Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Arena - Something smells fishy

Kirsten's first attempt

DM – Riley / Kirsten
Players – Amy, Kirsten, Cynthia, Riley, Vaughn & Adric (camio)
Characters: Noko, Miranda, Gwendolyn, Jonny, Maevelin, Adric Fire, Scumbag Steve, Zack, Stealth, Johnny Cade, DarkShadow

Began off with several characters (Noko, Miranda, Gwendolyn, Jonny, Maevelin, Adric Fire, Scumbag Steve) all being suddenly ‘popped’ into individual rooms. Each room was identical with no door, a single torch and bookshelves lining the four walls. Various magical or reactionary things happened when each party member attempted to investigate their surrounding.

Scumbag’s inspection of the torch resulted in a Kua-toa appearing in his room. He fought with it and called apon his diety Cerebus to accept the Kua-toa in sacrifice -which it surprisingly did – appearing before the startled cleric, snapping at the unfortunate fishman and disappearing but not before granting his faithful with his blessing. (double hitpoints for the scene) and breaking the wall to his cell.

Maevelin had scoured her ‘library cell’ in search of a secret means in or out and for her efforts found a hidden door behind one of the shelves, when she pushed on the door hard, it gave way easily and was dumped 10 feet below into an large circular arena.

Jonny was also visited by his War God when called upon after his attempt to escape resulted in Jonny being trapped behind a wall of light that was shocking. The war god granted him a magical weapon and broke down the wall of light.

Eventually all the ‘prisoners’ escaped or were eventually released into the central arena then came the booming voice, foretelling their doom. Suddenly a lighthouse appeared in the center of the arena and Maevelin led the way to investigate.

At the bottom was an empty room with a single ladder leading up. So up she went. Halfway to the top she noticed a side hallway (which was odd for spatially there should have been no way for the room to exist in the lighthouse) and she left the ladder to check it out. The others followed.

There they saw a casket, which Maevelin opened to reveal what looked to be a wrapped mummy. Seeing nothing of value, she turned around to head back to the ladder when the mummy moved and grabbed her shoulder while at the same time unraveling the bandages at its face.

A scuffle ensued but ended swift and without bloodshed when it was discovered that the mummy was no other than Johnny Cade, an adventuring companion of Jonny’s.

Another doorway appeared off to the side and again Maevelin led the way to check it out. (end of Riley’s DMing)
(Kirsten continued on)

A series of ‘pops’ sounded and the party lost Miranda, Gwen, Noko, and Jonny but gained the thief Zack.

The hallway travelled around to a room that was occupied by …. several Kuo-toa. The smell of them caused several of the party to be physically ill.

When the vomiting stopped, two other doorways suddenly opened but before any could investigate, more popping sounded. Zack and Johnny Cade had disappeared and then the party checked out the side door which revealed a suit of glowing armor covered in rusty brown slime. The Kuo-toa seemed alarmed at their interest in the armor and moved to stand around it protectively.

Their smelly arrival forced the others to make a hasty retreat less the vomiting begin again. With only one other route to take the party exited the room in the direction opposite the way they entered.

This new hallway led to a series of kitchen/dining rooms that seemed to magically change every minute or so. There didn’t seem to be any other exit to the room and Maevelin was getting a bit frustrated. (dinner break)

Again there was a couple ‘pops’ and new arrivals – Stealth, and Jonny. With the arrival of the ‘professional adventurer’, a secret passage into the adjoining rooms were found. But even this didn’t aid in the party achieving anything until the party came upon a library.

A study of the books, had Maevelin discovering a book of traps and secret doors. Interested she pulled out the book – a map of this very library fell out and a secret door was marked on the map. A quick study of the book and map informed the anti-paladin that they needed to find another book titled “First Level Spells” in order to trigger the secret door.

The book was found on another shelf to the left and when pulled, all other bookshelves collapse leaving just that one standing. Frustrated Maevelin attempt to topple the shelf on her own but required the help of Jonny to do so. A faint door outline was seen.

Stealth then proceeded to ’unlock’’ and open the secret door. Inside was… ‘Stealth’.

The real Stealth groaned at the sight of the doppleganger and mentally vowed to make Johnny Cade pay next time she saw him.

Both Stealths claimed the other was false and tried their hardest to convince this to Jonny. Jonny in order to determine who was who.. tried to glean information from Stealth and ‘Stealth’. Both seemed to share information/memories from Undermountain but not from before, so to prove her identity Stealth gave up her name ‘Cadelle’ to Jonny when the two were alone in secret room after Maevelin and the other Stealth were popped out into the library room.

Jonny vaguely recognized the name and Cadelle was quick to assume he’d heard her name associated with her being wanted for questioning in the attempted murder of Lady Teneway of the Darkskies, a few years back. She assured Jonny that she was changed and that would never happen again. Jonny seemed clueless as to what she was talking about but went along with it.

Meanwhile, in the library, Maevelin and ‘Stealth’ appeared along with Johnny Cade and Zack once more. When Zack greeted the unknown doppleganger with a smile and a ‘Hi". It returned the greeting with a “Hey babe” and instantly Zack knew that she wasn’t the real Stealth and attacked it. He got one good hit in before darkness filled the room and the creature disappeared with a pop. The door to the secret room locked shut and a booming voiced sounded. (?)

So armed with the knowledge that she was the original Stealth turned to head back to the library when the door locked shut.



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