Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Troll Bridge

DM – Sinthija
Location: District of Sunborough
Characters: Tom, Sir Eddy, Sir D’ndy, Marco, Noko and ?

(Yes, it’s a theme that is often over done but oh well.. my son hadn’t played one before so…)

In Vaillencourt, where the paladin and knights had been reporting their progress with the town of Calbury, Lord Adric Sunborough directed his vassels to take a more northly route, a recently made road towards the Elder Wood. Rumours were that the populace were afraid to travel the newer road and those that did – some were never seen again. The warriors were to check it out. With them would travel Noko – brother to Marco who was going to Calbury to see his brother

Just within the Elder Wood the road crossed a deep river canyon via a large stone and timber bridge. A sign posted beside the bridge informed all that this was a Toll Bridge.

When the party scoffed at the notion of paying and began investigating, for they knew Lord Adric had not commissioned any such Toll Bridge, they were attacked by 20 kobolds and one large troll.

The kobolds were handled easily – though it took some time.. being the group could only kill one at a time.. the troll however was another matter. It wasn’t until Noko recalled that trolls cannot regenerate fire damage that they finally took down the creature.



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