Adventure Parties

Chester the Jester campaign (aka Raven’s Lair)- (DM- Sinthija)
PC’s:Ethendral Tribond, Adric Black, Marco, Sifid Tible, with occasional cameo’s by Mike, Fnid, Enlxo and Luigi.

The party was sent via mass teleportation to the entrance of a cave that leads down into a magical dungeon, with instruction to find a magical red gemstone. The party has discovered that a second quest is taking place. A quest to find a kings crown stolen by Chester the Jester; a bard of renown, who tauntingly aids adventurers through Raven’s Lair with his letters and riddles, warnings and keys. The party has encountered several monsters, run into severals traps and quite a few interesting ‘gaming’ rooms.

Elves vs Dwarves campaign – (DM Adric)
PC Elves and allies – Ethendral Tribond, Sifid Tible, Sareph, and Noque
PC Dwarves and allies – Agate Mayfair, Miranda James, Marco, Mike, Enlxo,Shadow

Several dwarven towns are attacked unexpectedly by an elven army. Side have to be chosen. Can the PC’s survive long enough to figure out what started the attack and how to get the two factions to cease hostilities before it is too late?
- game on Hiatus as players and characters are moved back to the Chester the Jester campaign.

Mage School campaign – (DM Adric)
PC’s: Tom, Sylas Riversong, Bloodwolf, Galstaff with cameos’ by Marco and Lord Adric Sunborough

First level mages and the adventures they have in and about their mage school and its field trips.

Passamaquoddy campaign – (DM – Daniel)
PC’s: Abby McLire, Shadow, and Solo (?)

At news of an impending attack, several groups are sent out in differing directions to seek aid from ally towns. Three inexperienced youth, also wishing to help are given an official note from the town mayor, and told to head to Passamaquoddy. Things are not quite so simple for the three youth.

Dad’s Campaign (DM- Andre)
PC’s: Adric Fire, Hiphid Tible, Perry Grin, Hakthor Tribond

Entered a town that had a prejudice against Elves. The town’s children over the past few months had been disappearing – supposedly taken by elves. The party after being confronted and one tossed in jail, offered to get to the bottom of the mystery and prove the town wrong. They discovered the children were being taken by Drow elves. They managed to sneak in and release the children – the town was most grateful.
Now the group is traveling in the forest and has come upon a small tavern in the middle of nowhere.

The Arena Games (DM – Sinthija)
GROUP 1:Blackout, Jacques Dubois, Ethendral Tribond and Noko
GROUP 2: Noque, Abby McLire, Penny the Husky, Drone and Doomrider

People seemingly chosen at random and magically deposited in a various styled arenas and set against various monsters to combat for their lives.

Castle Von Jessenstein (DM – Adric)
Characters: Ember, Blackout and Sharandri

Travellers to a new town have adventures as they discover Castle Von Jessenstein

Town of Calbury (DM – Sinthija)
Characters: Sir Eddy, Sir DnD, Etzo, Marco, Noko, and others

A group of Caladon’s warriors are sent to Calbury to lend aid to the town after goblins begin raiding it.

Smit Lake (DM – Amy)
Characters: Jacques Dubois, Cartmen and others

Trouble and mayhem find a random group of travellers stopping at a new inn, along a new route through the forests of Lord Adric’s lands. The inn is built near the shores of Smit Lake.

Pirates! (DM – Amy)
Characters: Captain Pat , Terror Waves (1st mate) , Jinglesword, James Hawkins (cabinboy)

The crew of The Goldminers have found a treasure map and are adventuring.

DarkSouls (DM – Adric)
Characters: Neu-Goo , Murtle, Ranger Joe , Terrence , Lashawn

The group wakes and find themselves stuck in a new realm where zombies aren’t always the monsters they’ve always believed them to be.

Mysteries of Mystara Yahoo-Group
Characters: Cyril ‘Stash’

Played at: Mysteries Of Mystara Yahoo Group

Undermountain Adventures (DM – Cynthia/Amy)
Characters: varied…
Sinthija – Bumble, Cadelle Tabisk (Stealth), Finn (Fiona), Lee Sutherland
Amy – Content Not Found: null_, _Content Not Found: null, Merek, Star, Sir Francis Drake
Kirsten – Ashlee (Dark shadow), Jonny, Lady Jess
Riley – zack drake, Johnny Cade

Sent originally into Undermountain to clear out the labyrinth of evil creatures that have begun to make their way up into the city above, the party has grown and their motives are all their own.

A Supernatural Undermountain Adventure (DM – Amy/Cynthia)
Characters: Sinthija – Sam Winchester, Sir Ashley Stuart, Agate Mayfair, Kashiki “Kiki” Stout, Kera Adair Sidhe
Amy – Dean Winchester, Miranda James, Marco, Noko (?) and ?

The Winchester brothers have been sent into this alternate realm (along with the Impala). In their search for the way back home to they have been suggested to seek out the Mad Mage Halister. So they join a ‘clearing-out’ party that is about to descend into the depths of Undermountain.

NPC’s – Crowley (as a child), and Alaister the yellow-eyed Demon
War on the Horizon -(DM – Sinthija)
Characters – Pretty much all of them…

The evil mage Natass is planning his revenge on the Kingdom of Shandimere; plotting from the shadows, seeking alliances with those similar intent (or similar alignment). Not everyone is on the same side.

Adventure Parties

Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits Sinthija