Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

In character conversation / Natass plot - Lord Adric and Maddison
Mexton Mess

What happens when Adric and Natass arrive in Mexton at the same time and both intent on finding Maddison? A town full of death is what. 33 dead and that’s just the beginning of the story…

Mexton (weasel, Bigby’s Crushing Hand, Spell Immunity, retreat, Pounce, Death spell – 33 dead, escape to Deerport/ Traitor/ Fiance/ Geas/ impersonating Natass & evil plans / Keep Darkskies & Lady Teneway / Teleport Maddison to keep / Adric falls unconscious.

in character conversations
happy couple or not so happy couple: Lee,Jonny,Kyria

DM: sinthija
players: Jonny, Lee, Kyria

Jonny and Kyria get popped into the room that they were just in with the slime but no one is there Jonny feels awkward talking to Kyria but figures there’s a chance to get to know her. After having a conversation about their families and about their history they hear a pop and the light in the small room where they got popped in goes out. A strong female voice calls out in a Texas accent “roll call!”. Jonny quickly gets up and moves away from Kyria but doesn’t answer Lee’s call.

Lee, unable to see in the dark, sparks a torch and Jonny then says “are you going to come out of the room or not?” Lee exit what she views as the teleport room and asks "why did you not reply to the role call? and jonny snarkily says “because i did not feel like it your not the boss of me”. Surprised at the animosity, Lee just blew it off the first time and said look its just the two of us and then jonny says no there is one more.

Lee looking around then sees kyria sitting there and says hi. Jonny does not look lee in the eye so she is starting to get worried that there is something wrong with jonny. Lee then asks jonny whats wrong jonny just blows it off and says he is fine. jonny opens the next door and 3 stirges flew out 1 missed kyria and jonny the other stuck onto lee’s neck after fighting that one another stricks onto kyria jonny and lee finally get the one off of her and move towards kyria lee shouting dont attack jonny than pours a potion down her throat.

finally after getting the one off of kyria we all thought it was over but as lee and jonny are kissing jonny gets attacked and it sticks to his neck. lee than attacks then creature when kyria stands away and jonny attacks it after attacking it for a little while jonny than cuts his shoulder lee tells jonny to stop swinging the sward at her. kyria joins in to help after a while with a couple more hits the creature is dead and falls off jonny. lee than says “do i get to shove a potion down your throat now” getting the reply of “no i am fine” walking to the next door jonny and kyria notice that there is another door from the room that the weird bug things came out of

Jonny than sends kyria to go and check it out. jonny and lee wait at the next door. Lee than says "why aren’t you opening the door??? with the reply of kyria is checking another door. when kyria gets back we than open the next door in side that door there was floating ghost with a black staff in the middle floating. joking around jonny told lee to go into the room so she does.

jonny grabs her arm and trys to pull her out but she swings her arm away all the ghost heads turn towards use jonny pulls lee out and says why wold you risk your life for me. In a pissed off tone Lee says “do i even have to answer that” jonny than passes the monster manual to lee to check up on Ghosts and she reads it out loud in her strong Texas accent throwing in a few comments and questions as she does so. “What’s a THAC0?” “Armor class 0 , Armor Class 8 – what’s better..?” but discovers that yes – turning should work on a ghost. now knowing what these creatures are jonny goes in and try’s to turn them but it does not work so he just grabs the staff and the ghosts smile and fade away. jonny does a detect magic and he can tell that the magic is necromantic and adjuration. Jonny knowing what this is does not tell Lee the type of magic.
In Character conversations
Adric and Maddison

story continues off of what had occurred in the pbem – Adric and Maddison quarrel about her owing him (his estate) for the purchase the Non-Detection Amulet needed to avoid Natass.

Maddison kept changing the subject to divert the need to sign any formal agreement. Eventually she commented that she likely had most of the funds needed back at her room in her former guild (in Deerport). So Adric comes up with the idea to disguise Maddison in order to go there and fetch it. Considered doing a Polymorph Other but decided against it. Used Seeming to change her appearance to that of a buxom, comely maid.
(1 days horse ride to Deerport, then spell)

At the guild, Spike not there, Adric and disguised Maddison, spoke to Spike’s wife and ‘politely requested’ the return of Maddison’s monies. After some directed threats (and reminders from Maddison to address Lord Adric properly ‘yes Sire’), the woman complied.

Afterwards, as agreed Adric took disguised Maddison to a bar to have a drink. He was thinking all was settled, and was making plans in his mind of how else Maddision could pay off her debt through quests, when she got irately upset at his refusal to drink anything more stiff than a wine. Things got worse between them and the evening ended with Maddison threatening to expose Adric to Quility and / or his sister. He thinks her threats are just a manipulation and lets her go off to cool down. He is on his way back to the keep.

when Adric thinks Maddison ks just blowing off steam she makes her way to the guild. when she gets to the gulid knocking on the door hoping that the bitchy lady does not open he door and her wish came true fiance opens the door asking who i was. maddison replys with “its maddison” he says prove it whats your name i say “maddison also called maddy and goes by swift” girl fiend what happened and they talk on maddison gets to the point and says she needs another horse. fiance than gets her the horse and she leaves. maddison is fully aware of what could happen if this gets out but she is still headed to she lady teneway for about a week horse ride

Arena -
It's All an Illusion

DM: Kirsten
Characters: Ora Greystone (dwarf), Kyria, Tris

The three were ‘popped’ alone onto a empty path about 50ft from a crossroads. Tris had been at home packing up for adventuring with her husband thus arrived with all her gear. Kyria had been ‘popped’ out of another adventure with Bumble and Sir Francis, and thus also arrived with all her adventuring gear. Unfortunately, young Ora the dwarven miner was at home cooking a rabbit stew and studying her secret talent of magecraft when she was popped out – so she arrived with naught but a pot of stew, a spoon and her spellbook.

While the two rogues met up at the center crossroad, Ora at first hid in the woods, checking out who the other two were. Her interest got piqued when they announced to one another to be ‘professional adventurers’. Ora over the most recent years, had dreamt of adventuring, but had never given in to the desire – it was bad enough that she practiced magic in secret she couldn’t imagine how she would ever be able to hide her talent while adventuring.

Gathering a bit of courage, Ora stepped out of the woods and greeted the others. After introductions were made, the trio of women continued along the road looking for a clear space off the path to set up a tent for the evening dark that was fast approaching.

Tris located a clearing to the south-east and set up her tent. While the others were gathering wood for the fire , Tris noticed a chest situated just behind where she’d pitched the tent. How it got there or what was in it was a mystery but oddly the rogue did not approach it or mention it to others at all for the first while as they made camp or ate.

In the midst of their evening meal of rabbit stew (thanks to Ora) they heard an odd mewling sound that sounded from behind the tent. They followed it to its source and discovered the chest as a group. Tris looked it over for traps and unlocked – all the while pretending to Ora that she wasn’t doing anything thiefish. Inside Tris discovered her kitten, Kyrie found her puppy and Ora a spellbook -not her own (or her grandmothers) but some other book filled with various spells.

It was only after the group was retired to tent for the night and about the sleep that strange noises sounded from outside, large growlie sounds. Ora seeing a large looming shape just outside the back of the tent, made a small fist and attempted to punch it. She succeeded but it was very ineffectual.

In fact, when she exited the tent to see what it was that she attacked – nothing was there. Not even footprints. Distrustful of how that could be, Ora snuck away to cast a spell – Detect Magic, from that she learned that the chest was magical and that there were indeed tracks but only visible through magic – illusionary magic.

Ora tried to convince the others of the creatures attack on the tent but since Ora was the only one to hear it or see the tracks – no one believed her.

It was about this time that each woman began to hear the calls for help from their loved ones. Ora heard her mother calling out for help. Kyria also heard her mother calling to her. Tris heard the cries of her daughter, her eldest child.

Each encounter was slightly different but each met with their loved one who needed them to give up the item or pet that was found in the chest, afterwhich the loved one disappeared. In Ora’s case her mother not only wanted the new spellbook, but her personal one as well. Despite Ora’s uncertain belief that this was all an illusion and some sort of trap, she caved in when it seemed that refusing to give up the book would suffocate her mother.

When the party regrouped by the tent once more Ora was adamant that this was all an Illusion. (game paused)

Undermountain Adventure #25
The Doppleganger Fight

DM: Amy
characters: (Amy’s) – Sir Francis, Star, Merek, Kenji and Arabella (OOC Arabella ??? – must have had a pop-in and roll-call at the start of the game that wasn’t in my notes – LOL)
(Kirsten’s) – Eko, DS, Lady Jess, Jonny
(Cynthia’s) – Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn

4 wererats (Cadelle sees lizardmen)
battle (no details sorry other than Cadelle scored a critical hit)

Doppleganger Fight:
Stealth see 5-10- lots of heat sources (ahead)
She can see Sir Francis in the lead as a doppleganger by the light

There is a doppleganger of each of them. Tight group with CadelleD claiming Cadelle’s group are the illusions.

BATTLE! (rd by rd details- YAY!)

Round 1!
Initiative 1: Bumble casts prayer (1)/ KenjiD and MerekD attack DarkShadow for 3 damage./ Lee and Cadelle fall back @ Sir Francis’ order
initiative 2: BumbleD prayer (does nothing as the doppleganger is not a real priest) / Merek goes for MerekD for 8 dam / Arabella – prayer (
initiative 3 : Eko goes for KenjiD (12 dam) / ArabellaD – prayer (does nothing) / FionaD (is dressed as a female) arrow – hits Finn (1 dam)
initiative 4: DarkShadow going psycho on Finn (OOC I don’t note why) / EkoD misses Eko / SirFrancisDrakeD misses Eko /
initiative 5: Finn goes to attack MerekD (10 dam)
initiative 6: JonnyDgoes for Finn – misses / StarD does nothing (attempted spell)
initiative 7: SirGwaineD attacks Eko – misses
initiative 8: Kenji holds action with Lady Jess
initiative 9: Cadelle fumbles (rolls a 1) oil on herself/ CadelleD goes to back (attempting to circle around behind the party – several initiatives to do) / ZackD follows CadelleD’s safety /
initiative 10: LadyJessD goes up beside KenjiD attacks Eko (3 dam)/ LeeD jumps over party and attacks Merek for 1 damage
(Summary: Undermountain group gains +2 rolls from prayers)

Round 2!
initiative 1: Eko does crit hit to Kenji D (23 dam) / Merek fumbles and hits himself / FionaD arrow does 1 dam to DarkShadow /
initiative 2: Star does Magic Missile to LeeD (12 dam) / SGwD does crit hit on Merek (6 dam) / BD still praying (does nothing)
initiative 3: Jonny does a crit hit to LeeD (10 dam) / JonnyD attacks Finn and misses/ MerekD goes for Merek (3 dam)
initiative 4: Lee does 9 dam to LeeD / DS kills MerekD with a crit hit
initiative 5: EkoD misses Merek / DSD stays back / LJD goes for DS hits- 4 dam
initiative 6: Finn misses JD
initiative 7: Kenji moves up/ KD misses DS / SirFD hits Merek 1 dam / CD and ZD plan for sneak attack (circling around)
initiative 8: SirF commands to “Fall Back. Bring them in”
initiative 9 – none
initiative 10: ArabellaD praying (does nothing)
(Summary 1 doppleganger killed, Bumble and Arabella still praying +2)

Round 3!
initiative 1: LJ falls back as ordered / FinnD arrive to Arabella (1 dam) / CD and ZD sneaking around / Merek falls back / J prayer (+1)
initiative 2: C helps A take out arrow / AD prayer (does nothing) / SGwD on DS (5 dam)
initiative 3: K falls back / LJD on Finn (3 dam) / ED miss on DS / SFD hits self (1 dam)
initiative 4: B CureLightWounds on M (8 hp) / JD on Finn (2 dam)
initiative 5: E hits over DS on LJD 14 dam / DS on LJD 5 dam
initiative 6: BD prays (nothing) / StarD moves up
initiative 7: Arabella and Star -stay holding initiative / Finn stab SFD 11 dam
initiative 8: Kenji falls back as ordered
initiative 9 – none
initiative 10: KD keeps with his party
(Summary: prayer bonus +3)(still just 1 dopple dead)

Round 4!
initiative 1:

Undermountain Adventure #24
Feed the savage beast

DM: Amy
Characters: (Amy’s) – Sir Francis Drake, Star, Merek, Kenji and Sarah-Jane (NPC)
(Kirsten’s) – Jonny, Lady Jess, Ashlee, Eko
(Cyn’s) – Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn (NPC’d Zack , Johnny Cade, Sir Raymond – until they popped out)

Sarah-Jane is still in a frenzy, though FRIENDed by Bumble at the moment. Other return and try to figure out what to do.
Bumble suggests feeding SJ to help calm her .
Jonny casts Create Food & Water
Thieves move on a bit, checking the hallway – Cadelle triggers trap and a door falls blocking Ashlee. Linda Jane and goblin. (?)
2nd door – 2nd step on – lever came out

(DRAMA continues throughout)
Doors up and down both rooms
Finally open all doors.. hopscotch to free goblin (her Dad?) and Linda – they took Sarah “home”
Stealth checks room
Hallway finds ‘glowing’ walls – no one else can see the glow until the mages cast detect magic. Each is a cubicle in which three questions are asked – if answered honestly a magic item is gifted to the participant.
(sadly I didn’t write down the questions – hoping Amy and Kirsten remember some) “What’s your name?”

Key things that occurred because of the questions/answers:
Ashlee received a magic mirror that shows memories – DS discovers she has a demon for a Dad (Cadelle sees this), Cadelle when handed this discovers she and Merek are twin siblings (DS sees this)

8 bugbears (all killed): #1 Lee/Stealth

  1. Star/ Lee/ DS
  2. Eko
  3. LJ/ Kenji
  4. Sir Francis / Stealth / Jonny (prayer)
  5. Merek / DS
  6. Finn / Kenji / DS
  7. LJ / Merek

2 zombies –
Detect Magic – star / Detect Evil – Bumble / Magic Missile – Star
Bumble turned (prayer)

critical hits by Kenji / Eko and Ashlee

Undermountain Adventure #23
The boys are back

DM: Cynthia
Characters (Amy’s) – Star, Sir Francis Drake, Kenji, Merek and NPC Sarah-Jane
(Kirsten’s) – Eko, Jonny, Ashlee, Lady Jess
(Riley’s) – Johnny Cade, Zack Drake
(Cyn’s) – Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn
(OOC – Date is a guess wasn’t written on my notes )

Pop in’s and “Roll call!!”
Oh my EKO is back as are Johnny Cade and Zack! Eko returns with a message from Halaster… “Play nice together or else…”

Argument and fight ensures however anyone attacking another party member has that damage caused to him or herself. (Geas-like curse). After much self-mutilation the party finally gets its act together and continues on.

Goblins in the hallway.
- group went into room but warriors killed most
- some went past and attacked Bumble and Finn who were watching over Sarah-Jane. Sarah-Jane frenzies, transforming into her were-tiger form. Finn got hit by Sarah in her frenzy. Bumble cast FRIEND and was able to keep SJ from killing him and Finn.


Undermountain Adventure #22

DM: Cynthia
Characters: (Amy’s) – Sir Francis, Merek, Kenji, Star, NPC – Sarah-Jane
(Kirsten’s) – Jonny, Ashlee (aka DarkShadow or DS), Lady Jess, ?
(Cyn’s) – Lee, Cadelle (aka Stealth), Finn, Bumble

Headed north then right, ran into 7 Bugbears

(OOC sadly details about the battle… just the XP run down and Party Booty treasure)

Undermountain Adventure #21
More about Sarah-Jane

DM: Amy
Characters: Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn, Lady Jess, DS, Jonny, Sir Francis, Merek, Star, Kenji, NPC – Sarah-Jane

Finn is trying to get out of invisible wall.
POP – Sarah Jane appears in the middle of the room. (Bumble remembers SJ is of evil alignment.) Bumble went to ….. (went to what? / or when where?)
Sir Francis – guided others to room / DS pulled lever / 15 flying creatures (aarakacra). Flying creature carried Finn over to door. Escape!

Meet. Go middle. – trap, garrot wire successful disarming

12 Piercers- one every 10ft square. (None were killed – party tried to avoid) Cadelle had one drop on her / DS also hit / then Bumble used Stoneshape twice to make stone covered overhead along the route. Still some were hit (dex were required)
Finn nearly died. Lady Jess sae with a lay of hands. Jonny hurt as was Kenji but just minorly.
Continued on…
Cadelle and DS arguement (about what?) woke 18 gnolls.
Bumble prayer/produce Fire
Cadelle arrows until she snapped her bow string
10 gnolls were killed in 6 rounds
Then arrived the 15 aarakacra (Illusion to look like harpies, then beholders) – remaining gnolls fled just after Sarah-Jane’s arrival in were-tiger form. (OOC Amy got tired and had others flee)
Lee and Jonny had been left ahead to look after girl but she was stubborn and shifted shape to go into battle.
Star cast Rope-trick – place to rest for the priests who need to rest and meditate

Undermountain Adventure #20
Things are not what they seem

Dm: Amy
Characters: Sir Francis, Star, Merek, Kenji, Lady Jess, Dark Shadow, Jonny, Stealth, Finn, Lee, Bumble.

Resting 3 hrs – 1 hr prayer/study
DS and Jonny watching Stealth.
(3 routes… ?)
- Finn sees 2 orcs (wandering) actually 5 beetles (verified by Star)
- Cadelle sees 5 gnolls
- Kenji sees 1 large 100ft snake

Cadelle keeps shooting herself in the foot (OOC I hate 1’s)
Dead orcs drop from the snake body (must have been an covering illusion)
Sir Francis left the beetles (orcs) to pass – went through ???(scale)
Finn went to wall, popped away (invisible cage)
14 orcs killed (took several rounds before all could see them) Lee was last.
4 killed by Kenji, 4 by Lee, 1 by Merek, 4 by Jonny, 3 by Bumble (not sure why there are 17 now)
5 gnolls – dealt with by Lady Jess & Sir Francis
– 3 put to sleep by Sir Francis
- 1 by Bumble and Sir Francis

Oil of Disenchantment on wall (Stealth sees where they are being held, recalls room) DS walked on invisible wall to door just as Stealth & Lady Jess arrives, door not locked



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