Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Zack's Training Arena
The Cave Dweller Michael

Zack: I see bumble

The excitable cleric grins over to you. “Looks like it’s our turn for some Arena fun, hope you’re ready for it.” Then the cleric turns towards the stranger and offers out a small chubby hand, despite the strangers battle ready stance and odd looking weapon. “Hi! I’m Bumble. This is Zack”

As usual the Arena is lit by magic, rather than actual sunlight. By this light Zack gets his first look at the stranger he’d encountered in the cave.

The man stands about 6 ft tall wearing odd pants and jacket of mottled greens and browns. (Camouflaged army fatigues). His sandy blond hair is cut extremely short. He has wide blue eyes as he stares at the gnomes offered hand. He hasn’t lowered his weapon yet.
Zack takes out his sword

The weapon trains on Zack for a moment. “What’s going on here? How’d I get here?”

Zack: Ahhh

Bumble doesn’t seem fazed by the weapon pointing. “Consider this like a training arena. You fight monsters – gain some skills then are sent back to where you came from. It’s a form of entertainment for some really powerful mage so it’s probably best if you play along.”

Zack: Roll to attack

(Attacking the stranger ? With your sword? Ok – one sec- rolling his surprise)
Zack manages to surprise the stranger, who doesn’t fire his weapon as Zack attacks with his sword, but oddly though the blade hits the core of the body and the man is staggered, Zacks blade doesn’t cut through the man’s clothing.

“What the Heck man, we were talking,here!?” The stranger raises his weapon aiming at Zack’s chest then adjusts to shoot the ground at his feet. A burst of three rounds of bullets. “Stand down! Lower your weapon now! The next shot will drop you!”

Zack puts it away saying “You scared me man I don’t like guns pointed at me”

Bumble, who had been preparing himself to intervene, grinned. “Much better. Usually we’re sent here to kill monsters- not each other”. The gnome commented wisely. “So as I said before I’m Bumble, the guy with sword is Zack and you are….?”

Zack says “yeah who are you buddy?”

The stranger hesitates, but seeing Zack re-sheath his weapon, the guy safety’s the gun and lowers the barrel to the ground. “Michael” he answers.

Zack: “Ok who’s all playing?” No answer.

Zack: “Ok Bumble, looks like its just me you and Mikey then”

Just after they finish their introductions, the voice of the Arena Mage sounds in the air above their heads. “Now that you’re all friends. It’s a race to see who can get to the finish first. Beware the traps!”

An obstacle course begins to materialize around the outer edge of the arena. A blinking sign reads ‘START

Zack: Check for traps

DM: Zack is too far away and the course is too vast to check it all from where he is presently

Zack: He walks to the course

DM: First is a straight run to a huge wall that they have to climb

Zack runs to it

Michael looks uncertain about the blinking Start sign but follows after Zack. “Are you sure about playing along?”

Zack: “Yeah, I am let’s do this!”

Bumble jogs along side motioning for Michael to hurry up. “Yeah, we haven’t had anyone die in an Arena game in a long time – oops hope I didn’t just jinx us!”

The three line up at the starting line but can’t move beyond because of a force field. An announcers voice (not the mages voice) says “On your marks, get set…”

This at least is familiar to Michael and he shoulders his M16 and drops into a runners starting stance.

Zack checks he’s pack what does he see for equipment

DM: He’s got a standard pack.
DM:He has 5 written on his sheet but it doesn’t say which type

Zack yells “Can we started yet?”

“Go!” The force field drops.

Zack: Check for traps

Checking for traps implies that you are moving slow and inspecting things for a minute before moving through the area.

Michael and Bumble both break into a run heading for the huge wall. It’s easily a 100 ft tall and is at the about 100 m away.

Zack: Change of Action: I follow running

Michael quickly takes the lead if Zack purposely follows . Bumble is much slower with his short gnomes hair legs. (OOC that was supposed to read gnomish legs – damn auto-correct!)

Zack grabs Bumble and runs with him

“Thanks Zack.” Bumble says

As they near the wall, they can see coiled at its base three sets of rope and a grappling hook.

Michael is the first to reach the wall and he quickly grabs a rope and starts tying the grappling hook on.

When Zack gets the the wall he puts bumble on his shoulders “hold on bumble” as he grabs a rope, ties on the grapple and throws it up first toss and starts to climb.

“Hey no, set me down. I can do this” Bumble complains

Zack: “okay”

Michael gets his grapple tied and rope up the wall.

DM: Zack made his climb walls. After setting Bumble down, it’ll take him under 2 rds to get the the top.

Michael is nearly to the top when his grip slips (failed dex roll) and starts to free fall, he manages to grab the rope again half way down and hangs there by one arm trying not to piss himself at his stupid slip-up

Zack laughs “smooth move”

Meanwhile Bumble goes over to his pile of rope and grappling hook, thinks a moment before pulling a few tools off his sash and begins working on attaching the grapple to the head if his staff sling. Within couple minutes he has a bit of a grappling hook launcher and his rope is soon at the top of the wall beside those of Zack and Michael.

Zack: “f**king bumble always one step ahead”

Michael grumbles at Zack’s wise- crack and he more carefully continues his upward climb, this time with more care. But Zack is already ahead of him and is standing at the top of the wall.

DM: At the top is a single beam of wood (4" by 4") stretching across a wide gap. The gap is over 100 ft

Zack starts walking across.

DM: Mid-way through is a burning hoop obstacle that he’ll have to deal with.

Bumble meanwhile is working on a system of pulleys at his waist to help him climb. It takes him another couple minutes to tinker this together. Michael has managed to get to the top of the wall without any further mishap.

Zack: "hey you did it’ (Does Zack have any water?)

DM: Ale, whiskey and potions are the only liquids you have listed. Though a standard pack usually comes with a wineskin of water so yeah.

Michael smiles a bit at the jibe. “Yeah. Hey what happened to the short dude you were carrying?” But he glanced down and saw the gnome working away at the rope.

Since there was only one wooden beam across the gap and Zack was already crossing and about to approach the burning hoop, Michael tentatively started across. “So what’s the hold up there, Zack?”

DM: The beam is 4" by 4" and spans about 100 ft. The hoop is about 4 ft in diameter and burning.

Bumble was working away at getting his pulley system together when he heard a low moaning sound from behind him. Distractedly he glanced back then let out a high-pitch cry of alarm. “Zack! I’ve got Zombies!!”

Zack turns around and comes back for Bumble. “thought you said you could get up buddy”

Before Zack can make his way back along the beam to the top of the wall. Michael calls down to the gnome. “Tie the rope to yourself. We’ll pull you up!”

Zack helps Michael.

DM: Encroaching on the gnome are 10 zombies. They are close. It might be a close call depending on how fast the gnome can tie himself off.

Michael sees this. He looks between Zack and himself – Zack looks to be buffer. He passes the rope to Zack. “I’ll lay down some cover fire.”

Zack: He starts pulling double time

Bumble knowing that Zack is on his way to help is less panicked, and he quickly ties off and manages it just as Zack starts hauling.

Michael unshoulders his M16 and carefully aims down towards the zombies closest to the short man and fires three shots. Michael hits two of the three closest dropping them but one makes it through to Bumble.

DM: And it hits Bumble for 8 damage before Zack pulls the gnome out of range.

Zack: He continues pulling.


Outside Waterdeep - The Cave Dweller
New Acquaintances?

It’s morning. Zack has been out of Undermountain a whole day half expecting to be popped back . He’s set himself up at the base of the mountain while he waits. He’s noticed oddly footprints -not his own in the area.

Hmmmm he checks them out

DM: Ok. The tracks are easy to follow and in short time he sees ahead a the footprints in the sand leading into a cave.

Zack: Check for traps

DM: You don’t notice anything (Yes I rolled)

Ok so I follow the tracks ( I trusted you )

DM: Zack follows the tracks in and a short distance maybe 30 ft in. He hears movement ahead.

Zack: He stops and looks around like he’s on watch

DM: He doesn’t see anything but his hearing picks up more sound, a snore maybe..

Zack: Follows the sound

DM: The sounds lead further into the cave, which rounds a bend and Zack’s half-eleven heritage comes in useful as the light from the entrance doesn’t reach here but his infravision does. He sees a body-shaped heat source laying on the ground 15ft away. Definitely snoring.

Zack: Check for traps

DM: Where are you checking? On the body? On the cave walls?

Zack: Caves walls and floor

DM: It takes several minutes for you to carefully inspect the cave during which time Zack failed his Move Silently. The snoring stops abruptly.

Zack: He stops

DM: Zack is silent. But the figure begins to stretch out its limbs. It’s easily as tall as Zack.

Zack: What weapons do I have

DM: Dagger and bastard sword and crossbow

Zack: Grabs bastard sword

DM: Unsheathing it? (Is he pulling it out from its scabbard or sheath – this action usually makes noise – which is why I ask)

Zack: The sword is coming out for protection

DM: The slide of the sword out of its sheath is loud in the silent cave. The figure reacts fast to the sound and rolls away from the noise and reaches for a weapon of its own. The weapon at hand however is not sword but a mechanism that Zack may not have seen before. An M16.

Zack: (Fuck me lmao)
Zack asks what that is he explains that he brought out the sword for protection he means no harm

DM: (I say he might recognize it because Lee had handgun early on in the game and a few other arena games have had them)

Zack: (Ok) Zack says nice gun but explains like I was Saying before

Stranger: “Yeah, that’s what they all say. But there ain’t no better protection for a sword than a sheath.” The stranger says and smirks at his wit. "Lower your weapon and I might let you live long enough to answer a few questions "

Zack puts it away

DM: Just as he does that the oh so familiar sound of popping is heard and Zack finds himself teleported to an Arena. With him are is the stranger as well as a familiar smiling face. “ZACK!” The excitable gnome exclaims.


Undermountain - Team Sir Francis
Scene Intro

Those in the midst of various Arena games found themselves suddenly ‘popped-out’ of that situation – whatever it might have been, and into a new one.
Sir Francis had been resting in the Blink Dog room after several pop-outs with various members of this party, first with Bumble and Kyria, then in a completely white room with Lady Jess and Lee. The popping in and out had become quite bothersome of late – as if Halaster, the master of this underground warren, was extremely bored and was seeking a means to entertain himself through the party and their drama-filled interactions. He let out a quiet sigh and hoped it settled down soon.
As if to make mockery of his hope, the room suddenly came alive with the sound of popping. Sir Francis groaned then opened his eyes to take in the changes to the party’s make-up.
What he noted first was that the room seemed suddenly spacious but dark, what with about half the party’s members missing and their secondary light source – the torch usually held by Finn – was missing along with the young lad.. err girl (dammit he’d never get used to that!). He glanced about looking for Lee, half expecting her usual accented ‘Roll Call’ shout. But he didn’t see her and her voice never sounded. Rather than assume the call himself, Sir Francis, merely did a mental head count of those who remained.
There were six remaining including himself. That meant 6 were popped out.
Cadelle was glancing about the room from her crouched position at a nearby door – she had been checking it for traps.
Bumble who had been talking animatedly to the nearby Blink Dogs, was holding up his hands in a show of peace as the creatures were suddenly issuing growls at the sudden disappearance of several members all at once.
Kenji who had been making good time with Lady Jess, was suddenly alone looking about in bewilderment.
Merek and Star were likewise confused and getting to their feet half expecting trouble.
Before anyone could speak, an amused male voice sounded – those who had previously spoken to the mage Halaster, would recognise the voice immediately.
“At the request your friends, now elsewhere in my labyrinth, I will refrain from teleporting your party members in and out and about for my amusement – my teleport traps however remain. Good luck finding them.” There was a burst of chaotic laughter then sudden silence.
(the only light source at present is Star’s light stone which she took out just before the Blink Dog encounter)
Sir Francis all rested was seeing a shift in our team once a again.. ‘oh boy now what?’

Cadelle groaned at the mage’s message. “Seriously?” She glanced back towards the group, “We lost half our party!” She glanced skyward continuing, “We’re doing too good at this eh? So you had to make things harder? Whatever! We’re still gonna kick ass down here- just you watch!”

“Is every one ok?” Sir Francis asked.. awaits a response..
Kenji who saw he was alone said. "Ya but I.. I dont se.. "
Merek interrupts.. “where the hell did you put our friends?” In a pissed off tone..
Star is all puzzled and hoping bumble was with her.. all she did was a walked towards bumble in worry.. thinking her other friends are dead.

Bumble continued trying to placate the growling Blink Dogs, who seemed to take the disappearance of the others as some sort of attack. “Uh, Star keep back please, everyone keep back- these dogs are a getting aggressive”

Star paused for a moment forgetting the dog in her sorrow.. she stopped and backed off.. “oh okay Bumble..”

“Yeah I’m good.” Cadelle didn’t know whether to be annoyed or relieved to see that Dark Shadow was one of the others taken. She didn’t mind one whit that Lee, Lady Jess and Eko were taken – Thanks Halaster. Sir Francis was way more pliable with the two women fighters gone and Cadelle still hadn’t forgiven Eko for his attack on Zack last week. Jonny however was a bit of loss at least for the others healing wise. She had her Ring of Regeneration- so she’d be fine regardless. “So what’s the plan now, oh fearless leader?”

(Jan 22nd 2017 continued)
Cadelle motioned towards the door she’d been checking “Door Number One to the north? Path Number One to to the northwest where we’ve encountered an undead horde?” She adjusts her pointing to indicate the route they’d come down from a short while ago. Then turns about pointing south west. “Path Number Two to the west – which we skipped earlier. Or Path Number Three,” She turns again and points east this time. “to the caved in passage and Door Number Two?”

(Jan 28 2017 continued)
After Star successfully alters her Hold Person spell to encompass the Blink Dogs; it is decided by the paladin that they should continue on.

Sir Francis’ group goes north back through the north passage that they originally entered – heading back towards where they encountered the undead horde. They can still hear some moaning up ahead. The walking order is Cadelle and Sir Francis leading, followed by Star and Bumble then lastly Kenji and Merek – with Merek keeping watch from behind with his infravision. The only light is from Star’s magical stone. (unless I missed someone sparking a torch) . The area is completely black save for this 30 ft radius of light.

By the sound of the echoing moans, the area they have entered is rather large and empty of furnishings. Cadelle’s map shows the first area to extend 100 ft to the west and go 50 ft north before opening up again into unknown territory. A door to the east is seen ahead but Cadelle comments that by her mapping that door would lead to an area of the dungeon they have already been down just the day before.

At Sir Francis’ command the group continues forward along the east wall passing the door, and into what sounds like might be another open area. At the edge of the light there looks to be a passage to the east. The sounds of moaning are louder in this open area though nothing can be seen in the darkness – by the humans at least. Demi-humans with infravision (Cadelle, Merek and Bumble) however see a shuffling mass of blue outlined figures (the blue denotes undead with infravision) gathered to the north west just at the edge of their infravision (60 ft). Cadelle quietly mentions the undead to Sir Francis. “We’ve got easily a score (20) of undead ahead about 60 ft away to the north. We don’t seem to have attracted them yet – maybe Star could use that massive ball of fire to take them out before they get closer or we can take the passage to the east and avoid them entirely – but have them at our backs… making retreat uncertain.” She waits for his decision – hoping he’ll be smart about it.

Undermountain - Team Lady Jess
Scene Intro

Those in the midst of various Arena games found themselves suddenly ‘popped-out’ of that situation – whatever it might have been, and into a new one.
Lee who had just questioned Jonny about the black staff he’d just retrieved from the room with a ghost, suddenly found herself back in the Blink Dog room with the usual crowd for what seemed like a heartbeat before being popped away again; this time finding herself in darkness, with the sounds of other poppin’ fading into the darkness.
“Dammit all Halaster.” She vented in a frustrated whisper. “I wish you’d quit with poppin’ people about.” She then back to business and shouted “Roll Call!” while keeping alert and feeling about her clothes for where she’d left her flint and tinder. They’d need a torch to see.
Before anyone could answer back there was the sound of laughter vibrating the ground. “As you wish.” Halasters voice seemed to echo in the darkness.
Lee got the sense that she’d just made a mess of things. “Aw Hell!”
Jonny also found himself being ‘popped’ back to the Blink Dog room briefly before arriving in darkness. Before the expected “Roll Call” sounded, he heard a few feet to his left Lee’s whispered frustration to Halaster. Jonny smiled slightly, knowing exactly how she felt. Her “Roll Call” sounded.
Before Jonny could think to answer her roll call request, an ominous laughter boomed all around him, vibrating the ground. “As you wish.” Halaster’s voice echoed.
“Aw Hell!” was Lee’s response.
Lady Jess who had been spending her time back at the Blink Dog room with Kenji, just relaxing while the thieves did their checks on the nearby doors, suddenly found herself plunged into darkness. With the sounds of poppin’ fading away. Lady Jess wasn’t one to complain but the constant change of party members were wearing on her. She idly wished there was something she could do to negate Halaster’s power to teleport them about.
She faintly heard a familiar Texan accent whispering several feet to her right but couldn’t make out the words, the whisper was immediately followed by the usual “Roll Call!”
Before the paladin could respond, she felt the ground vibrate from a sudden evil laughter that sounded from the darkness around her. “As you wish.” Halaster taunted, his voice echoing.
“Aw Hell!” Lee complained.
Finn, or rather Fiona, had been keeping rear guard by the Blink Dog room – with torch in one hand and sword in the other, when she heard the distinctive poppin’ sound of people being teleported about, she was in the midst of glancing about to see who was gone or had arrived this time when she was plunged into sudden darkness. Oddly, she still had both torch and sword in hand. She bit back the alarmed yelp that threatened to erupt from her. She should be used to this by now, the poppings anyway, but to arrive in darkness just made everything that much worse. She wished it would just stop.
She was relieved to hear Lee’s voice call out a moment later “Roll Call!”
Being the least important of the party, Finn always answered back last, but even before anyone else could respond, the ground shook with a loud frightening laughter. It sent shivers down her spine. “As you wish” the voice spoke.
It’s words prompted an “Aw Hell” from Lee. Finn waited quietly for others to speak up first. She hoped it wasn’t just her and Lee this time.
Eko had been resting back at the Blink Dog room, watching the others pair up and socialize while he had been left on his own. It always seemed like he was the odd man out. His thoughts on the subject were interrupted by the sounds of poppin’. ‘Here we go again.’ And sure enough he was suddenly in darkness. Would it ever end?
Eko unsheathed his sword in anticipation, as he alertly waited listening, he heard a muffled sound to his immediate right along what sounded like the faint snap and crackle of torch fire, to his left he heard quiet mutterings followed by the expected “Roll Call” from where the muttering had been heard . He rolled his eyes – this was getting tiring.
Before he could bother to respond, loud laughter filled the darkness making the ground shake with its sheer volume. “As you wish” answered the male voice (not sure if Eko ever has spoken to Halaster before).
Lee’s voice sounded next in dismay, “Aw Hell”
DS had been by the Blink Dog room, checking a door for traps when suddenly she found herself in darkness, with several poppin’ going on all around. Rather than be alarmed or upset the versatile thief adapted to the situation, grinning. It took only a second for her Gnomish infravision to kick in and the shapes of 5 other bodies were visible as hazy red silhouettes. She recognized each silhouette. From her position which seemed to be in the midst of the lined up group, there was Lady Jess, Lee and Jonny to her left and Eko and Finn to her right. Finn held a flaming torch that hurt the thief’s heat sensitive eyes. So she quickly looked away.
Keen gnomish ears or maybe it was more the thieves’ ability to Hear Noise that she’d instinctively focused in the dark, whatever the reason, DS heard more than most in the darkness. She heard Eko unsheathing his weapon, the unmistakable bit off yelp of surprise from Finn, the creak of Lady Jess’ armour, clearest of all she heard Lee’s frustrated whisper to Halaster wishing he’d quit poppin’ people about. Hearing the fighter take in a deep breath to issue her usual “Roll Call” DS turned away so it wouldn’t be so loud.
Unfortunately there was no turning away from the booming laughter that filled the hallway they stood in. The sound of it made the gnomes head ache. The laughter ended with a “As you wish”.
Lee’s “Aw Hell” was pleasantly quiet after that.

(slight correction to this Jonny also has a lit torch that isn’t giving off light – just discovered this while rereading some of the back notes)

Lee let out a bit of a huff after Halaster’s words. She hoped it didn’t mean that she was stuck wherever she was without possibility of getting out. As yet there had been no reply to her Roll Call, which was disturbing since she could hear movement in the dark.. as well as what she thought was the snap and crackle of a torch yet there was no light. Warily she pulled her sword free of its scabbard, senses alert. “Who’s there?”

ICC - After Mexton Mess
Adric and Maddison

(Jan 1-4 2017)
What happens when Adric and Natass arrive in Mexton at the same time and both intent on finding Maddison? A town full of death is what. 33 dead and that’s just the beginning of the story…

Mexton (weasel, Bigby’s Crushing Hand, Spell Immunity, retreat, Pounce, Death spell – 33 dead, escape to Deerport/ Traitor/ Fiance/ Geas/ impersonating Natass & evil plans / Keep Darkskies & Lady Teneway / Teleport Maddison to keep / Adric falls unconscious.

C(OOC this was my last post on Obsidian Portal on January 26th 2015. If you recall other details of this scene post them please. If not… What does Maddison do? Game ON!)

K(OOC I don’t remember much but I do remember Adric being knocked out because of using too much powers or something like that)

Maddison: on her knees shaking adric trying to wake him up.

At the insistent shaking, Adric slowly opens his eyes. Doing so is quite the chore for the exhausted mage. He sees Maddison’s worried look and manages a smirk. He turns his head to look about. He recognizes his room at Sunborough Keep and that fact alone has him relieved. Maddison will be safe here while he recuperates. “I’m okay.. just need rest.” he reassures. “Please, for my peace of mind, don’t leave the keep while I’m resting?”
He tries to sit up but can’t manage it without aid.
He holds out a hand her, “Help me to my bed?”

Smiling at the fact that Adric has woken up she grabs his hand smiling assisting him to his bed proceeding to lay next to him “it’s been a long day I might as well rest as well I mean if you don’t mind” Maddison says with a smirk appearing on her face

Adric leans heavily on Maddison as she helps him to his bed. If he’s surprised at her laying down next to him, he’s too tired to show it. “Do as you like,” he responds half in a yawn. His eyes drift close and will sleep for 8 hours solid, snoring off and on – unless interrupted.

Maddison cuddles into him slowly falling asleep but making sure he is asleep before she is, sleeping until otherwise woken up

Adric wakes fully almost in an instant. Before even opening his eyes he realizes Maddison is still tucked asleep beside him. He sighs lightly and opens his eyes gingerly, lest she have a surprise for him in the way of her attire. Thankfully nothings changed and Adric begins to gently extract himself from her and the bedcovers.

With the feeling of the bed and bed covers moving around Maddison, her eyes start to slowly open awakening to see adric leaving the bed. She slowly wraps her arms around his waist leaving a kiss on his neck

Adric pauses as her arms wrap about him – tense, then seems to deflate a bit as her lips touch his neck. He breathes out a slow breath focusing his resolve before glancing back towards her. “Sleep well?”

Smiles when hearing his voice “I slept fine still kinda tired but I’ll be okay” Maddison says with a giggle kissing his neck again lightly.

The kiss sends a shiver down Adric’s back and he moves to extract himself from her arms. “Good.” He says briskly, standing up beside the bed. “You can see to arranging breakfast, while I refresh my spells. You can tell the cook I’ll be down in about an hour.”

“No Adric don’t go just stay here a little longer we have been running for days we just got back here please just sit with me” Maddison says with concerned in her voice

Adric grimaces knowing that if he waits and allows himself to be distracted by her, he would need to study three times as long afterwards. He shakes his head. “No, I must refresh my spells immediately or we could be in serious trouble if Natass were to break through the wards on the Keep before I am fully prepared.”
In compromise he adds, “I’ll attempt to do my studying here but you must not interrupt or I will require a much longer time to study later.”

“Fine you study in here I will go down stairs and make sure the cook makes breakfast than I shall come back up here with you” Maddison says with a caring tone he has never heard before “I just need one more thing before you start studying” she says with a smirk

Adric quirks an eyebrow at her smirk having his suspicions as to what she needs. “And what’s that? A good morning kiss?” he teases unable to refrain from playing along somewhat.

A huge smile grows on her face at his reply “you’ve gotten to know me so well” she giggles “yes I want a good morning kiss” she says with a smile

Adric chuckles a bit thinking to himself, ‘I didn’t have much choice – it’s either learn your ‘tells’ or be overwhelmed’. Aloud he comments “But of course, all the better to please you,” and leans down to kiss her lightly.

Maddison: smiles and kisses back what would you like for breakfast? I will get the cook to make anything you want

Adric lingers over the kiss before collecting his focus once more. At her question he shrugs. “Surprise me.”
He leaves the bedside and goes to his travel pack to begin pulling out his books. Memorizing spells was the most tedious part of being a mage. He sits down at his desk to begin his studies, leaving Maddison to her devices for the next hour.

Maddison still smiling from the kiss exits the bedroom walking downstairs to the kitchen where the cook is. “Adric needs something to eat it needs to be ready in an hour and it needs to be something good” Maddison says with a stern voice

Meredith (the blind maid assigned to Maddison) was seated in the kitchen peeling potatoes by feel. With her at the table sat two other similiarly dressed women slightly older perhaps in their early 20’s, who were also busy with peeling and paring of various vegetables. Overseeing the three was a matronly woman who stood at the hearth side turning a few freshly plucked chickens. She had greying hair tied back into a prim and proper bun and wore a freshly laundered apron.

At Maddison’s entrance and subsequent order, the older woman looked over towards her assessingly, before acknowledging the order with a curt nod. “Yes ma’am. Does m’lord… and m’lady,” the last added as an afterthought, “have a preference this morning?”

“Surprise me just have it ready in an hour” Maddison replies before leaving the kitchen and going back upstairs to her room this time and laying on the bed

The hour passes quickly enough as she dozes. She is woken from her nap by a light tapping on her door.
Meredith’s voice filters through the wooden door. “Miss, I have breakfast for you and Lord Adric.”

She waits for a response before entering, an overflowing basket hanging at her elbow. Maddison is able to see fresh baked scones, and bread, an assortment of inseason fruit as well as smell the delicious scent of roasted chicken. “Will you be eating here or joining Lord Adric in his chambers?”

Maddison rubs her eyes after awakening for her nap “I will be joining adric” she says with a slight smile as she stands up and walks out the door then to adric room

“Yes Miss,” replies Meredith as she follows Maddison into the adjoining room carefully. She pauses a moment listening, then makes her way to the room’s small window side table. She feels about its surface to be sure it is clear then starts laying out the food from the basket.

Adric looks up from his pile of spell books to note their entrance. “Ah food! Smells wonderful. Thank you Meredith. Please pass on my appreciation to Mrs. Dunstan.”

Adric stands up from his desk and looks to Maddison. “You didn’t return.” He almost sounds disappointed. " I was half expecting to you keep me company while I studied."

Gives him a hug. “I’m sorry I fell asleep, I went down to the kitchen and then came up to my room and fell asleep” gives him a kiss

Adric awkwardly returns Maddison’s kiss, noting with a slight frown the focused attention Meredith is giving to her straightening of the breakfast setting.
He wonders what the keep staff must think of him and the forward attentions of his two female companions.

Quility had been with him for nearly a year, on and off, so he supposed they were used to her presence. Maddison however was relatively new to the scene. Did they approve? She was closer in age to him than Quility but just as quirky. Definitely not as lethal he suspected.

Clearing his throat, Adric addressed Meredith as he led Maddison to the table and held out a chair for her. “Thank you that will be all for now. You may resume your other duties.”

Meredith bowed towards him. “Yes, m’Lord. Miss.” Then carefully made her way back towards Maddison’s room to make up the bed. She shut the door behind her.

Maddison sits down “thank you” she says with a smirk on her face. Once Meredith leaves the room she giggles “did you miss me when I was gone”

He sits across from her and grabs a raisin scone from the breakfast laid out for them. “Not exactly missed as I was quite busy with my spell studies but I was aware of your absence.”

“You missed me, you missed me” she nags giggling with a big smile on her face grabbing a scone

At the childish taunting Adric quirks an eyebrow before commenting drily as he stifles a chuckle “Do proper conversations bother you that much?”

“I’m offended” Maddison says and pouts “how could you be so mean to me”

Adric shakes his head at her reaction but plays along “I didn’t mean to offend. Please forgive me.”
“I don’t think I can forgive you, you need to prove that you are sorry” Maddison says with a slight smirk

Adric almost chokes on the scone he’d taken a bite out of. “Oh really?”
To himself he wonders how long he was willing to play her mind games. Apparently, for a while longer still he noted as he took in her smirk and couldn’t help but smile back.
“Please tell me – what should I do to prove how sorry I am?”

“That’s for you to decide but you must make it quick before your time runs out” Maddison replies with a giggle and a smirk

Adric grimaced. His decision and a time limit?! She really was milking this mind-game for all it was worth. Fine, he’d already decided to play along – so what was it that he could do to would sway her to ‘forgive’ him? Sincerity was his usual first option but that was hard to convey when he knew that he she wasn’t really offended and was just playing with him. So the next best option for her was of course – shows of affection and intimacy. He’d try a mix of both.

He was so glad that Meredith had left performing like this with her present would have been unthinkable.

Adric got up from his chair to kneel beside her chair facing her. He gently took one of her hands in his, and met her mirthful gaze, while he did his best to keep from laughing. “Dearest Maddison, please, forgive my offending comment. I am but a rude cad who doesn’t know how to speak without barbs and insults. Yes, of course, I did miss you.”

Adric then raised her held hand, turning her wrist gently so that palm faced up and laid a soft kiss to her palm. He’d seen Caladon present Teneway with a kiss like that once – when the Ranger had thought Adric was occupied with his camp chores. As Adric recalled, the palm-kiss had brought a heated blush to his sister’s face so figured the meaning was somewhat intimate. He watched Maddison for her reaction.

When Adric stood up Maddison had a bit of concern until he kneeled down beside her. I listening to every word he spoke made her smile and when he kissed her hand she did blush “fine I guess I can forgive you”

Adric smiled at her forgiveness. As he stood up he leaned forward and stole a brief kiss. “Thank you.” He resumed his seat and poured each of them a cup of tea from the pot Meredith had left steeping in the center of the table service. “I suppose we should discuss what happened yesterday and plan our next move.”

(OOC sadly I lost all our IC conversation posts from 2014 when I accidentally cleared my texting memory… so I don’t remember much of what went on)

“All I remember from yesterday is running from Natass, I ran away and you followed me, then you passing out” Maddison says a a little confused by her slight memory of yesterday

Adric frowned at Maddison’s comment. His memory of yesterday was hazy as well – he’d at first thought that it was perhaps from over exerting himself but if Maddison was having similar issues then it was most likely the effects of a spell. Maybe something that Natass had cast or maybe one of his own spells gone awry, like that of a wild mage?

“My memory too has holes. I recall arriving in Mexton searching for you, I believe I flew there on Pounce.. I don’t remember why you were there though. I remember a weasel…” He frowns trying to piece together why that had been important enough for him to remember. “I think that it was Natass animal form or maybe one of his spies and he came to Mexton to take you. He and I fought.. and we nearly destroyed the city with our magic – so many died…” Adric lowered his head at the memory – dozens of his people dead, people he had an obligation to protect. “But I don’t think I managed to kill him…”

“I remember the weasel” Maddison said giggling a little, “I was in a hotel room in mexton and it kept following me” Maddison said with a little more concern “why was I in mexton” Maddison questioned herself

Adric opened his mouth to answer then frowned. “I don’t know. Do you know people in Mexton? Or maybe had work there? I get the sense that we’d argued sometime before Mexton, and I was looking for you.”

“I don’t know anyone from mexton” Maddison said a little worried, “I haven’t been to mexton in Years” she said with a confused voice

Hearing the worry and confusion in her voice Adric, moved to crouch beside her, his hand reaching for hers once more. “Hey, it’s okay. I suspect that Natass might’ve used some spell to confuse us but don’t worry, the effects aren’t likely to be permanent. Until our memories return, we’ll just have to plan with what we do remember. I remember seeing my sister… but I can’t recall if that was before or after the attack in Mexton. Do you remember that? Were you with me then?”

Smiles a little “yeah I remember that a little it was after we took pounce to her house and she was talking to us” Maddison says

Adric nods. “Do recall anything of what we spoke? It’s a blank for me… I recall being there but not much else. Did we arrange for aid to be sent to Mexton? Or plan a retaliatory attack on Natass?” He frowns at the lack of detail he can retrieve from his memories.

" honestly I do not recall much conversation" Maddison says “I do remember your sister wondering who I was” she says with a giggle

Adric frowned.. oh yeah he hadn’t brought her to meet Teneway before ‘with good reason’ he thought wryly to himself. “OK so speaking to Teneway & Caladon should be on my priorities today… if just to see what we decided last night.”

stands up and walks to his bed laying down “I’m just trying to remember why I was in mexton and where I was heading to” Maddison says trying to remember what she was doing

Adric stands up from his crouch as she walks to his bed and lays down. He figured, she must be still tired. “It should come back to you. I’ll leave you rest some more and see about contacting Teneway.” At the same time he would speak to his seneschal – to ensure that he’d send aid to Mexton and also speak with Captain of his keep guard to have the guard put on alert.

When adric lays down beside her she automatically cuddles into him “don’t leave just lay her with me” Maddison says holding him

Adric realizes his mistake as soon as he lays down and she cuddles into him. She would demand his undivided attention because she was bored and he wouldn’t be able to get any of his work down, so he does the only thing he can think of. He smiles gently at her, kissing her lightly, teasingly on the lips keeping her attention, while his free hand delves into a specific pocket of his robe and pulls out the proper spell ingredient.

As Maddison didn’t notice what adric was doing (rolled perception got 5) she kisses him back smiling

After a moment he draws his lips from her and murmurs in her ear. “I hope you forgive me for this.” He begins to briefly utters syllables that are incomprehensible to her as he pulls out of her embrace suddenly and backs away from the bed weaving hand signs and opening the folded paper he’d pulled from his pocket while kissing her. Inside the folded paper was a bit of spider web that disappeared as if it burnt away. As they disappeared, thicker stronger sticky webs began to form atop the bed that Maddison lay on.

(roll a savings throw)(D20)

Maddison not knowing what is going on starts to fight the Web trying to get out of it screaming “Adric what did you do to me”

Adric gives a half apologetic shrug. "Sorry, I need to get things done and that won’t happen if I have to be here entertaining you. I can’t trust you not to get yourself into more mischief on your own so … " He motions to the webs holding her down on the bed. “I’ll be back as quick as I can” he says as he heads out the door to his room and closes it behind. He considers locking the door with a spell but figures he can trust his staff not to enter his chamber and free her even if she does scream out for help.

Maddison: Continues to fight the Web “help me someone please help”

As Adric heads downstairs to contact his sister, there’s a cautious tapping on the door to Maddison’s adjoining room. Meredith’s concerned voice comes muffled from the other side. “M’Lord? Is there a problem?”

“Help me” Maddison screams trying to break her way free

At her scream, Meredith cautiously opens the door. “Lord Adric? Miss? What’s wrong?” her voice trembles in fear, not knowing why Maddison is screaming for help. In all her time at the Lord’s Keep this was the first time anything of the sort has occurred. She’d felt protected and safe in the Keep.. up til now.

“Can someone get these spider webs off of me” Maddison says panicked continuing to try and get them off

Meredith seemed confused by the panicked response. Surely there weren’t spiderwebs in her lord’s bedchamber? But even so if there were, it shouldn’t be cause for such a fit of screaming. Sometimes nobility and their attitudes made no sense to her.

Meredith’s fear was replaced with immediate apology. “Oh I’m so sorry for that Miss. I do my best to dust and clean all corners of my lord’s chamber. Allow me to help clear them off you. Where is it?” She began carefully navigating the room towards the bed where she hear Maddison making all the fuss. As she made her way over she pull a dust rag from her maid’s apron, intending to assist in wiping away what she assumed was a bit of errant webbing.

“Please go get one of the guards” Maddison said sounding irritated “it’s alittle more than just a little spider web”

Meredith paused halfway to the bed at the irritated tone. “A guard? Yes, Miss as you say. Right away.” She turned sharply towards the door, knowing the pacing of her lord’s room and headed out. Once outside the room, she made her way down the hall towards the stairs. If it had been an emergency she might have rung the alarm bell in the room but Meredith couldn’t bring herself to disrupt the entire Keeps guard over spiderwebs. As it was she was concerned about being reprimanded for pulling a guard away from it’s duties to deal with the Lord’s mistress.

“Thank you” she says as she’s trying to pull the spiderweb off of her thank god there aren’t any spiders is all she can think to herself

Meredith returns about 5 minutes later with a guard. His expression of almost humour turns to surprise and then concern at the sight of Maddison pinned to the bed covered in strands of thick webbing. He pulls out a boot knife and tries to cut the webbing free (roll me a D20 please). As he does this he questions “What happened here? Where is Lord Adric?”

Meredith answers with a nervous shrug, not realizing the guard was questioning Maddison. “I don’t know. He had been in here but 10 minutes ago breaking fast. But he didn’t answer my calls when I heard Miss Maddison screaming for help so assumed he’d left.” Worry tinged her voice.

(rolled 20 on guards str)
The knife and guards hands become stuck and tangled in the sticky webbing. “Ah! No I’m stuck now too.”

“He went to contact his sister” Maddison replies “please just get me out of here” when Maddison here the guard is stuck she starts to freak out more trying to get herself out, pulling and ripping the webs

The guard at hearing Adric’s whereabouts, frowned as realization dawned. “Oh damn. He cast this on you, so as not to follow him – didn’t he?”

“He had left before this happened to me” Maddison says “please just help me get out adric wouldn’t do this to me” Maddison says worried

The guard, being taken in by her lie, comes to the conclusion that if Lord Adric hadn’t done with then there was an intruder on the premises. He begins to struggle anew (another d20 roll please) (rolled a 7). “Meredith, sound the alarm. There’s been an intruder in the Lord’s chamber. They may still be on the premise.”

Meredith looks shocked. “Oh dear!” and begins heading for a pull rope hanging near the side of the bed. (roll me a second D20 for her dex.. see if she doesn’t get stuck in the webbing as well trying to reach the alarm.. hahaha!)(rolled a 3)

trying to break free Maddison is worried at this point because they think someone is in the keep, she just wants to get free so she can go and find Adric

Not being corrected of the intruder assumption, Meredith felt along the bedside wall for the pull rope and grasping it yanked on it several times. A reverberating gong sounded for each pull. From outside the open door, down the hall the shouts could be heard. “To your posts!”

There was several minutes of ordered chaos as guards combed through the Keep looking for both their missing Lord (just in case) and the non-existent intruder. Several staff worked on freeing Maddison and the entangled guard and struggled to cut them free until one came up with the idea of perhaps burning the webs.

With wet towels at the ready to smother the flame if it put either Maddison or guard at risk, the man set a candle to the web furthest from Maddison and the guard. The web caught flame quickly and it travel swift along the webbing, almost alighting the bedding it was attached to but for the wet towels that quickly doused the hungry flames. The guard however did notice a definite difference in the how far he could pull on the webbing now.

Continuing could be dangerous with severe burns for one or both of them. The guard looked to Maddison. “It’s up to you Miss”
(to be continued)

ICC - Mexton Mess details
Seeming goes a long way

March 20th 01:00
Maddison is outside Mexton (north on the road)
1 hr remaining on Adric’s SEEMING spell (so she looks like someone else)
She tripped Natass’ “ALARM” (set up looking for her)

- Natass sends familiar (weasel) to check on the source of the Alarm. Weasel “popped in” (TELEPORT)
- Maddison is unaware of being followed. It follows.

Adric: Casts TELEPORT – Pops to Pounce

Maddison becomes aware of “eyes” in the dark…
-picks up speed to get to town.
-26 minutes later she arrives at the town gate and gives her real name (Weasel behind)

Adric: Reading teleport

Maddison goes to decent inn in the good area of town and gets a room.
10 minutes for weasel to arrive
Maddison hears weasel scratching down below her window.

Adric: Casts TELEPORT – Pops to Mexton.

Maddison heads to bed

Natass casts SPIDER CLIMB via Crystal Ball on the Weasel (3 rds to climb)

Adric: Pounce smells Maddison in town
- lands in town as close to her scent as possible (on the street outside the inn)

Maddison is asleep

Weasel is freaking out due to Dragon Fear. Natass knows this is the one.
Natass Preps: Defensive

Adric: heads to the Inn (pounds on the door) – wakes the inn keeper
Maddison still sleeping
Natass: TELEPORT (outside window -ground floor) / SPIDER CLIMB

Adric is let in “I need to see your records. I am looking for a woman who just arrived tonight”
Natass: KNOCK on the window , unlocking it

Adric: Gets the room number and arrives outside her door – gets rid of Inn owner “Thank you that will be all.”

Natass: Enters
Maddison: Still sleeping
Adric: Slowly opens door, sees figure by the window and thinks its Maddison at first til he sees the sleeping figure on the bed.

Natass – Casts BIGBY’S CRUSHING HAND – sent towards Adric. (goes at 13)
Adric – seeing a spell about to be cast, casts SPELL TURNING (goes at 13). Turning the spell on Natass instead.
Maddison: Still sleeping but wakes at Natass’ gasp at the necromancer is being crushed by his own spell.

Maddison: grabs staff and runs to Adric.
Adric: grabs Maddison’s hand while rushing out the door.
Natass is held this round as he attempts wraithform – 6 crushing damage.
Natass has 2 rds of brainfart before he cancels/dispels his Bigby’s Crunching Hand.
still has wraithform.

Maddison & Adric – outside heading for Pounce, gets on and flies off.
Natass is pissed and fuming. casts DEATH trying to center it on the dragon .

Rolled 2 to hit. Missed his mark, miscalculating the dragons speed and as a result 33 people die in Mexton the DEATH spell encompassed 891000ft cubed.

2:00 am
Adric directs Pounce to fly to Deerport after discovering that Maddison spoke to Fiance.
Maddison falls asleep on the way there – tied to Adric.
Flight is 6hrs (3 hrs , 1/2 hr rest for Pounce to eat, drink and nap, 3 hrs)

Arriving at Deerport (outside of town) at 08:30
Walk into town – Arrive at Guild at 09:00. During which Adric casts POLYMORPH SELF (black hair – short buzz, blue eyes, 1/2 elf 18 com, 5’6" 17 yrs, buff tanned.) Introduced by Maddison as Jacob ((OOC think Jacob from Twilight but as a half elf rather than a werewolf))

Discover Fiance is under Natass’ spell GEAS
Adric has idea to put a GEAS of his own .
Maddison want to torture Fiance – Adric offers to “SILENCE” the screams."
1 hr of various torture.

09:00 Adric casts GEAS on Fiance.
" You will no longer willingly, or under Geas or torture impart truthful information about Maddison or I; and when pressed to the point of breaking the Geas held by Natass you will by any means possible knock yourself unconscious to prevent from breaking that Geas. As well, you will inform myself or Maddison of each and every time you are questioned or visited by Natass or his hirelings and share pertinent information about the meeting with us. Lastly, regardless of your feeling towards Maddison, you will not attack, plan to harm or speak ill of her at any time."

10:30 Setting up Fiance for test. Adric reading Seeming.
11:00 Casts SEEMING on himself and goes to test his Geas.
11:30 Adric meets Fiance as Natass. Fiance didn’t tell “Natass” anything truthful. (The thief seemed adapt at making things up)
Afterwards Fiance contacted Maddison/Adric (after cancelling the Seeming) and told of them of the meeting with “Natass”
12:30 Head out to bring Pounce back to Keep Darkskies.
While leaving the guild they were seen by other guild-members -Spike’s wife and Jessica recognize undisguised Adric.
13:00 Adric reads spell, casts TELEPORT on all 3 (Pounce, him and Maddison). Pops at Keep Darkskies. Nearly passes out.
(notes end here – will ‘estimate’ the rest)

13:10 Adric speaks briefly with Teneway. Introduces Maddison. Makes plans to return tomorrow after he’s rested. Sunborough is more warded so safer.

13:20 Adric reads spell, casts TELEPORT on him and Maddison. Pops in his room at Keep Sunborough. This time does pass out.

In character conversation / Natass plot - Lord Adric and Maddison
Mexton Mess

What happens when Adric and Natass arrive in Mexton at the same time and both intent on finding Maddison? A town full of death is what. 33 dead and that’s just the beginning of the story…

Mexton (weasel, Bigby’s Crushing Hand, Spell Immunity, retreat, Pounce, Death spell – 33 dead, escape to Deerport/ Traitor/ Fiance/ Geas/ impersonating Natass & evil plans / Keep Darkskies & Lady Teneway / Teleport Maddison to keep / Adric falls unconscious.

in character conversations
happy couple or not so happy couple: Lee,Jonny,Kyria

DM: sinthija
players: Jonny, Lee, Kyria

Jonny and Kyria get popped into the room that they were just in with the slime but no one is there Jonny feels awkward talking to Kyria but figures there’s a chance to get to know her. After having a conversation about their families and about their history they hear a pop and the light in the small room where they got popped in goes out. A strong female voice calls out in a Texas accent “roll call!”. Jonny quickly gets up and moves away from Kyria but doesn’t answer Lee’s call.

Lee, unable to see in the dark, sparks a torch and Jonny then says “are you going to come out of the room or not?” Lee exit what she views as the teleport room and asks "why did you not reply to the role call? and jonny snarkily says “because i did not feel like it your not the boss of me”. Surprised at the animosity, Lee just blew it off the first time and said look its just the two of us and then jonny says no there is one more.

Lee looking around then sees kyria sitting there and says hi. Jonny does not look lee in the eye so she is starting to get worried that there is something wrong with jonny. Lee then asks jonny whats wrong jonny just blows it off and says he is fine. jonny opens the next door and 3 stirges flew out 1 missed kyria and jonny the other stuck onto lee’s neck after fighting that one another stricks onto kyria jonny and lee finally get the one off of her and move towards kyria lee shouting dont attack jonny than pours a potion down her throat.

finally after getting the one off of kyria we all thought it was over but as lee and jonny are kissing jonny gets attacked and it sticks to his neck. lee than attacks then creature when kyria stands away and jonny attacks it after attacking it for a little while jonny than cuts his shoulder lee tells jonny to stop swinging the sward at her. kyria joins in to help after a while with a couple more hits the creature is dead and falls off jonny. lee than says “do i get to shove a potion down your throat now” getting the reply of “no i am fine” walking to the next door jonny and kyria notice that there is another door from the room that the weird bug things came out of

Jonny than sends kyria to go and check it out. jonny and lee wait at the next door. Lee than says "why aren’t you opening the door??? with the reply of kyria is checking another door. when kyria gets back we than open the next door in side that door there was floating ghost with a black staff in the middle floating. joking around jonny told lee to go into the room so she does.

jonny grabs her arm and trys to pull her out but she swings her arm away all the ghost heads turn towards use jonny pulls lee out and says why wold you risk your life for me. In a pissed off tone Lee says “do i even have to answer that” jonny than passes the monster manual to lee to check up on Ghosts and she reads it out loud in her strong Texas accent throwing in a few comments and questions as she does so. “What’s a THAC0?” “Armor class 0 , Armor Class 8 – what’s better..?” but discovers that yes – turning should work on a ghost. now knowing what these creatures are jonny goes in and try’s to turn them but it does not work so he just grabs the staff and the ghosts smile and fade away. jonny does a detect magic and he can tell that the magic is necromantic and adjuration. Jonny knowing what this is does not tell Lee the type of magic.
In Character conversations
Adric and Maddison

story continues off of what had occurred in the pbem – Adric and Maddison quarrel about her owing him (his estate) for the purchase the Non-Detection Amulet needed to avoid Natass.

Maddison kept changing the subject to divert the need to sign any formal agreement. Eventually she commented that she likely had most of the funds needed back at her room in her former guild (in Deerport). So Adric comes up with the idea to disguise Maddison in order to go there and fetch it. Considered doing a Polymorph Other but decided against it. Used Seeming to change her appearance to that of a buxom, comely maid.
(1 days horse ride to Deerport, then spell)

At the guild, Spike not there, Adric and disguised Maddison, spoke to Spike’s wife and ‘politely requested’ the return of Maddison’s monies. After some directed threats (and reminders from Maddison to address Lord Adric properly ‘yes Sire’), the woman complied.

Afterwards, as agreed Adric took disguised Maddison to a bar to have a drink. He was thinking all was settled, and was making plans in his mind of how else Maddision could pay off her debt through quests, when she got irately upset at his refusal to drink anything more stiff than a wine. Things got worse between them and the evening ended with Maddison threatening to expose Adric to Quility and / or his sister. He thinks her threats are just a manipulation and lets her go off to cool down. He is on his way back to the keep.

when Adric thinks Maddison ks just blowing off steam she makes her way to the guild. when she gets to the gulid knocking on the door hoping that the bitchy lady does not open he door and her wish came true fiance opens the door asking who i was. maddison replys with “its maddison” he says prove it whats your name i say “maddison also called maddy and goes by swift” girl fiend what happened and they talk on maddison gets to the point and says she needs another horse. fiance than gets her the horse and she leaves. maddison is fully aware of what could happen if this gets out but she is still headed to she lady teneway for about a week horse ride

Arena -
It's All an Illusion

DM: Kirsten
Characters: Ora Greystone (dwarf), Kyria, Tris

The three were ‘popped’ alone onto a empty path about 50ft from a crossroads. Tris had been at home packing up for adventuring with her husband thus arrived with all her gear. Kyria had been ‘popped’ out of another adventure with Bumble and Sir Francis, and thus also arrived with all her adventuring gear. Unfortunately, young Ora the dwarven miner was at home cooking a rabbit stew and studying her secret talent of magecraft when she was popped out – so she arrived with naught but a pot of stew, a spoon and her spellbook.

While the two rogues met up at the center crossroad, Ora at first hid in the woods, checking out who the other two were. Her interest got piqued when they announced to one another to be ‘professional adventurers’. Ora over the most recent years, had dreamt of adventuring, but had never given in to the desire – it was bad enough that she practiced magic in secret she couldn’t imagine how she would ever be able to hide her talent while adventuring.

Gathering a bit of courage, Ora stepped out of the woods and greeted the others. After introductions were made, the trio of women continued along the road looking for a clear space off the path to set up a tent for the evening dark that was fast approaching.

Tris located a clearing to the south-east and set up her tent. While the others were gathering wood for the fire , Tris noticed a chest situated just behind where she’d pitched the tent. How it got there or what was in it was a mystery but oddly the rogue did not approach it or mention it to others at all for the first while as they made camp or ate.

In the midst of their evening meal of rabbit stew (thanks to Ora) they heard an odd mewling sound that sounded from behind the tent. They followed it to its source and discovered the chest as a group. Tris looked it over for traps and unlocked – all the while pretending to Ora that she wasn’t doing anything thiefish. Inside Tris discovered her kitten, Kyrie found her puppy and Ora a spellbook -not her own (or her grandmothers) but some other book filled with various spells.

It was only after the group was retired to tent for the night and about the sleep that strange noises sounded from outside, large growlie sounds. Ora seeing a large looming shape just outside the back of the tent, made a small fist and attempted to punch it. She succeeded but it was very ineffectual.

In fact, when she exited the tent to see what it was that she attacked – nothing was there. Not even footprints. Distrustful of how that could be, Ora snuck away to cast a spell – Detect Magic, from that she learned that the chest was magical and that there were indeed tracks but only visible through magic – illusionary magic.

Ora tried to convince the others of the creatures attack on the tent but since Ora was the only one to hear it or see the tracks – no one believed her.

It was about this time that each woman began to hear the calls for help from their loved ones. Ora heard her mother calling out for help. Kyria also heard her mother calling to her. Tris heard the cries of her daughter, her eldest child.

Each encounter was slightly different but each met with their loved one who needed them to give up the item or pet that was found in the chest, afterwhich the loved one disappeared. In Ora’s case her mother not only wanted the new spellbook, but her personal one as well. Despite Ora’s uncertain belief that this was all an illusion and some sort of trap, she caved in when it seemed that refusing to give up the book would suffocate her mother.

When the party regrouped by the tent once more Ora was adamant that this was all an Illusion. (game paused)


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