Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Arena - ghouls and goblins

DM – Sinthija
Characters – Hakthor, Adric Fire, Ds ninja, Zack , Jacques
Location: Arena

In yet another arena game the characters were teleported in and then immediately surrounded by 18 ghouls.

Hakthor the elf with his vorpal blade took on 10 of ghouls, two at a time. While the others did their best to keep the other ghouls at bay. Adric and Jacques were the first to get paralysed by the ghouls touch… then just before they regained movement the Ninja (DS) also was struck. Zack was kept out of reach and threw his cursed sword a few times.

After all the ghouls were down and all regained mobility, a new threat popped in – a single goblin. However when struck and killed, the goblin suddenly became two and attacked. Thankfully, Adric was familiar with this manner of goblin curse… and knew that the solution was to heal the creature – thus killing it. However the group had to put up with the thief, Zack, increasing the goblins numbers to 8 before the others, namely Hakthor, stopped him.



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