Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

The Arena Games

DM- Sinthija
Location: The Arena
Characters: Blackout, Content Not Found: miranda-james, Ethendral Tribond and Jacques Dubois

In a strange twist of reality, 4 strangers are brought together magically and dumped in a large sand pit (aka The Arena). There a seemingly omnipotent voice informs them that they are to battle to survive, and monsters begin to suddenly appear. First, there were lizardmen, then there were ghouls. A lone elf archer was sent in next and the party was decent enough to only knock out the summoned elf. They were less forgiving against the following summoned gnolls and broken one.

In the midst of these encounters attempts were made to clamber up out of the pit. Ethendral tried and returned when the party was doing poorly while facing the gnolls. Blackout was the one who finally succeeded just as the party finished dealing with the broken one, and ended this first session of the Arena Games. The moment Blackout crossed the threshold of the sand pit arena, the party was transported back to their original locations, with no time having passed but with the memories and any wounds they might have sustained in the Games.



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