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ICC - Repayment

Adric and Madison – Repayment (started Nov 3, 2014)
The first book Madison looks over seems to be mainly lower level spells: Things a novice would learn. Spells like Read Magic. Detect Magic. Cantrip and Magic Missile. Looking over the first book takes about 20 minutes. Adric seems intent on his own book by the time she finishes.
She will said quietly um I’m finished this one nothing that could really help…… Did u find anything
“Nothing yet, grab up another book and continue.” he answers
She will get up to the sam replace he grab her first and grabs another then returns and sits down
The second book she looks over hold slight more complex spells, these ones instead of being a page in length are 2 to 3 times that length. There are various spells she reads the titles and summaries to. Most are obviously offensive and damage dealing spells like Flaming Sphere, Lightning Bolt, and Fireball – just to name a few. While others are more passive or defensive, Detect Invisibility and Dispel Magic. The only two spells in the second book that mentions any type of concealment are Invisibility, and Feign Death.
She will put a feather in the 2 and than tell adric when she is finished get up grab another book and ask him how he is doing
Adric rubs at his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose trying to ease the headache-like pain growing there after nearly an hour of non-stop intense reading. His rejuvenation potion must be wearing off, he realized. He is likely to crash soon. “It’s going.” He answers as he removes his hand from his face and looks over to Madison. Adric notes the feather in the one book. “Ah good, you are finding things.”

Adric stands up and gives a bit of a stretch. “I’ve found several spells that could be of use… Mislead, Non-Detection. The main problem is how to keep them going over along period of time. Most have an active period of less than an hour. I’ve considered Permanency. But that is not a spell that is effective on everything and to be honest its at the very limit of my abilities. If I attempted such a spell and the two magics were not compatible, the side-effects could be worse than death.”

Adric began to pace about the room. “Instead, it may be worth our while to research and design the making of a magical item to imbue with the effect we are looking for. However, something like that would take weeks – possibly months.” He pauses. “I wonder… The wizard Turan has a wide selection of items… but such a item would not be cheap even at his ridiculous prices.” He regards Madison. "But I’m sure you would be willing to work off a debt, yes?

Um yes I have been feathering things and are you okay u seem a little off do u need to sleep…..? Um I have herd of Turin’s and um I don’t know depends on what the det is…
“The debt would be working for me of course, assuming that Turin would have a useful item. I’m sure – once you are able to leave the premises – that there are tasks I could set you to to keep you busy to work off what might be owed.” Adric answered her last question, completely ignoring her earlier question about sleep. “Sound good?”

“I’ll leave you here to continue researching, in case he doesn’t have anything. I’ll go to Turin’s now and check his store. Be back soon.” With that Adric left the room. He would get a horse saddled and ride down into town to the Turin’s there.
She screams NO ADRIC u did not answer the important question DO U NEED SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the scream, which seems to echo throughout the hall which is adjacent to the study, Adric turns about an appalled expression on his face. He walked back into the room shutting the door with exaggerated care. “How old are you, Madison? Under three? Because honestly, even my neices of three years have better manners than what you just displayed.”

He takes a moment to see if his lecturing words have any impact on her before continuing. “I didn’t answer your question because it was irrelevant. Yes, I am tired. But I am fine. I do not need sleep. And even if I did – it is not your place to insist I do so, or to scream like a child when I ignore such. Is that understood?”
She rolls her eyes “whatever” she says and blows a kiss to be a bitch.
He rolls his eyes right back. Because of moments like this, he would be glad when she was able to leave and was no longer his responsibility. “Why do I bother?” he murmured to himself rhetorically, then left once again. Pausing momentarily at the door should she feel the need to have the last word – which he was discovering, she did.
Have a good trip don’t be long when he leaves she will make her way back up to her room and clean her weapons and sort everything
(I need you to roll percentage dice. Do you have your die with you or should I roll for you?)
(1 and 2 is 12 12% is under the 40% I’d given for Turan’s thus YES.. Turan’s has a ring of Non-Detection. : )
I’m gonna check the books and see if such a thing exists and at what cost and will reply back later.)
(Ok so it apparently exists online and in Forgotten Realms but wasn’t able to find an cost of xp gain for it there but on an item similar in 3rd edition. Woah 35 000 gp. (Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location). OK so for Turan that would be 3500 gp. : )
(Nov 6 2014)
Adric is gone for over two hours, during which time Meredith, Madison’s blind maid, comes by with a basket of breads, fruits and dried meats for Madison to eat from while Meredith finishes with the cleaning chores. She even offers to help Madison with her weapons – not personally but by offering to take them to the keeps weaponsmith for sharpening and repair if needed.

It was only when Meredith heard the familiar tap on the Madison’s door that the maid, stood up to take her leave. “That will be Lord Adric. I’ll get the door and see myself out, Miss” She smiled and opened the door, meeting Adric with a curtsey. “My Lord.”

Adric nodded towards the maid. “Meredith. You’re not sharing keep secrets with my visitors are you?” His tone was light and playful.

Meredith laughed slightly. “Only that one about how you sleep-walked into the kitchens in naught but your socks. I’m told it was quite the sight to see.”

Adric’s mouth hung open a moment before he let out a good chuckle. “I think its time I promoted you to Court Jester. You’re funny. Go on now. Madison and I will be down later.” Meredith left and Adric watched her for a moment before shutting the door. He turned back to Madison. “She made that up” he denied with a grin.

Maddy will say thank you for the basket and no thanks I can do my weapons by myself…… And Adric I wanna be here the next time you walk around in nothing but ur socks
….. She winks and giggles how did Turin’s go did he have anything for us

At Madison’s comment regarding his sleep-walking, Adric shook his head. “That probably wouldn’t be so good.”
“And yes, Turan’s inventory was quite extensive, so he did indeed have something that I think will be of use to you. However, give its value. I will need assurances that its cost will be repaid, either in gold or in services. Which will it be?”

“Why not adric?” she smiles “how much was the item….?”.

“At any other shop other than Turans… over 30 thousand gold pieces. However the old man is daft and sold it to me for 3500. That is what you owe the Canton of Sunborough. Until such time as it is repaid you will be listed as one of its retainers and will be called upon to do on occasion to work off the debt. I will have a contract drafted for later this eve. What would you value your time at?” (ie how much a day would she normally charge to do work?)
It would depend on what u have me doing adric and holy shit that was expensive
“What manner of work would you be interested in doing? Menial work about the keep I wouldn’t pay more than a few coppers a day. A mercanaries position with my army would earn a silver a day to be on call. A gold a day when sent to battle. A versatile adventurer might be paid 5 silver a day to collect various items the risk of such questing varying from task to task.”
Madison replys with I playing tone y do I have to pay it off when if it was not for u I wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place adric
Adric stiffens at the remark despite the playful tone. His tone in return is anything but playful. It is cold, dark and emotionless. “It was not I who agreed to work for Natass. All I did was open your eyes to the danger you had put yourself into. If you wish, I can rescind my wards, send you back to where I found you and leave you to the mercies of both your former employers.”

(scene was paused here or I lost the other emails)



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