Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #23

The boys are back

DM: Cynthia
Characters (Amy’s) – Star, Sir Francis Drake, Kenji, Merek and NPC Sarah-Jane
(Kirsten’s) – Eko, Jonny, Ashlee, Lady Jess
(Riley’s) – Johnny Cade, Zack Drake
(Cyn’s) – Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn
(OOC – Date is a guess wasn’t written on my notes )

Pop in’s and “Roll call!!”
Oh my EKO is back as are Johnny Cade and Zack! Eko returns with a message from Halaster… “Play nice together or else…”

Argument and fight ensures however anyone attacking another party member has that damage caused to him or herself. (Geas-like curse). After much self-mutilation the party finally gets its act together and continues on.

Goblins in the hallway.
- group went into room but warriors killed most
- some went past and attacked Bumble and Finn who were watching over Sarah-Jane. Sarah-Jane frenzies, transforming into her were-tiger form. Finn got hit by Sarah in her frenzy. Bumble cast FRIEND and was able to keep SJ from killing him and Finn.




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