Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #21

More about Sarah-Jane

DM: Amy
Characters: Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn, Lady Jess, DS, Jonny, Sir Francis, Merek, Star, Kenji, NPC – Sarah-Jane

Finn is trying to get out of invisible wall.
POP – Sarah Jane appears in the middle of the room. (Bumble remembers SJ is of evil alignment.) Bumble went to ….. (went to what? / or when where?)
Sir Francis – guided others to room / DS pulled lever / 15 flying creatures (aarakacra). Flying creature carried Finn over to door. Escape!

Meet. Go middle. – trap, garrot wire successful disarming

12 Piercers- one every 10ft square. (None were killed – party tried to avoid) Cadelle had one drop on her / DS also hit / then Bumble used Stoneshape twice to make stone covered overhead along the route. Still some were hit (dex were required)
Finn nearly died. Lady Jess sae with a lay of hands. Jonny hurt as was Kenji but just minorly.
Continued on…
Cadelle and DS arguement (about what?) woke 18 gnolls.
Bumble prayer/produce Fire
Cadelle arrows until she snapped her bow string
10 gnolls were killed in 6 rounds
Then arrived the 15 aarakacra (Illusion to look like harpies, then beholders) – remaining gnolls fled just after Sarah-Jane’s arrival in were-tiger form. (OOC Amy got tired and had others flee)
Lee and Jonny had been left ahead to look after girl but she was stubborn and shifted shape to go into battle.
Star cast Rope-trick – place to rest for the priests who need to rest and meditate



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