Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

ICC - DS vs Finn


DS: (Ds in Finns body talking to Finn in DS’s body) I know what u are going though Finn I did not want to be a girl when I was little I wanted to be a boy as well and I do not blame you for anything u are an amazing person but be who u are be the little amazing beautiful loving little girl I want to see u as!

Finn:(Finn in DS’s body). Thank you ma’am for that sentiment but no. I won’t not til I know I can protect myself. If I were to return to my life back on the streets known as a girl. I’d be forced into a brothel by the end of the week. Lies are my only protection right now.

DS: Finn please I’ll protect u…. U can come back to my home with me and u can be with me protected from everyone and anything I will take u in help u and teach u.
Let’s say a mother figure in your life

Finn: That’s a generous offer ma’am. But I’ve been on the streets long enough to know that offers like that mean well but never work out.

DS: Finn u change or I will change u

Finn: Excuse me ma’am but what gives you the right to make decision for me?

DS: Finn be your self. nobody and I mean that nobody will do anything to you with out me hurting them back u are one beautiful young lady and you need to show your true colors and be the wonderful little girl you are.

Finn: (Finn in DS’s body to DS) this is who I am – why can’t you just accept that? You can’t protect me. You know nothing about me other than I lied about being a boy and that obviously a treacherous underground labyrinth teeming with monsters was a better choice than staying where I was.

DS: Finn please just try to show ur true colors and be the little girl you are and just be yourself with honestly hiding who you are isn’t going to be the way to anything in life maybe if you change who you are I will tell you something that only one person knows about me I didn’t even know about me couple before days

Finn: Finn shakes ‘his’ head in frustration "I’m sorry you don’t understand ma’am but I’m not about to do things different just because you say so. This is my life.

DS: But your not living it

Finn: “Says you. I know otherwise. I’ve had better opportunities as ‘Finn’ than I ever had as a girl.”

DS: Like what

Finn: “Like being accepted as even a temporary squire to nobles such as Sir Francis and Lady Jess.”

DS: Ya pushing u to the side now that they have better things for people to deal with. Finn what is your real name

Finn: “That’s not the way it is.” Finn says in defense of the paladins. “My name IS Finn. I won’t answer to any other. So it doesn’t matter what I was called before.” She shakes her head “This argument is going no where. Do what you feel you must but I won’t change who I’ve become for you”

DS: What is your “girl” name Finn I maybe able to find a guy that will love u for everything u have been through

Finn: The words only seemed to upset Finn more. “Go to Hell Darkshadow! I don’t need you or anyone else to ‘find me a guy’ to love me for who I am” With that Finn stalked away angrily thinking to find Sir Francis. The question was would he be himself or would he too be trapped in someone else’s body.

DS: She will yell go cry to someone like a little baby somewhere else we don’t need a little girl lurking around anyway go cry to ur mommy.

(that’s the scene so far)



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