Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #37

DM – Amy
Characters – Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn, Lady Jess, Eko, Jonny, DS, Merek, Sir Francis, Kenji, Star, & Arabella

Scene starts back at the fight between Lee and Spike…
Pop -outs (Johnny Cage, Zack, Sir Raymond, Spike) / Pop-ins (Sir Francis, Merek, Kenji, Star and Arabella)

Amazing catch by Jonny (Lee was dropped from her levitation/flying)
Sir Francis gives 1/2 hr warning to pack up
K&M leave for the tent – raid the fridge and refill water in wineskins
Star leave for the tent – hanging out in her room until time to go
Arabella – checks in with Sir Francis
Sir Francis – gets everyone together
Bumble – checks gear, restocks on food and water, one last prayer
Finn – help with clean-up of kitchen, packs and waits
Cadelle – picks up arrows, talks to Sir Francis (about what?)
Lee – talks to Jonny (about what?)
Jonny – talking to Lee
DS – hanging out with Stealth
Eko – taking down tent (once everyone out)
Jess – pick up arrows / chatting with Kenji

Lee has her M16 out – singing Achy Breaky Heart (seen by Bumble, Finn, Cadelle, Arabella, Kenji, DS, Lady Jess and Eko)
Partner up… DS/Cadelle, Sir Francis/Eko, Merek / Bumble, Kenji/Lady Jess, Star, Finn/ Arabella, Jonny/Lee at the back

15 min to room 41 (what time of day?)
J& Lee approach throne
C goes to South West door
LJ w/ Kenji – holding hands by South East
Eko looking at body ((why?))

Undermountain Adventure #36
Kirsten's Undermountain Arena Challenge

DM: Kirsten
Characters: Undermountain usual 13 (LJ, DS, E, J, L, C, B, F, SF, Ar, St, M, K)

Party is popped in as teams standing with their partner in a circle around a center pillar on which is their odd man out

Teams: Lady Jess & Lee / Sir Francis & Finn / Bumble & Arabella / Eko & Kenji / Cadelle & Star / Dark Shadow & Merek – out man out is Jonny

Rules: Teams are asked to answer a question – answering like the other member.
If they get wrong the odd man out will be forced to attack the one who answered wrong
( with what weapon? – 3 attacks)

1st round: What your favorite weapon to use?
Eko & Kenji – Answers: E “bastard sword” / K “bastard sword” cheering
DS & Merek – Answers : DS “bastard sword” / M “thieves picks” booing
Jonny attacks Merek – misses on all three attempts
Bumble & Arabella – Answers: B “hammer” / Ar “prayer” cheering
Cadelle & Star – Answers: C “magic” / St “bow” cheering
Lee & Lady Jess – Answers: L “bow” / LJ “short sword” booing
Jonny attacks Lady Jess – misses on all three attempts
Sir Francis & Finn – Answers: SF “short sword” / F “battle axe” booing
Jonny attacks Sir Francis – hits once for 6 dam.

Jonny and Sir Francis switch spots.
And the teams pop about at random

2nd round: What god do you follow?
Bumble & Kenji – Answers: B “Gond?” / K “Gond” booing
SF attacks Bumble (? dam)
Arabella & Eko – Answers: Ar “yourself” / E “God” cheering
Merek & Cadelle – Answers: M “doesn’t follow” / C “no god, believes in nature” cheering
DS & Star – Answers: DS “no one” / St “no one” cheering
Finn & Lady Jess – Answers: F “Diancecht” / LJ “no god?” cheering
Jonny & Lee – Answers : J “doesn’t follow a god” / L “God of War” cheering

Teams change:

3rd round: Do they have siblings?
Bumble & Eko – Answers: B “no” / E “no” cheering
Kenji & Lee – Answers: K “no?” / L “never heard him speak of any so no” *cheering

Jonny & Finn – Answers: J “no?” / F “no?” booing
Sir Francis hits Finn (?) for 11 damage
Lady Jess & Arabella – Answers: LJ “no” / Ar “no” cheering
Cadelle & Merek – Answers: C answers yes to Merek because she knows but hasn’t told Merek yet… / M “no” booing
Sir Francis attacks Merek – miss all three
Star & Dark Shadow – Answers: St “no” / DS “no” booing
Sir Francis attacks Star – (no damage listed)
pop in Sir Raymond and suddenly Sir Francis has a team member
SF & SR – Answers: SF “no” / SR “yes – Zack” cheering

Team switch and more pop ins (Johnny Cade and Zack)

4th round: Are they in a relationship? Or who likes them?
Jonny & Bumble – Answers: J “no” / B “duh.. Lee” cheering Lee flushes embarrassed.
Sir Francis & Dark Shadow – Answers: SF “Kenji?” / DS “Stealth” booing Cadelle laughs.
(no mention of the punishment for wrong answers – no damage noted)
Sir Raymond & Merek – Answers: SR “Lady Jess?” / M “no one” booing
Finn & Johnny Cade – Answers: F “Star” / JC “no one” cheering Finn looks disappointed.
Lee & Arabella – Answers: L “Marco” / A “Jonny likes Lee” cheering
Eko & Zack – Answers: E “Zack” / Z “no one” cheering
Lady Jess & Kenji – Answers: LJ “Kenji?” / K “me!” booing LJ blushes.
Star & Sir Francis – Answers: Star “no one” / SF “Johnny Cade” cheering

Team Switch!

5th round: Who have they tried to kill in this party?
Lady Jess & Bumble – Answers: LJ “no one” / B “no one” cheering
Kenji & Eko – Answers: K “everyone” (Eko glares at K) / E “no one – he’s too much of weakling to try anything like that” booing
Zack & Finn – Answers: Z “her inner self” / F “Lee and DS so far as I’ve seen” booing
Arabella & Sir Raymond – Answers: A “no one” / SR “no one” cheering
Merek & Johnny Cade – Answers: M “no one” / JC “no one” cheering
Sir Francis & Dark Shadow – Answers: SF “Cadelle – maybe 1 or 2 more that I might have not been told of” / DS “no one” booing
Cadelle & Star – Answers: C “no one” / Star “Dark Shadow and Eko?” cheering Cadelle laughs and high fives Star.
Jonny & Lee – were about to answer but were popped out.


Undermountain Adventure #35
Amy's Undermountain Arena

DM – Amy
Players – Sinthija, Kirsten & Amy
Characters – the usual

The party finds themselves tied hip to hip and leg to leg for a 3-legged race. Finn is a flagger.
Cadelle / Jonny
Arabella / Eko
Lee / Merek
Lady Jess / Kenji
Dark Shadow / Sir Francis – not so hip to hip… LOL
Star / Bumble – also not hip to hip

unable to undo the ropes – must run the race

1st – Lee & Merek
2nd – Star & Bumble
3rd – tie C & J and A & E
4th – LJ & K
5th – DS & SF

Undermountain Adventure #34

DM: Sinthija

Round 1-5
Lee and Jonny wake – started making breakfast
Zack, Johnny C, Sir Raymond and Spike pop in
Spike gives attitude at the start
Lee doesn’t like Spike

LJ waking folks
Jonny helping in the kitchen
Eko sleeping
DS in hall way w Cadelle/ Zack

Star waking / hears Sir Raymond – message about Johnny Cade
Arabella wake – praying
Merek – wakes up beside Kenji – OH MY! @@ – get ready
SF wake – praying

Cadelle with Zack – DS / h? & h?
Lee making breakfast & bitching about Spike
Bumble sleeping
Finn wakes – heads out to start breakfast

Zack in
Spike – calls out Lee
Johnny Cade – calls for Star heads for bedroom
Sir Raymond – tries to get attention

LJ waking others
Eko – wakes up – walks out
DS- hallway
Jonny –
SF & Arabella – praying
M&K exit same room
Bumble – wake and prays

8th – Scrape scene (what prompted the fight?)
Jonny hit Spike for 5 dam
Spike crit miss – 3 dam to himself
E does 16 dam to Spike
M/K/ SF – move in to assist “What’s going on?”
L – pommel of sword to Spikes head (12 dam)
Sir R – pulls back (who?)
DS/Cad – hallway
Finn – breakfast ready
JC/ Star – watching (what?)
B- praying
A- praying
LJ – pestering

SF grabs L (to hold her)
E moves forward
Spike is escorted out by SR

SR – kicks Spike into hallway – tells DS/C to watch him
Z is with DS/C
JC with Star
Spike – hallway (pissed off)

J – with lee (wants to talk)
E – wants to talk to Lee
LJ – leaves Ara & Bumble to pray
DS – “What’s going on?”
K – standing watch over Spike
Star – with JC
SF – ?
M – talking to Cadelle (about what?)
A – packing & breakfast
Cadelle – hall – getting along
Lee – talk to SF (SF know of Spike)
Finn – breakfast to table (?)
Bumble – praying

SR – looking for Bumble
JC – goes with SR to find Bumble
Z – hall – getting along
Spike – hall – getting along
DS – “I like you” to Spike
J – “I don’t like Spike”
E – talk to Lee (she’s bitchy)
LJ – upset that she’s not in charge
SF – going out to check on the thieves
M – quiet, listening
K – watching
Ar – helping F with breakfast
L – talking with E and follows ST
B – praying
F – food
C – getting along

Z – Spots his brother Sir Francis “Hey Bro”
Sp – “Who” Z – the paladin in charge
JC – interrupts Bumble – passes on message from Midnight
SR – informs people that breakfast is ready
J – follows Lee out
DS – getting along – “Merek, come join your family”
LJ -?
E – leaves – “where’s the retarded person?”
SF – “Which one?”
Sp – “What’s going on?” to Z/C & DS
Z – offers alcohol to Spike
SF – sees them – turns around and goes to have breakfast (not wanting to deal with Spike and the other thieves)
Ar – Eating breakfast
Star – Eating breakfast & gets JC some food
M – goes back to hang with K
K – still watching
L & J – leave to go for food
C – keeping watch and getting along
B – goes for food
F – eating and serving food

C/DS/Z – see and hear 15 wererats approaching
K – heads out into hall
Z – turns around / telling K to move / goes to attack but misses
DS – cowering
M – moves up beside K “Halt, Who goes there?” (he’s always wanted to say that)
LJ – goes to tent to inform others
They are talking
C – draws bow “They are fair game” calls out (1 dam to #1 wererat)
Sp – drinking
WR – talks “don’t want to fight – but will”

F- “we gonna check it out?” goes with group
J – waits for Lee
JC – eating
DS – cowering in tent
Sp- “we’re gonna fight you – to the death” – taunting
A – out out to do prayer
SF – heading out
E – heading out
LJ – exits
Z – going for Attack (crit hit 12 dam to #1 wererat)
WRats – arm themselves but do not attack. “So we are fighting?”
SR – continues eating
B – heading out
C – stops Z grab a hold of his arm(from attacking again)
K – stops Z – steps in front / Tells the wererats to turn around
Star – heading out

Jonny – following Lee
E – exits tent
Sp – attacks for WR #1
simultaneous as K – moves to stop Spike / tells the WRats to leave again
Star – exits tent
LJ – goes up to the Wererats (talks)
M – holding action
Z – holding action
L – exits tent with J in tow

JC – exits tent
WR – leaving
DS – cowering in tent
SR – exits tent
C – gives report to Lee
B – exits tent
A – exits tent
F – exits tent
SF – exits tent “What’s going on?”

Star – talks to DS
Arabella –
SF – gets report to Lee
E – “let’s finish breakfast”
L – tells her group to go in to eat. Watches Spike -untrusting
Sp – tries to go in – stopped by L, J & SF
SF – offers Sp food via F
Ar – commune with Bumble
Star – with DS and with JC
M & K – eating
L – watching
Finn – plate
Bumble – talking to Ar about Spike
C – eating

LJ – eating
E – watching tent
DS – hiding behind JC & Star
J – keeping watch with Lee
JC – calls out “Hey wererats she’s here!” (just to be an ass)
Z – goes in to give Spike a beer
SR – heads off to Hall
Sp – shaking the beer, opens in Lee’s face.
SF – biting his tongue “You don’t need to do that Spike”
Ara – with Bumble to say hello
M & K – eating
Star & JC – sits on couch (Spellbook)
L – tries to martial arts (Botch – slips on beer) (crit miss – 4 dam to herself)
C – eating
F – comes out with plate of food
B – sees Lee fall – goes to help her up

J – helps Lee up “Spike didn’t put a ring on it” / “actually I have”
E – eating
DS – laughing / heads inside to tell C about what she missed
LJ – listening… checks it out – outside the tent
Sp – dissing Lee & Jonny
Z – laughing at the dissing
SR – holding acting – watching
JC – watching Star study
SF – goes for headlock on Spike
M – eating (laughing)
K – eating (laughing)
Star -studying
C – goes to check out what DS told her
F – comes out with food
B – HOLD PERSON on Spike (Yes!)
L – martial arts (SF tried to block L but he got a crit miss – elbowed by L 7 dam to SF) 7 dam to Spike

Jonny hurts himself hitting the held Spike (crit miss)
Lee backs off for now “Bumble release him.”

PAUSE – Arena & back (OOC which arena??)

Z – attacks Lee – hits (2 dam)
Star -studying
K – continues eating
DS – heads out
E – eating
A – watching (holding action)
LJ – forces
M – eating
F – watching
C – laughing
SF – holding
B – tells everyone to leave

Jonny DISPELS Bumble’s Hold Person on Spike
Z – picks up Bumble – hold upside down
L – backs off
M & K – eating
LJ – suggests L to leave
B – kicks Z “let me down”
E – eating
Star – studying
Spike – backstabs L for 45 dam
DS – pulls Lee away & bitches out Spike
C – stunned by Spike’s attack
SF – lay of hands on Lee (8 back)
A – cure light on Lee (4 back)

M – eating
DS – offers L a healing potion
Sp – levitates
Z – drops Bumble / says “he disappeared”
LJ – does a lay of hands on Lee (12 back)
K – eating
Star – studying
J – gives L a potion (2 back)
E – eating
L – glaring at Spike – to her party “Get me up there”
SF – getting Star
A – tries to Charm Spike (negated)
SR – throws sword and hits Spike (6 dam)
JC – with Star

M, K, SF, Star, Ar – popped out

J -?
L – ring/ potion
Sp – taunting – beer/bow – shoots L – 5 dam
DS – talks to C
C – tries a shot on Spike (bow & arrow) – misses
E – comes out
Z – watching
B – tries DISPEL on the levitation (unsuccessful)
LJ – shoots at Spike (bow & arrow) – 10 dam on Spike
JC – eating
SR – picks up his sword
F – tries with bow & arrow (misses)
2nd shots – F – miss / Spike hits – 6 dam to Lee

L levitates (how?)
C – misses (bow & arrow)
DS – holding torch / waiting
SR – 1 dam on Spike – throwing sword / 2 dam to DS
J – waiting to catch L should she fall
E – tries to throw (fails)
LJ – bow – hits Spike (12 dam)
Z – throws daggers at L (4 dam)
F – bow & arrow – hits Spike – 6 dam
JC – exits

2nd shots – LJ aims for Spike – just about to hit….
Spike disappears

Spike meets Natass
Hilanda and Nova meet Natass
Lee and Jonny meet Natass

Undermountain Adventure #33
Eko poisoned / DS scroll / evening in the tent

DM – Cynthia

1. Lee/ Jonny/Dark Shadow moving along the hall after the Gargoyle
2. Sir Francis get the rest of the group together
3. cross the room
4. DS checks for traps
5. Lee heal (?)
6. taking route back
7. Room in Acarac baby (bird-people) – Eko poison
LJ/SF/J all notice out E makes little of it.
8. DS continues on SF/E 2nd
9. Ar check out Eko / Lee tries to discourage / DS moves
10. kills one Aakarack (WHO?)
11. ?? goes up with DS (doesn’t puke on DS) – had to roll a Constitution / Bumble does last rites on the Aakarrck
12. DS sees door to No – 13 Checks for traps/ Stealth leaves the room
13. Opens door – cautiously enters (DS?) / Stealth catches up
14. Completely empty room – “Please not staying”
15. SF notices Eko looking worse – orders all to fall back into the room.

20. Entertainment / Eko First Aid
M/K/Cadelle at door / SF checking on Eko (drawn to TV) Arabella / Star
21. Bumb/Ar/SF/Eko in FA room – TV
22. Bumbles holds himself (?? holding action)
23. J dispels (tries to dispel the poison)
24. SF finds E
25. Calls for help from Jonny
26. Tries to get out of help – getting Lady Jess
27. LJ / Lee making popcorn / Bumble tries to help but is ????
28. LJ and Eko talk
29. Popcorn (J holding hands with Lee)
30. UNSEEN SERVANT for DS – carrying scroll from Natass (looks like floating scroll) / Eko passes out in the kitchen
31. Corner (DS/ Merek/ Stealth) Kenji watching door / Bumble asking around for Eko
32. “To Ashlee daughter of Azazel” – closed
33. LJ finds Eko in kitchen / DS reads message
34. “Not sure need more info”
35. LJ – tries laying of hands on Eko – nothing
36. LJ – tries cure disease on Eko – nothing
37. LJ & Bumble – check for poison – yes (type)
38. Cadelle identifies antidote – but she doesn’t have any
39. Bumble suggests Neutralize Posion
40. Arabelle / Jonny PRAYER/CHANT
41. Bumble cast NEUTRALIZE POISON, – 1 constitution for 1 day
42. Eko conscious
43. J in trouble with Lee (why?) / DS & C back outside tent
44. ?? 14 now
45. talk (who?) / Lee & Jonny (holding) / SF helps Eko to room
46. Eko to couch beside Lee
LJ / talks to DS & C – asking about any happen C lies & deflects / M & K don’t say anything
60. J suggests resting / Lee takes Finn to Room (she’s asleep?) – TALK (J&L)
Finn sleeping
Bumble has assumptions on what happened in Finn’s bedroom
Lady Jess tries to get everyone together
Cadelle suggestive comments
Cadelle / DS issue
Bumble passed out in front of TV
Lee forcibly puts Jonny to bed
all go to bed/ except DS & Cadelle (falling asleep)


Undermountain Adventure #32
Where (or were) are we?

DM- Amy?
Characters: Lee, Cadelle, Finn, Bumble, Sir Francis, Arabella, Merek, Kenji, Star, flickering humans.

Pops outs… all the Dopplegangers of themselves are gone, as are several of their companions (DS, Zack, Jonny, Johnny Cade, Lady Jess, and Eko)
Lee: Roll Call!
The flickering humans (dopples) ask the group about Ashlee. “Have you seen a female gnome?”
Cadelle sees the flickering and cuts off Sir Francis’ answer. “Sorry haven’t seen her”
The flickering humans leave, Cadelle daggers the door shut behind them and then explains her lie to Lee and Sir Francis with “They gave me a bad vibe.”
They head north.
Walking order: C & M / SF / K & F / A & B / St & L
Lee takes Cadelles dagger as they leave the room.
Come across a room. handle seems hot with cool breeze beneath – checked for traps (none)
Merek tries to bust in the door while Cadelle peers ??
Cadelle rolls away, knocking Merek down as the door opens
Cadelle peers inside – nothing – cautiously enters
TELEPORT to large empty room – sees nothing all is dark. (OOC what about her infravision?)
Suddenly Merek arrives, followed by everyone else – Finn has torch.
Stealth (Cadelle) checks doors.
Booming voice “Welcome to the Arena!”
Pops – Werejackals (4) – surprise attack
Also present are Eko, Lady Jess, Dark Shadow and Jonny as stone statues.

Round 1:
WJ on Bumble (4 dam), WJ on Arabella (miss), WJ on Lee (botch – 2 dam to itself), WJ on Finn (3 dam)
Arabella crit hit on #1 (12 dam)
Bumble miss
Kenji miss
Finn miss
Merek hit on #1 (12 dam)
Cadelle backstab on #4 (18 dam)
Star levitates herself (lasts 1 hr)
Lee hit on #4 (12 dam)
Sir Francis hits on #3 (8 dam)
10 – second attacks Sir Francis hit #3 (12 dam) / Kenji hits #3 (15 dam) /
Monsters miss SF / miss Finn / miss Merek / crit hit Lee for 8 dam

Round 2:
1 – Lee hits #4 (12 dam) – dead – Eko released
3 – Kenji miss #3
4 – Eko miss #2
5 – Arabella dodges #1 / Merek miss #1/ Werejackal attacks – #1 miss Merek, #2 miss Eko, #3 hit Kenji for 6 dam
6 – Bumble prayer / Star MAGIC MISSILE #3 (6 dam) – dead – Jonny released
7 – Finn hits #2 (2 dam)
8 – Jonny walks behind Lee / Stealth goes to help Merek hits #1 (? dam) – dead – Lady Jess released
10 – Sir Francis hits #2 (13 dam)

Round 3:
1 – Star MAGIC MISSILE #2 (8 dam) / Jonny ?
2 – Eko crit hit on #2 (30 dam) – dead – Dark Shadow released

DS/Cadelle talk about the other seeking her.
Paladin calls.
Told secrets (sharing circle) (OOC details!!!)
Merek sang to DS (OOC what prompted that?)

Left stone door ( Cad / Eko)
More gargoyles in room (fight)
SF/ L /E/K/ J /DS holding torch
attacks on each monster – K hit for 1/ Lee missed / Jonny & Kenji hit #1 (34 dam), Eko & SF on #2 (36 dam)
Eko poisoned (7 rd til it shows)
Monsters dead. Treasure 40 gp & 70 gp
Lee & DS down the hall
Stealth checking door
Other on watch.

Undermountain Adventure #31
Doppleganger fight

DM – Amy?Cynthia?
Characters: Lee, Finn, Cadelle, Bumble, Jonny, Eko, Lady Jess, Dark Shadow, Sir Francis, Merek, Kenji, Star, Arabella, Zack, Johnny Cade

Zack & Jonny – lots of arguing

Dopplegangers are back

Round 1
1 – Z on ZD (6 dam) / J talking trying to figure with is which / K is holding action
2 – E on B (10 dam) / A goes to help B / KD holding action (does same as K)
3 – SF of SFD – using holy avenger battle axe (10 dam) / LD holds action / SD holds S (success)
4 – LJ tries to figure out which Finn is “Fiona” attacks the one that hesitates (4 dam)
5 – M on MD (9 dam) / DS wants to gets out of the pack (OOC why is she in Kenji’s backpack?)/ F misses FD
6 – MD misses M / SFD hits SF (4 dam) / JCD moves to door / AD attacks like A / LJD pulls bow / ED on B (9 dam) / L take J hand and attacks LD (8 dam) / A & AD want to continue protection from Evil / AD on F / A on FD
7 – C on CD – thinks ZD is real Z / ZD misses CD on purpose / JD asks for Lee’s hand and the ring.
8 – S is held
9 – DSD trying to get out by thinking / FD attacks F (2 dam) . BD preys (+1 dopples / -1 party)

Round 2
1 – E crit hit on ED (21 dam)
3 – LJ on FD (2 dam) / K crit hit on KD (22 dam) / KD on K (3 dam)
4 – B doing Heat Metal / M on MD (14 dam)
5 – DS working way out of Kenji’s backpack/ A on AD miss/ ZD fake attack on CD / JCD asking where his dopple is
6 – SF on SFD (7 dam) / J tells L truth (OOC truth about what?) / L on LD (6 dam) / CD fake attack on ZD (miss)
7 – F on FD miss / AD on A (3 dam)
8 – S on CD miss / FD on F (6 dam) / SFD on SF miss / DSD holding action / LJD of F (4 dam)
10 – SD on A (crit hit – 8 dam)

paused at start of round 3…
(missing conclusion to Doppelganger battle)

Undermountain Adventure #30
Body-switching, Dopples and Wererats

Characters: the usual crew

Cadelle tells SF about body switch (see list below) mid-fight – the human’s flickering
SF goes to see about the Dopples.
Lee/Eko to deal with the last wererats
Merek/Star- Star feels masculine, feels JC behind her & Merek tries “Magic Missile” but it doesn’t work
Arabella/Bumble – Bumble excited about being in a new body & Arabella holding her action
Sir Francis – talking to Johnny (Cadelle)
Kenji/Lady Jess – Kenji feeling up boobs on his new body & Lady Jess was leading in the human, now will step in front saying “STOP
Dopples stop “Do you not see what they are?”
LJ – “They are human.” Gives warning.
“yes, Lady Jess.”
Eko/Lee – attack wererats (Lee 15 dam/Eko 13 dam) (attack at 10 – Lee crit hit) both wererate dead.
SF calls for the 2 fighters.
Jonny/Cadelle – Jonny waiting for Lee & Cadelle heading in with Sir Francis (heading where?)
DS/Finn – DS attacks ZackD (dam 7) & Finn ?

Roll Call!
JC & Zack consciousness popped into their own Dopples


Doppleganger Arena

Popped in from Body Swap scene (Undermountain Adventure #29)

CHARACTERS: Lee as “Eko” / Jonny as “Cadelle” / Tris / Topaz

Pop in – determine who’s around “Roll Call!”
Prep for Battle
4 pops – Dopples appear right behind each person
Lee turns around and see Eko, who says he got popped into own body.
Before she can comprehend, Lee is suddenly in her own body and “Eko” is accusing her of being a dopple and attacks.
More pops
2 Jonny’s and no Cadelle.
Lee is upset “Sorry ma’am” the chime in unison
But only one know where she’s from
“Houston, Texas” – Lee knows that’s the real Jonny, attacks the other with her martial arts to pin the fake Jonny down.


Lots more (no details)


ICC - DS vs Finn

DS: (Ds in Finns body talking to Finn in DS’s body) I know what u are going though Finn I did not want to be a girl when I was little I wanted to be a boy as well and I do not blame you for anything u are an amazing person but be who u are be the little amazing beautiful loving little girl I want to see u as!

Finn:(Finn in DS’s body). Thank you ma’am for that sentiment but no. I won’t not til I know I can protect myself. If I were to return to my life back on the streets known as a girl. I’d be forced into a brothel by the end of the week. Lies are my only protection right now.

DS: Finn please I’ll protect u…. U can come back to my home with me and u can be with me protected from everyone and anything I will take u in help u and teach u.
Let’s say a mother figure in your life

Finn: That’s a generous offer ma’am. But I’ve been on the streets long enough to know that offers like that mean well but never work out.

DS: Finn u change or I will change u

Finn: Excuse me ma’am but what gives you the right to make decision for me?

DS: Finn be your self. nobody and I mean that nobody will do anything to you with out me hurting them back u are one beautiful young lady and you need to show your true colors and be the wonderful little girl you are.

Finn: (Finn in DS’s body to DS) this is who I am – why can’t you just accept that? You can’t protect me. You know nothing about me other than I lied about being a boy and that obviously a treacherous underground labyrinth teeming with monsters was a better choice than staying where I was.

DS: Finn please just try to show ur true colors and be the little girl you are and just be yourself with honestly hiding who you are isn’t going to be the way to anything in life maybe if you change who you are I will tell you something that only one person knows about me I didn’t even know about me couple before days

Finn: Finn shakes ‘his’ head in frustration "I’m sorry you don’t understand ma’am but I’m not about to do things different just because you say so. This is my life.

DS: But your not living it

Finn: “Says you. I know otherwise. I’ve had better opportunities as ‘Finn’ than I ever had as a girl.”

DS: Like what

Finn: “Like being accepted as even a temporary squire to nobles such as Sir Francis and Lady Jess.”

DS: Ya pushing u to the side now that they have better things for people to deal with. Finn what is your real name

Finn: “That’s not the way it is.” Finn says in defense of the paladins. “My name IS Finn. I won’t answer to any other. So it doesn’t matter what I was called before.” She shakes her head “This argument is going no where. Do what you feel you must but I won’t change who I’ve become for you”

DS: What is your “girl” name Finn I maybe able to find a guy that will love u for everything u have been through

Finn: The words only seemed to upset Finn more. “Go to Hell Darkshadow! I don’t need you or anyone else to ‘find me a guy’ to love me for who I am” With that Finn stalked away angrily thinking to find Sir Francis. The question was would he be himself or would he too be trapped in someone else’s body.

DS: She will yell go cry to someone like a little baby somewhere else we don’t need a little girl lurking around anyway go cry to ur mommy.

(that’s the scene so far)


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