Map of Darkskies Keep

“Keep Darkskies”:Keep Darkskies photo IMG_3683_zps6c67bf2f.jpgis located about a half a days ride north east of Ravenslock.

“The grounds”: photo IMG_3684_zps13bc6ebf.jpg

It has 7 floors plus the towers.

“Basement”: photo IMG_3691_zps1a69e92e.jpg

“Main Floor”: photo IMG_3688_zps817ae86f.jpg

“2nd Floor”: photo IMG_3693_zps6d9daed2.jpg

“3rd Floor”: photo IMG_3699_zpsbf1c935a.jpg

“4th Floor”: photo IMG_3702_zpsc6ae7397.jpg

“5th Floor”: photo IMG_3703_zpsf02f7c82.jpg

“6th Floor & Towers”: photo IMG_3704_zpsdba47477.jpg

Map of Darkskies Keep

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