: SF “no” / SR “yes – Zack” cheering

Team switch and more pop ins (Johnny Cade and Zack)

4th round: Are they in a relationship? Or who likes them?
Jonny & Bumble – Answers: J “no” / B “duh.. Lee” cheering Lee flushes embarrassed.
Sir Francis & Dark Shadow – Answers: SF “Kenji?” / DS “Stealth” booing Cadelle laughs.
(no mention of the punishment for wrong answers – no damage noted)
Sir Raymond & Merek – Answers: SR “Lady Jess?” / M “no one” booing
Finn & Johnny Cade – Answers: F “Star” / JC “no one” cheering Finn looks disappointed.
Lee & Arabella – Answers: L “Marco” / A “Jonny likes Lee” cheering
Eko & Zack – Answers: E “Zack” / Z “no one” cheering
Lady Jess & Kenji – Answers: LJ “Kenji?” / K “me!” booing LJ blushes.
Star & Sir Francis – Answers: Star “no one” / SF “Johnny Cade” cheering

Team Switch!

5th round: Who have they tried to kill in this party?
Lady Jess & Bumble – Answers: LJ “no one” / B “no one” cheering
Kenji & Eko – Answers: K “everyone” (Eko glares at K) / E “no one – he’s too much of weakling to try anything like that” booing
Zack & Finn – Answers: Z “her inner self” / F “Lee and DS so far as I’ve seen” booing
Arabella & Sir Raymond – Answers: A “no one” / SR “no one” cheering
Merek & Johnny Cade – Answers: M “no one” / JC “no one” cheering
Sir Francis & Dark Shadow – Answers: SF “Cadelle – maybe 1 or 2 more that I might have not been told of” / DS “no one” booing
Cadelle & Star – Answers: C “no one” / Star “Dark Shadow and Eko?” cheering Cadelle laughs and high fives Star.
Jonny & Lee – were about to answer but were popped out.




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