Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

A New Friend (or two?)

DM – Sinthija
Location: Raven’s Lair
Characters: Adric Black, Enlxo, Ethendral Tribond, Sifid Tible, and Marco

After allowing the party some time to play at war between the dwarves and the elves of ?? (Alternate DMed game), Lord Adric Sunborough gathered his retainers together and once more mass teleported them into the dungeons of Chester the Jester to seek the magical ruby red gem.

The party consisting of Adric Black, Enlxo, Ethendral Tribond, Sifid Tible, and Content Not Found: marco found themselves in an unfamiliar curving hallway with a set of wooden stairs coming off the hallway, at the inner part of the curve, directly in front of them, leading downwards. Without any discussion, Ethandrel started down the old and creaky stairs. The stairs continued down at least 50 or more feet before coming stopping at a lower level and opening to a hallway with 6 prison cells off it and a set of double doors at the end of the hallway across from the stair entrance.

There was unflickering light coming from one of the center cells. Peering in, the party could see a human male chained to the far wall. The man attempted to call to them but his voice was hoarse from call too much previously.

After some odd ball attempts, throwing one another at the locked door, to open it, Ethandrel searched the hallway and found the gaoler keys hanging on the way by the stairs. The door was soon opened and the man released. There were brief introductions around as the man croaked out his name, Luigi.

The party, plus Luigi, continued on opening the double doors and discovering what looked to be a large, rounded rectangular fighting arena with tiers of benches lining the 10 ft high arena walls. The arena had three other exits from the fight area. Another set of the double doors opposite the ones they entered then two smaller gated entrances that showed a sloped wooden ramp leading into a narrow 5’tall tunnel.

Once more humourous antics resulted in one of the party, Adric Black, being thrown down the opening gate into the tunnel beyond. There, Adric found several large cell like animal changes with half starved predatory (like panthers, bears and boars) animals within.

While the others waited to hear back as to what was there, Adric seeing an opportunity for some free meat, proceeded to kill the boar from outside the cage. The smell of fresh blood as the boar was kill, sent the remaining animals into a bit of a hunger frenzy. This brought down Ethandrel and his recently acquired war dog. The ranger, upon discovering the caged animals, saw an opportunity to possibly befriend one of the beasts. He managed to calm down one of the panthers enough to feed it some of the boar meat.

But the animals noise, near frenzied at the smell of blood, had attracted the attention of their caretaker. The two warriors, could hear an orcish voice from the door at the far end of the cage-lined tunnel.

Ethandrel, thinking that his new found ‘pet’ might deal with the orc easier than he and his companion, released the panther and ushered Adric back away from the door which was now opening. The panther however was wary and didn’t come out right away. Instead, Adric was forced to fire on the orc with his bow.

Two arrows struck and the orc fell, the commotion gained the attention of the other above and soon Adric, Enlxo, and Sifid Tible were clustered around the corpse searching its body. What they failed to take into account was that the panthers cage was still open and with Sifid’s back to it.. it pounced! A shouted warning from Ethandrel, saving Sifid from a deathly bite as he turned and got it in the shoulder rather than the neck. The cat hung on while the inexperienced ranger tried ineffectively to dislodge it and strike it with his sword.

Ethandrel, commanded his war dog in pointing to the cat. “Bite and Hold!” Enlxo worked at getting out a rope to lasso the cat. With shouted advice from the others, he managed to lasso the loop around the cats neck. The cat released it’s prey and working together the men managed to lure and herd the cat into the cage that once held the boar.

While Sifid, went off to search the tunnel from which the orc had entered, Ethandrel sought to calm the cat and befriend it once again. The cat seemed content enough – chewing on the remains of the boar, but would it attack again, if released?



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