Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

ICC - Mexton Mess details

Seeming goes a long way

March 20th 01:00
Maddison is outside Mexton (north on the road)
1 hr remaining on Adric’s SEEMING spell (so she looks like someone else)
She tripped Natass’ “ALARM” (set up looking for her)

- Natass sends familiar (weasel) to check on the source of the Alarm. Weasel “popped in” (TELEPORT)
- Maddison is unaware of being followed. It follows.

Adric: Casts TELEPORT – Pops to Pounce

Maddison becomes aware of “eyes” in the dark…
-picks up speed to get to town.
-26 minutes later she arrives at the town gate and gives her real name (Weasel behind)

Adric: Reading teleport

Maddison goes to decent inn in the good area of town and gets a room.
10 minutes for weasel to arrive
Maddison hears weasel scratching down below her window.

Adric: Casts TELEPORT – Pops to Mexton.

Maddison heads to bed

Natass casts SPIDER CLIMB via Crystal Ball on the Weasel (3 rds to climb)

Adric: Pounce smells Maddison in town
- lands in town as close to her scent as possible (on the street outside the inn)

Maddison is asleep

Weasel is freaking out due to Dragon Fear. Natass knows this is the one.
Natass Preps: Defensive

Adric: heads to the Inn (pounds on the door) – wakes the inn keeper
Maddison still sleeping
Natass: TELEPORT (outside window -ground floor) / SPIDER CLIMB

Adric is let in “I need to see your records. I am looking for a woman who just arrived tonight”
Natass: KNOCK on the window , unlocking it

Adric: Gets the room number and arrives outside her door – gets rid of Inn owner “Thank you that will be all.”

Natass: Enters
Maddison: Still sleeping
Adric: Slowly opens door, sees figure by the window and thinks its Maddison at first til he sees the sleeping figure on the bed.

Natass – Casts BIGBY’S CRUSHING HAND – sent towards Adric. (goes at 13)
Adric – seeing a spell about to be cast, casts SPELL TURNING (goes at 13). Turning the spell on Natass instead.
Maddison: Still sleeping but wakes at Natass’ gasp at the necromancer is being crushed by his own spell.

Maddison: grabs staff and runs to Adric.
Adric: grabs Maddison’s hand while rushing out the door.
Natass is held this round as he attempts wraithform – 6 crushing damage.
Natass has 2 rds of brainfart before he cancels/dispels his Bigby’s Crunching Hand.
still has wraithform.

Maddison & Adric – outside heading for Pounce, gets on and flies off.
Natass is pissed and fuming. casts DEATH trying to center it on the dragon .

Rolled 2 to hit. Missed his mark, miscalculating the dragons speed and as a result 33 people die in Mexton the DEATH spell encompassed 891000ft cubed.

2:00 am
Adric directs Pounce to fly to Deerport after discovering that Maddison spoke to Fiance.
Maddison falls asleep on the way there – tied to Adric.
Flight is 6hrs (3 hrs , 1/2 hr rest for Pounce to eat, drink and nap, 3 hrs)

Arriving at Deerport (outside of town) at 08:30
Walk into town – Arrive at Guild at 09:00. During which Adric casts POLYMORPH SELF (black hair – short buzz, blue eyes, 1/2 elf 18 com, 5’6" 17 yrs, buff tanned.) Introduced by Maddison as Jacob ((OOC think Jacob from Twilight but as a half elf rather than a werewolf))

Discover Fiance is under Natass’ spell GEAS
Adric has idea to put a GEAS of his own .
Maddison want to torture Fiance – Adric offers to “SILENCE” the screams."
1 hr of various torture.

09:00 Adric casts GEAS on Fiance.
" You will no longer willingly, or under Geas or torture impart truthful information about Maddison or I; and when pressed to the point of breaking the Geas held by Natass you will by any means possible knock yourself unconscious to prevent from breaking that Geas. As well, you will inform myself or Maddison of each and every time you are questioned or visited by Natass or his hirelings and share pertinent information about the meeting with us. Lastly, regardless of your feeling towards Maddison, you will not attack, plan to harm or speak ill of her at any time."

10:30 Setting up Fiance for test. Adric reading Seeming.
11:00 Casts SEEMING on himself and goes to test his Geas.
11:30 Adric meets Fiance as Natass. Fiance didn’t tell “Natass” anything truthful. (The thief seemed adapt at making things up)
Afterwards Fiance contacted Maddison/Adric (after cancelling the Seeming) and told of them of the meeting with “Natass”
12:30 Head out to bring Pounce back to Keep Darkskies.
While leaving the guild they were seen by other guild-members -Spike’s wife and Jessica recognize undisguised Adric.
13:00 Adric reads spell, casts TELEPORT on all 3 (Pounce, him and Maddison). Pops at Keep Darkskies. Nearly passes out.
(notes end here – will ‘estimate’ the rest)

13:10 Adric speaks briefly with Teneway. Introduces Maddison. Makes plans to return tomorrow after he’s rested. Sunborough is more warded so safer.

13:20 Adric reads spell, casts TELEPORT on him and Maddison. Pops in his room at Keep Sunborough. This time does pass out.



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