Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Arena Vampires
DM Riley Sampson

In this Arena game Llewellyn fought a female Eastern vampire and used the spell Sunburst (from a magic wand he carried) on it. Jessica took out 3 Zombies. Ariel took out 1 Zombie and Gwen took out 2 Zombies. LLewellyn, Ariel and Gwen all got gold armor they found on walls and in rooms Johnny took out one Zombie and is creeped out bye Llewellyn because he is always flirting with her. Also in the campaign was Zack.

Undermountain - Another Adventure pt 7
Disillusioned about monsters

DM – Amy
Characters – Lee, Stealth, Bumble, (no notes from this game available so not certain what other characters were present.) (The paladin was not present – that much I remember) Assuming: Merek, Star, Arabella and the introduction Kenji (new), Johnny Cade, Zack and Jonny as well (since they are in #8 without a pop-in)

The party was back at the start of their map. They’d traveled a complete circle but the room they were in held one other door to the north. Pop-ins/out – Sir Francis/Finn out, Capt’n Pat out – Kenji in. Introductions.

When Stealth listened, she could hear sounds. Quietly she and another (Zack? Merek?) slipped in to investigate – they discovered a room full of wererats. They quickly returned back to the party and informed of this situation. The group discussed how they were going to proceed. No one relished the idea of battling weres without powerful magics or silver. And just as they spoke that 3 large sacks appeared in the room filled with silver weapons of every possible notion.

It seemed they were being spied upon and someone wanted them to deal with the wererats. Several of the group warily picked out weapons from the sacks, Bumble picked out a silver warhammer, and Stealth a silver dagger. Lee however refused – she would battle these creatures with fire rather than accept weapons from an uncertain source.

Once all were prepared, the group entered the room. As the thieves had reported the room held several wandering wererats. At hearing the approach of the group though the wererats, rather than immediately attack, instead moved into a rank and file formation in the center of the main room. There were easily over a dozen wererats possibly closer to 2 dozen. But none made a move to attack rather they stood still in rows and line watching the party as the group approached.

This baffled Lee. She told the others to hold off attacking, stay alert and cover her. She strode forward – her weapon undrawn and introduced herself. There was no response from the wererats, but they shifted position, tensing as Lee approached nearer – as if expecting her to attack.

Lee was able to move past the first row of wererats unharmed to the other side of the room where there was an exit. Perhaps they didn’t need to fight their way through the creatures.. and if the creatures weren’t attacking them they likely weren’t the evil things the party had been sent down there to deal with.

Lee was just in the midst of ordering the others to walk around the wererats single file, when someone, Lee never did discover who let loose an arrow (on accident or on purpose was also in question)(Zack?) towards the wererats. This attack prompted retaliation by all. The party was swarmed.

Things were looking bad, about the only good out of it all the wererats were attacking with sword rather than tooth and claw and there was less likely chance that surviving members would have to be put down due to lycanthropy.

The battle was intense though it seemed as if the wererats were mostly just defending themselves and Lee after realizing that her steel sword was not doing any permanent damage opted for her martial arts. Broken bones and flesh might heal but she couldn’t see how a wererat could survive being deprived of oxygen. She grabbed her opponent around the neck and put it into a sleeper hold. It struggled fierce but she held on… she could feel it losing consciousness when she noticed amidst the battle in front of her several of the silver-killed wererats were suddenly blurring and becoming human… and that wouldn’t have been a surprise but for when she looked back to the wererat in her own grip she saw it blurring as well as it struggled for its last breath and it was Sir Francis!!

Lee immediately let loose her grip and pounded the paladins back to get him breathing again. He did so but slumped to the ground unconscious.

Calling for a cease to the battle, shouting “lower your weapons, they are human” the battle eventually ceased and to Lee’s amazement after a moment the fallen bodies and the remaining survivors all simply vanished. What the hell!?


Undermountaina - Another Quest pt 6
Clawing Claw/ Kuo-toa and more popping out/in

DM – Amy
Location: Undermountain (Hall to the North of Library)
Characters: Lee, Stealth, Bumble, Sir Francis, Star, Arabella, Zack (new), Capt’n Pat (new)

The party had barely started away from the Library when the familiar sound of popping came. With it, Jonny, Adric Fire, Finn, Perry and Merek were missing. It was decided that the group would continue, but leave marks indicating their direction of travel. But it was hoped that if they were to return and pop-back in.. that they would be able to find the group quickly enough.

A few more pops and two new adventurers arrived in their midst. One was a Captain of a pirate ship, Capt’n Pat. The other surprisingly was the older brother to Sir Francis, a Zack Drake – a self-admitted thief, who had been adventuring in Undermountain with other companions when he was popped in here.

They traveled along a hall with Stealth and Capt’n Pat in the lead. They found a Crawling Claw – a disembodied hand along the wall. Battle ensued. The crawling claw was defeated.

Around the corner from that they met up with a kuo-toa who seemed to be standing sentry by a door.

The fishy smell of the creature was quite foul and several of the party ended up on their knees vomiting. Of the others that had stronger stomachs, one (or two) knew the Kuo-toan language and were able to communicate with the creature. It too had seemed to have been ‘popped’ or summoned into the lair and it was lost, looking for its companions.

As it did not seem evil or pose any threat, the party left the creature to continue its search on its own as they moved on. The party moved northward through the door and then northward again through another. This led them back to their original entrance to the underground lair by the well.

The room had one other exit. Dare they take it?

Undermountain - Another Quest pt 5

In the aftermath of the troll battle the sound of popping can be heard.
To the groups horror they discover some of their members have disappeared and been replaced with strangers.

Lee, Stealth, Finn, Bumble, Sir Francis, Merek, and Star remain of the original group. Arabella was missing! The prisoners lost two of their numbers Nova and Dalton, leaving just Adric Fire and Edward the pirate.

Introductions were made and the group added Jonny, Johnny Caid, Perry Grin and Kenji to their numbers.

Unfortunately the group did not get along well and it split into two small factions. The original crew (minus it’s missing members and those who kept popping in and out – it was rather confusing keeping track of who was present at any given time) travelled to the north-west and found a room filled with spider webs. Avoided the giant-spider there to check the secret room beyond. (pause this group)

And the 2nd group mainly newcomers and a popped in Sir Francis and Finn (who had disappeared from the other crew suddenly just before entering the spider room)
This group went south into the caves and snuck up on 3 gnoll children who were sleeping. A mis-step woke them suddenly and though they tried to fight, two were captured, and one was killed by the defenders. Edward thought to keep the other two as a pets. One escaped and hasn’t been seen by the party again. They headed back to library.
(return to original group)

The secret door lead to a treasure chest when attempt was made to open it, the chest turned grabbed at the party and attacked. It was a mimic! Battle. Mimic killed. Treasure found.

The party found a magical staff (Icestaff – given to Jonny), a sliver dagger (given to Cadelle) and a 2 handed bastard sword (given to ? – one of Amy’s). After the treasure was distributed the party regrouped with all new and original members and it was decided to head North after avoiding a troop of gnolls in the Library – no doubt headed down to meet up with the gnolls fought in the cave.

Undermountain - Another Quest pt 4
Finding Prisoners / Troll battle in the Library

Unknown to our usual Undermountain Adventurers (Sir Francis and crew) others have encountered the gnolls with not so happy outcome. The survivors of that battle have been captured and are held captive in prison cells.

At hearing the sound of battle so near their cells the prisoners (Adric Fire, Nova, Edward Hoek, and Dalton) and with no gnolls left guarding their cells the prisoners call out for assistance. This is heard by the group and soon the prisoners are freed.

The large party regroups in the Library and make introductions and rest up, binding wounds and such.

Their rest however is interrupted by a trio of wandering trolls. Battle ensues.

(game paused to celebrate New Years 2014)

Sadly little was recorded of the troll battle however those that were there do recall the mage Star casting FIREBALL. This killed 2 of the trolls, and blasted the party’s thief, Stealth.
The last troll was killed by a book thrown by Sir Francis.

Undermountain - Another Quest pt 3
Fighting the Gnolls

DM – Sinthija
Players – Sinthija and Amy

Characters: Sir Francis Drake, Arabella, Star, Merek, Lee, Stealth, Bumble, Finn.

The group found themselves being attacked on two fronts by 11 Gnolls. Arrows shot at the Paladin and Lee being attacked from the back.
- magic missile from Star to the ones on attacking Lee on the stairs.
- Stealth tried to find a way around
Bumble Praying, Arabella chanting – calling down their gods cumulative blessing.
- Star – forked lightning bolt down the cavern killing the 5 in front of them.
Lee – hit repeatedly as she cut down 4 of the 6 gnolls.. before got too much and she fell back allowing Merek and Sir Francis space to get in and finish them off.

Undermountain - Another Quest pt 2
Living Wall and Library

DM- Sinthija
Players: Amy, Sinthija

Characters: Sir Francis Drake, Arabella, Merek, Star, Lee, Stealth, Bumble and Finn.

After exiting the cavern, the paladin suggested pairing up and Lee thought that was a good idea.
Stealth with Merek… led the party using their half-elven infravision to check the route ahead.
Sir Drake and Bumble followed next, Star and Finn came after, with Arabella and Lee taking rear guard.

They didn’t go far out of the room, ignoring the doors to the north and west and walked out towards the hallway east then to the south, then through an unlocked door when low moaning was heard by pretty much everyone. Paranoia gripped everyone and the thief and ranger were sent ahead to check the hallway around the corner . The noise itself seemed to be coming from the very walls themselves – though none dared go near them. Bumble was able to determine that there was an illusionary magic on the walls in a certain section. The cleric Arabella and Star both suggested that it might be a ‘Living Wall’ – an atrocity of Purgatory.

After some hesitation, Stealth attempted to move past… walking in the very center of the hall avoiding the walls pointedly. Everyone attempted the same. Merek alone tripped over his own feet and was grabbed at by the Living Wall. Luckily he was strong enough to pull free of their grip and escape the hallway through an unlocked door.

After another empty room, the party emerged into a library of sorts. Shelves of books packed the room on various topics but mostly to do with Biology and Dissection of numerous species. It was decided by the paladin to rest there some for the mages sake. Stealth continued on with Merek, thinking to check the door just down the hall some. Unfortunately it was locked and trapped and she got pricked by the poisoned needle.

Her cry of dismay and summoned the others to her. Bumble couldn’t neutralize the poison but he was able to identify the type (type I) and Slow it somewhat. Embarrassed and angry at her novice move in front of the ranger, who she thought was rather cute, she kicked at the door in anger and busted it open. The noise however attracted monsters which arrived just as the party was moving on further south, where they discovered another rough stone cavern.

Sounds surrounded them. Lee in the rear glanced back and saw Gnolls.

(session paused here due to time)

Undermountain - Another Quest
Down the well

DM – Sinthija
Initial Players – Sinthija, Amy.
Location: Undermountain

Initial Characters – Sir Francis Drake, Arabella, Star, Merek , Lee Sutherland, Cadelle Tabisk ‘Stealth’, Bumble and Finn.

History: The King had been receiving reports of increasing activity beneath Waterdeep again. He sent one of the Kingdoms paladins to deal with the issue, along with individuals sent from several of his Lords in the neighbouring counties. He allowed the paladin to hire those he felt were capable.

Merek and Arabella were sent on behalf of Lord Adric Sunborough. The professional adventurer named Stealth was sent from Lord Cedric Snere. Lee Sutherland was hired by a third Lord of the Realm, Lord Stanford. The gnomish cleric, Bumble was sent by the Realms only gnomish lord, Lord Fizzbin.

As the party had no mage, when one offered her services for pay, she was hired at the cost of 1 gp per day. The services of Finn, a street youth who was looking to apprentice as a squire for the paladin were also secured, though the paladin was quick to pass off the kid to Lee.

The party, meeting at The Watering Hole inn, discussed known possible entrances and it was decided to try the ‘secret’ kitchen wet well in The Yawning Portal inn rather than it’s more well known dry well.

The decision may not have been the best as several of their members nearly drowned but in the end all made it into the ruins of Undermountain alive, thanks to the quick actions of the water-breathing mage. Star saved the paladin, Arabella and Stealth.

The party found themselves in a cavern with glowing moss on the walls and no visible exits.
Bumble checked for magical routes – with no success. Stealth was able to locate a secret door but was unable to open it. After several attempts, the cleric of Gond, Bumble did a stoneshape to clear a path through the stone to make their way out of the cavern and into the ruins further.

(end that session)

Arena - ghouls and goblins

DM – Sinthija
Characters – Hakthor, Adric Fire, Ds ninja, Zack , Jacques
Location: Arena

In yet another arena game the characters were teleported in and then immediately surrounded by 18 ghouls.

Hakthor the elf with his vorpal blade took on 10 of ghouls, two at a time. While the others did their best to keep the other ghouls at bay. Adric and Jacques were the first to get paralysed by the ghouls touch… then just before they regained movement the Ninja (DS) also was struck. Zack was kept out of reach and threw his cursed sword a few times.

After all the ghouls were down and all regained mobility, a new threat popped in – a single goblin. However when struck and killed, the goblin suddenly became two and attacked. Thankfully, Adric was familiar with this manner of goblin curse… and knew that the solution was to heal the creature – thus killing it. However the group had to put up with the thief, Zack, increasing the goblins numbers to 8 before the others, namely Hakthor, stopped him.

Descending into Undermountain

DM – Sinthija
Characters: Hakthor, Matt (Adric), Zack (Riley), Alethe and Gwendolyn (Amy)
Location: Waterdeep and Undermountain (level 1)

The characters met and arranged plans to descend into the labyrinth that is Undermountain.
The descended via the well at the Yawning Portal and made it past the Room of Pillars and into a room which contained a glowing suit of chain mail and a glowing longsword. They killed the 3 orc guards and checked the items to determine what type of magic they were. Alteration. Cautious, the priest detected for evil and found the longsword cursed – yet that didn’t stop the thief from grabbing it up out of curiousity. Now the thief cannot take up any other weapon – or the sword will teleport into his hand at just the thought of using another weapon. It makes for a handy thrown weapon but he lacks the skill with it.

Left off in the Suit room. Hakthor claimed the chain mail. He doesn’t feel any stronger or faster or more accurate in it… the only bonus seems to be that at least now he doesn’t need a to carry a torch.

Note: This game has been replaced with another group. So it is assumed that these characters decided that this wasn’t the adventure for them and returned to the Yawning Portal.


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