Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #24

Feed the savage beast

DM: Amy
Characters: (Amy’s) – Sir Francis Drake, Star, Merek, Kenji and Sarah-Jane (NPC)
(Kirsten’s) – Jonny, Lady Jess, Ashlee, Eko
(Cyn’s) – Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn (NPC’d Zack , Johnny Cade, Sir Raymond – until they popped out)

Sarah-Jane is still in a frenzy, though FRIENDed by Bumble at the moment. Other return and try to figure out what to do.
Bumble suggests feeding SJ to help calm her .
Jonny casts Create Food & Water
Thieves move on a bit, checking the hallway – Cadelle triggers trap and a door falls blocking Ashlee. Linda Jane and goblin. (?)
2nd door – 2nd step on – lever came out

(DRAMA continues throughout)
Doors up and down both rooms
Finally open all doors.. hopscotch to free goblin (her Dad?) and Linda – they took Sarah “home”
Stealth checks room
Hallway finds ‘glowing’ walls – no one else can see the glow until the mages cast detect magic. Each is a cubicle in which three questions are asked – if answered honestly a magic item is gifted to the participant.
(sadly I didn’t write down the questions – hoping Amy and Kirsten remember some) “What’s your name?”

Key things that occurred because of the questions/answers:
Ashlee received a magic mirror that shows memories – DS discovers she has a demon for a Dad (Cadelle sees this), Cadelle when handed this discovers she and Merek are twin siblings (DS sees this)

8 bugbears (all killed): #1 Lee/Stealth

  1. Star/ Lee/ DS
  2. Eko
  3. LJ/ Kenji
  4. Sir Francis / Stealth / Jonny (prayer)
  5. Merek / DS
  6. Finn / Kenji / DS
  7. LJ / Merek

2 zombies –
Detect Magic – star / Detect Evil – Bumble / Magic Missile – Star
Bumble turned (prayer)

critical hits by Kenji / Eko and Ashlee



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