Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #34

DM: Sinthija

Round 1-5
Lee and Jonny wake – started making breakfast
Zack, Johnny C, Sir Raymond and Spike pop in
Spike gives attitude at the start
Lee doesn’t like Spike

LJ waking folks
Jonny helping in the kitchen
Eko sleeping
DS in hall way w Cadelle/ Zack

Star waking / hears Sir Raymond – message about Johnny Cade
Arabella wake – praying
Merek – wakes up beside Kenji – OH MY! @@ – get ready
SF wake – praying

Cadelle with Zack – DS / h? & h?
Lee making breakfast & bitching about Spike
Bumble sleeping
Finn wakes – heads out to start breakfast

Zack in
Spike – calls out Lee
Johnny Cade – calls for Star heads for bedroom
Sir Raymond – tries to get attention

LJ waking others
Eko – wakes up – walks out
DS- hallway
Jonny –
SF & Arabella – praying
M&K exit same room
Bumble – wake and prays

8th – Scrape scene (what prompted the fight?)
Jonny hit Spike for 5 dam
Spike crit miss – 3 dam to himself
E does 16 dam to Spike
M/K/ SF – move in to assist “What’s going on?”
L – pommel of sword to Spikes head (12 dam)
Sir R – pulls back (who?)
DS/Cad – hallway
Finn – breakfast ready
JC/ Star – watching (what?)
B- praying
A- praying
LJ – pestering

SF grabs L (to hold her)
E moves forward
Spike is escorted out by SR

SR – kicks Spike into hallway – tells DS/C to watch him
Z is with DS/C
JC with Star
Spike – hallway (pissed off)

J – with lee (wants to talk)
E – wants to talk to Lee
LJ – leaves Ara & Bumble to pray
DS – “What’s going on?”
K – standing watch over Spike
Star – with JC
SF – ?
M – talking to Cadelle (about what?)
A – packing & breakfast
Cadelle – hall – getting along
Lee – talk to SF (SF know of Spike)
Finn – breakfast to table (?)
Bumble – praying

SR – looking for Bumble
JC – goes with SR to find Bumble
Z – hall – getting along
Spike – hall – getting along
DS – “I like you” to Spike
J – “I don’t like Spike”
E – talk to Lee (she’s bitchy)
LJ – upset that she’s not in charge
SF – going out to check on the thieves
M – quiet, listening
K – watching
Ar – helping F with breakfast
L – talking with E and follows ST
B – praying
F – food
C – getting along

Z – Spots his brother Sir Francis “Hey Bro”
Sp – “Who” Z – the paladin in charge
JC – interrupts Bumble – passes on message from Midnight
SR – informs people that breakfast is ready
J – follows Lee out
DS – getting along – “Merek, come join your family”
LJ -?
E – leaves – “where’s the retarded person?”
SF – “Which one?”
Sp – “What’s going on?” to Z/C & DS
Z – offers alcohol to Spike
SF – sees them – turns around and goes to have breakfast (not wanting to deal with Spike and the other thieves)
Ar – Eating breakfast
Star – Eating breakfast & gets JC some food
M – goes back to hang with K
K – still watching
L & J – leave to go for food
C – keeping watch and getting along
B – goes for food
F – eating and serving food

C/DS/Z – see and hear 15 wererats approaching
K – heads out into hall
Z – turns around / telling K to move / goes to attack but misses
DS – cowering
M – moves up beside K “Halt, Who goes there?” (he’s always wanted to say that)
LJ – goes to tent to inform others
They are talking
C – draws bow “They are fair game” calls out (1 dam to #1 wererat)
Sp – drinking
WR – talks “don’t want to fight – but will”

F- “we gonna check it out?” goes with group
J – waits for Lee
JC – eating
DS – cowering in tent
Sp- “we’re gonna fight you – to the death” – taunting
A – out out to do prayer
SF – heading out
E – heading out
LJ – exits
Z – going for Attack (crit hit 12 dam to #1 wererat)
WRats – arm themselves but do not attack. “So we are fighting?”
SR – continues eating
B – heading out
C – stops Z grab a hold of his arm(from attacking again)
K – stops Z – steps in front / Tells the wererats to turn around
Star – heading out

Jonny – following Lee
E – exits tent
Sp – attacks for WR #1
simultaneous as K – moves to stop Spike / tells the WRats to leave again
Star – exits tent
LJ – goes up to the Wererats (talks)
M – holding action
Z – holding action
L – exits tent with J in tow

JC – exits tent
WR – leaving
DS – cowering in tent
SR – exits tent
C – gives report to Lee
B – exits tent
A – exits tent
F – exits tent
SF – exits tent “What’s going on?”

Star – talks to DS
Arabella –
SF – gets report to Lee
E – “let’s finish breakfast”
L – tells her group to go in to eat. Watches Spike -untrusting
Sp – tries to go in – stopped by L, J & SF
SF – offers Sp food via F
Ar – commune with Bumble
Star – with DS and with JC
M & K – eating
L – watching
Finn – plate
Bumble – talking to Ar about Spike
C – eating

LJ – eating
E – watching tent
DS – hiding behind JC & Star
J – keeping watch with Lee
JC – calls out “Hey wererats she’s here!” (just to be an ass)
Z – goes in to give Spike a beer
SR – heads off to Hall
Sp – shaking the beer, opens in Lee’s face.
SF – biting his tongue “You don’t need to do that Spike”
Ara – with Bumble to say hello
M & K – eating
Star & JC – sits on couch (Spellbook)
L – tries to martial arts (Botch – slips on beer) (crit miss – 4 dam to herself)
C – eating
F – comes out with plate of food
B – sees Lee fall – goes to help her up

J – helps Lee up “Spike didn’t put a ring on it” / “actually I have”
E – eating
DS – laughing / heads inside to tell C about what she missed
LJ – listening… checks it out – outside the tent
Sp – dissing Lee & Jonny
Z – laughing at the dissing
SR – holding acting – watching
JC – watching Star study
SF – goes for headlock on Spike
M – eating (laughing)
K – eating (laughing)
Star -studying
C – goes to check out what DS told her
F – comes out with food
B – HOLD PERSON on Spike (Yes!)
L – martial arts (SF tried to block L but he got a crit miss – elbowed by L 7 dam to SF) 7 dam to Spike

Jonny hurts himself hitting the held Spike (crit miss)
Lee backs off for now “Bumble release him.”

PAUSE – Arena & back (OOC which arena??)

Z – attacks Lee – hits (2 dam)
Star -studying
K – continues eating
DS – heads out
E – eating
A – watching (holding action)
LJ – forces
M – eating
F – watching
C – laughing
SF – holding
B – tells everyone to leave

Jonny DISPELS Bumble’s Hold Person on Spike
Z – picks up Bumble – hold upside down
L – backs off
M & K – eating
LJ – suggests L to leave
B – kicks Z “let me down”
E – eating
Star – studying
Spike – backstabs L for 45 dam
DS – pulls Lee away & bitches out Spike
C – stunned by Spike’s attack
SF – lay of hands on Lee (8 back)
A – cure light on Lee (4 back)

M – eating
DS – offers L a healing potion
Sp – levitates
Z – drops Bumble / says “he disappeared”
LJ – does a lay of hands on Lee (12 back)
K – eating
Star – studying
J – gives L a potion (2 back)
E – eating
L – glaring at Spike – to her party “Get me up there”
SF – getting Star
A – tries to Charm Spike (negated)
SR – throws sword and hits Spike (6 dam)
JC – with Star

M, K, SF, Star, Ar – popped out

J -?
L – ring/ potion
Sp – taunting – beer/bow – shoots L – 5 dam
DS – talks to C
C – tries a shot on Spike (bow & arrow) – misses
E – comes out
Z – watching
B – tries DISPEL on the levitation (unsuccessful)
LJ – shoots at Spike (bow & arrow) – 10 dam on Spike
JC – eating
SR – picks up his sword
F – tries with bow & arrow (misses)
2nd shots – F – miss / Spike hits – 6 dam to Lee

L levitates (how?)
C – misses (bow & arrow)
DS – holding torch / waiting
SR – 1 dam on Spike – throwing sword / 2 dam to DS
J – waiting to catch L should she fall
E – tries to throw (fails)
LJ – bow – hits Spike (12 dam)
Z – throws daggers at L (4 dam)
F – bow & arrow – hits Spike – 6 dam
JC – exits

2nd shots – LJ aims for Spike – just about to hit….
Spike disappears

Spike meets Natass
Hilanda and Nova meet Natass
Lee and Jonny meet Natass



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