Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

In the beginning..
Story of Undermountain

This is the story of Lady Teneway Sunborough, Paladin of the Holy Order of the Silver Sword and her squire/younger brother/heir to the Sunborough lands and estates, Adric Sunborough, as they quest the rumours of Undermountain.

Lady Teneway was given orders by her friend and liege, King Jandar Ryanhart, to investigate and deal with reports of people going missing in an underground dungeon beneath the port city of Waterdeep. She arrived in the town with only her younger brother, acting as her squire.

Knowing she would need assistance and information, one of her first stops was – you guessed it- a local tavern. There she listened to the details from the barkeep of the several disappearances, and gained knowledge of a known entrance to the underground lair. She posted notices advertising her search for ‘adventurers willing to brave the unknowns of the underground beneath the city’.

Several responded to her ad including: a female mage – Timora (lastname?), a male cleric of her own faith – Taviss-D, a male gnome illusionist – Blirr, a male ranger – Caladon, and … (?). These she made agreements with to have come with her for a fee or a reasonable share of any confiscated treasures. Most went with this option as since the underground lair was unsanctioned by the King, with no tithe having ever being received from its owner, all within could be confiscated.



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