Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Castle Von Jessenstein

DM- Adric
Location: Castle Von Jessenstein
Characters: Ember, Sharandri Pharendel and Blackout

The story begins with Ember, a pyro mage, on a boat headed to the port town of Blackstone. Ember isn’t fond of water travel and is hurling.
Sharandri is an elven cleric oddly dedicated to the worship of Nephythys. She arrived in Blackstone by cart. Two women met unsurprisingly in a tavern. Oddly though they didn’t enter the same tavern.
Ember, entering the first tavern she came across – a two story building built into the side of the hill just off the water. The tavern seemed mini. Child sized chairs and tables, she soon discovered it was a tavern for Hobbits, gnomes and other diminutive statured folk. She was turning to leave when three rather large men entered and demanded everyone hand over their moneys. The tavern folk ran about in a panic. Ember, hoping to avoid a fight slipped out a hatchway in the roof that she could easily reach.
The hatch opened up to another tavern above – an Japanese style tavern with paper walls. This is where Sharandri was. She noticed the woman entering from the floor hatch and was curious about it, going so far as to introduce herself and ask about it.
As the two women talked the thugs from downstairs came around the building and entered the second tavern and the women fled again down through the same hatch.
They sought out help and eventually found Blackout, a lone samurai who was hesitant about helping until Ember, fed up, sought out the thugs and cast a fireball upon them.
This led to a venture to the castle from which the thugs came. Castle Von Jessenstein.
The adventurers ran into goblin janitors who attacked with mops. When the calls of the janitors alerted the guards Ember showed her powerful fire magic once more and cast a fire bolt down the hall in which they were arriving. All 13 were killed in a conflagration of fire.



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