Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

DM – Sinthija
Location: Raven’s Lair
Characters – Adric Black, Ethendral Tribond, Content Not Found: marco, Sifid Tible

After watching Thane Arguzel, the self-proclaimed messenger of the god Raven, exit his audience room via a secret door to the left of his throne, the party considered what to do next. How were they to find Chester the Jester, defeat him and exchange his head and heart for the gem?

-Fnid missing (teleport or Orc “Daddy”? don’t care)
-Marco heals injured members (Ethandrel and Sifid)
-Sifid and Adric check library
-Adric checks Dance Hall (vines and plants growing wild in the dark room)
-Sifid – library back door – locked and trapped (needle -missed – snapped off and tossed to ground)(unable to open alone)
-Ethandrel and Marco – audience room – side door also locked and trapped (unable to open)
-Ethandrel checks West double doors, barred but able to open.
-Adric checks the last door on the right. It opens to a ball room with vines growing all over. Sees movement in the vines. Shuts door and leaves it for now. He joins up with Sifid who is head back towards the Crushing Walls.
-Sifid and Adric consider going back East the way they came (through the crushing walls) – Sifid changes his mind.. Adric continues on alone
-Sifid joins Ethandrel and Marco to the West – finding a section of hall that is in enchanted darkness, his magical candle helps in this. He goes down the stairs to the section of hallway tied off with a rope.
- His search finds a very familiar section of dungeon – the smell alone should have given it away. It was the cess pit they’d passed weeks ago during their initial visit to the dungeon.
- Adric in the meantime was being very cautious around a mermaid fountain he passed in an alcove. The following alcove however, which contained a statue of Raven with a it’s wings open to accept an offering.
- Adric offered a gem but as he stepped back he triggered a teleportation trap. Pop! He was falling… only to suddenly land in .. eeww what was that smell?!
- Adric can see Sifid’s magic candle about 30 ft above him. Hears movement in the sewage near him. Calls for help
-Sifid finds this too funny. Not helping. So Marco descends the stairs to the edge of the pit and throws over an end to assist. But Adric, in the dark, can’t see the rope at all.
-Sifid has idea to tie candle to the end of the rope. They do this. The candle dangles down until it illuminates a large (10 ft long or more) crawling insect-like creature (Carrior crawler).
-Adric attacks and does fair damage to the creature but gets struck and poisoned with a paralytic for his troubles. He begins to slow.
-Ethandrel plays the hero and comes down the stairs at last, and jumps down into the pit, with sword and torch in hand, to begin battle with the crawler.
- Adric attempts to grab the rope but can’t hold on and drops paralyzed to the sewage pile.
- Marco feels about his pack for a vial of lampoil and popping it open, throws it down onto the crawler with instruction to burn the beast.
-Sifid fires off arrows at the creature.
-Ethandrel lights up the oil which burns the crawler. Within a short time it collapses dead, still burning.
-The party hauls up the paralyzed body of Adric, Ethandrel opts to search the several bodies he’s discovered by candlelight.
-Marco has idea to cast light on a stone and toss it down but must refresh his prayers first and needs light to find his holy item. He ascends the steps only to trigger a trap. The steps collapse into a smooth, slick, slide that leads.. you guessed it.. right into the sewage pit!
-the priest falls the 30ft onto the dead and still burning carrior crawler. Ethandrel pulls him free and smothers the flame but the priest has surcome to his wounds of falling and fire.
-Luckily the experienced elf ranger still has a few potions of healing left and forces one down the throat of the unconscious priest. Sputtering, the priest awakes.
-After several minutes of prayer, Marco casts light on a coin and what they discover is amazing. The sewage pit has several hundred gold worth various coins.. and some of the corpses may have usuable armour or weaponry. Its worth taking the time to search through the foul-smelling cesspool. They find nearly 800 gp worth of coin and even a set of elven chain mail on one of the corpses.
-Eventually both Ethandrel and Marco are pulled out. Adric gains use of his limbs once more as the poison fades and the party clambers up the stairs-become-slide carefully using a rope to steady themselves. They decide to return to the library room to rest up, clean up and eat before continuing on. So far none have stepped on the poisoned needle tossed aside.

What more traps are ahead for the band of misfits?



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