Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #17

A stressful day

DM: Amy
Characters: Ashlee, Jonny, Lady Jess, Eko, Sir Francis, Sir Gwaine (amnesia), Derek, Merek, Arabella, Kenji, Star, Sir Raymond, Johnny Cade, Zack Drake, Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn

Pop folks in (all)
New folks wanting to kill little girl (knowing she is weaker in human form).
Cadelle removed sword and drank potion of healing. (had been stabbed by Eko last game)

(not sure what this means… “8 thieves…” written in comments beside the following list:)
1 Sir Raymond/Hand
2 LJ / H
3 Star/H
4 Eko
5 Lee/H
6 Hand
7 Were/Hand
8 Hand

Backstabbing and stressfulness
- Lady Jess/ Eko/ Finn were going to leave but Eko attempted to kill Zack
- Popped out Eko
- Zack and Johnny Cade left party

(pause game to destress)



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