Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #24
Feed the savage beast

DM: Amy
Characters: (Amy’s) – Sir Francis Drake, Star, Merek, Kenji and Sarah-Jane (NPC)
(Kirsten’s) – Jonny, Lady Jess, Ashlee, Eko
(Cyn’s) – Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn (NPC’d Zack , Johnny Cade, Sir Raymond – until they popped out)

Sarah-Jane is still in a frenzy, though FRIENDed by Bumble at the moment. Other return and try to figure out what to do.
Bumble suggests feeding SJ to help calm her .
Jonny casts Create Food & Water
Thieves move on a bit, checking the hallway – Cadelle triggers trap and a door falls blocking Ashlee. Linda Jane and goblin. (?)
2nd door – 2nd step on – lever came out

(DRAMA continues throughout)
Doors up and down both rooms
Finally open all doors.. hopscotch to free goblin (her Dad?) and Linda – they took Sarah “home”
Stealth checks room
Hallway finds ‘glowing’ walls – no one else can see the glow until the mages cast detect magic. Each is a cubicle in which three questions are asked – if answered honestly a magic item is gifted to the participant.
(sadly I didn’t write down the questions – hoping Amy and Kirsten remember some) “What’s your name?”

Key things that occurred because of the questions/answers:
Ashlee received a magic mirror that shows memories – DS discovers she has a demon for a Dad (Cadelle sees this), Cadelle when handed this discovers she and Merek are twin siblings (DS sees this)

8 bugbears (all killed): #1 Lee/Stealth

  1. Star/ Lee/ DS
  2. Eko
  3. LJ/ Kenji
  4. Sir Francis / Stealth / Jonny (prayer)
  5. Merek / DS
  6. Finn / Kenji / DS
  7. LJ / Merek

2 zombies –
Detect Magic – star / Detect Evil – Bumble / Magic Missile – Star
Bumble turned (prayer)

critical hits by Kenji / Eko and Ashlee

Undermountain Adventure #23
The boys are back

DM: Cynthia
Characters (Amy’s) – Star, Sir Francis Drake, Kenji, Merek and NPC Sarah-Jane
(Kirsten’s) – Eko, Jonny, Ashlee, Lady Jess
(Riley’s) – Johnny Cade, Zack Drake
(Cyn’s) – Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn
(OOC – Date is a guess wasn’t written on my notes )

Pop in’s and “Roll call!!”
Oh my EKO is back as are Johnny Cade and Zack! Eko returns with a message from Halaster… “Play nice together or else…”

Argument and fight ensures however anyone attacking another party member has that damage caused to him or herself. (Geas-like curse). After much self-mutilation the party finally gets its act together and continues on.

Goblins in the hallway.
- group went into room but warriors killed most
- some went past and attacked Bumble and Finn who were watching over Sarah-Jane. Sarah-Jane frenzies, transforming into her were-tiger form. Finn got hit by Sarah in her frenzy. Bumble cast FRIEND and was able to keep SJ from killing him and Finn.


Undermountain Adventure #22

DM: Cynthia
Characters: (Amy’s) – Sir Francis, Merek, Kenji, Star, NPC – Sarah-Jane
(Kirsten’s) – Jonny, Ashlee (aka DarkShadow or DS), Lady Jess, ?
(Cyn’s) – Lee, Cadelle (aka Stealth), Finn, Bumble

Headed north then right, ran into 7 Bugbears

(OOC sadly no details about the battle… just the XP run down and Party Booty treasure)

Undermountain Adventure #21
More about Sarah-Jane

DM: Amy
Characters: Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn, Lady Jess, DS, Jonny, Sir Francis, Merek, Star, Kenji, NPC – Sarah-Jane

Finn is trying to get out of invisible wall.
POP – Sarah Jane appears in the middle of the room. (Bumble remembers SJ is of evil alignment.) Bumble went to ….. (went to what? / or when where?)
Sir Francis – guided others to room / DS pulled lever / 15 flying creatures (aarakacra). Flying creature carried Finn over to door. Escape!

Meet. Go middle. – trap, garrot wire successful disarming

12 Piercers- one every 10ft square. (None were killed – party tried to avoid) Cadelle had one drop on her / DS also hit / then Bumble used Stoneshape twice to make stone covered overhead along the route. Still some were hit (dex were required)
Finn nearly died. Lady Jess sae with a lay of hands. Jonny hurt as was Kenji but just minorly.
Continued on…
Cadelle and DS arguement (about what?) woke 18 gnolls.
Bumble prayer/produce Fire
Cadelle arrows until she snapped her bow string
10 gnolls were killed in 6 rounds
Then arrived the 15 aarakacra (Illusion to look like harpies, then beholders) – remaining gnolls fled just after Sarah-Jane’s arrival in were-tiger form. (OOC Amy got tired and had others flee)
Lee and Jonny had been left ahead to look after girl but she was stubborn and shifted shape to go into battle.
Star cast Rope-trick – place to rest for the priests who need to rest and meditate

Undermountain Adventure #20
Things are not what they seem

Dm: Amy
Characters: Sir Francis, Star, Merek, Kenji, Lady Jess, Dark Shadow, Jonny, Stealth, Finn, Lee, Bumble.

Resting 3 hrs – 1 hr prayer/study
DS and Jonny watching Stealth.
(3 routes… ?)
- Finn sees 2 orcs (wandering) actually 5 beetles (verified by Star)
- Cadelle sees 5 gnolls
- Kenji sees 1 large 100ft snake

Cadelle keeps shooting herself in the foot (OOC I hate 1’s)
Dead orcs drop from the snake body (must have been an covering illusion)
Sir Francis left the beetles (orcs) to pass – went through ???(scale)
Finn went to wall, popped away (invisible cage)
14 orcs killed (took several rounds before all could see them) Lee was last.
4 killed by Kenji, 4 by Lee, 1 by Merek, 4 by Jonny, 3 by Bumble (not sure why there are 17 now)
5 gnolls – dealt with by Lady Jess & Sir Francis
– 3 put to sleep by Sir Francis
- 1 by Bumble and Sir Francis

Oil of Disenchantment on wall (Stealth sees where they are being held, recalls room) DS walked on invisible wall to door just as Stealth & Lady Jess arrives, door not locked


Undermountain Adventure #19
Some times its not an illusion

DM: Amy
Characters: Lee, Cadelle, Finn, Bumble, Sir Francis, Arabelle, Derek, Merek, Kenji, Star, Sir Gwaine.
Missing: Dark Shadow, Lady Jess, Jonny, Sir Raymond, Eko (with Halaster)
Left: Zack, Johnny Cade

Popping In / Popping Out
Lee reports recent issues

walking order:
Stealth – Merek
Lee – Sir Francis
Finn (torch) – Sir Gwaine
Arabella – Star
Bumble – Derek

Come upon 5 werewolves (Star confirms they aren’t illusion)

  1. killed by Merek/Star/Lee
  2. killed by Stealth / Sir Francis
  3. killed by Lee / Stealth
  4. killed by Kenji / Sir Francis / Merek
  5. backed away and escaped
Undermountain Adventure #18
Stress continued

DM: Amy ? (Sinthija “after Amy got tired”)
Characters remaining: Lee, Cadelle, Jonny, Bumble, Finn, Sir Raymond, Lady Jess
Lost: Eko (popped out by Halaster after dropped to -2 hp), Zack left after Cadelle told him to leave for stabbing Lee, Johnny Cade left with Zack

(All of Amy’s characters popped out – Star, Sir Francis, Derek, Merek, Kenji, Sir Gwaine, Arabella)

Zack vs Eko. Zack goes after Eko for lobbing a sword at Cadelle and nearly killing her.
Lee and Lady Jess intervene.
Lee pins Zack. Lee drops Eko (order of this might be backwards)
Zack gets HELD and injured into negatives. Bumble binds wounds (hp 0)
Discussion of how to split party and who should go. Eko is bound up.
After awhile, Lady Jess and Finn agree to leave with Eko.
Once he’s free, Eko surprises everyone and goes to stab Zack (while the thief is unconscious). Bumble saves Zacks life with a Cure Light Wounds, even as the attack is happening.
Eko is attacked in return by others and drops (-2 hp) Halaster pops Eko out before anyone has time to do anything to save or finish him off.
Zack is woken and he backstabs Lee for pinning him.
More argument ensues and Cadelle tells Zack to leave.
Zack and Johnny Cade leave.

Undermountain Adventure #17
A stressful day

DM: Amy
Characters: Ashlee, Jonny, Lady Jess, Eko, Sir Francis, Sir Gwaine (amnesia), Derek, Merek, Arabella, Kenji, Star, Sir Raymond, Johnny Cade, Zack Drake, Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn

Pop folks in (all)
New folks wanting to kill little girl (knowing she is weaker in human form).
Cadelle removed sword and drank potion of healing. (had been stabbed by Eko last game)

(not sure what this means… “8 thieves…” written in comments beside the following list:)
1 Sir Raymond/Hand
2 LJ / H
3 Star/H
4 Eko
5 Lee/H
6 Hand
7 Were/Hand
8 Hand

Backstabbing and stressfulness
- Lady Jess/ Eko/ Finn were going to leave but Eko attempted to kill Zack
- Popped out Eko
- Zack and Johnny Cade left party

(pause game to destress)

Undermoutain Adventure #16
Thieves mess

DM: Sinthija
Characters: Sarah Jane (from Orlando Florida in the year 2020), Derek, Arabella, Sir Gwaine, Jonny, Echo, Lady Jess, Ashlee (DS) Lee, Cadelle

Ring of Regen is given back to Cadelle
Jonny creates food and water. (prayer)
Group talking. Sarah from Orlando.
DS throws dagger at Cadelle – Lee and the others see this. (Sir Gwaine, Arabella and Lady Jess).
Cadelle retaliates. (Echo and Derek only saw the retaliation)
Argument erupts and in the yelling Echo throws a sword at Cadelle and impales her (Critical hit – HP down to 2.)
Lee tries to tackle Echo but misses.
Drop your weapon – submit or die. (unsure who said that)


Undermountain Adventure #15

All in the room to the north. Met little girl who lost her kitten.
Zack & Sir Francis drinking whiskey. Johnny Cade hitting on Star.
Cadelle & Lee who had been popped out returned (no notes on this pop out sadly) just as 3 gnolls came down the unexplored hallway. Defensive Lee and Stealth – had ?? talk gnollish “Lower your weapons” – they do and move past.

Cadelle sees something odd as they – calls for Star to check for magic. Star does Detect Magic and confirms that there is illusionary magic – they are humans. Just as that is confirmed a pit opens up. The 3 gnolls drop down. Cadelle’s call had brought out Sir Raymond. She threw him her rope and jumped down into darkness (?) thinking to try and save the humans. But her rope was too long and she broke both her ankles. Jonny followed, as did Lady Jessica & ?.

Trap door trying to close but rope stops Jonny set her ankles. Lady Jess heals premature – Cadelle is left with a limp to her right leg.

Up top the trap door has developed teeth and is cutting through the rope. Cadelle has them let go of the rope and the rope drops down. The trap door shuts.

Zack and DS are called upon to find the door and the release mechanism. They find the door easily enough not how to open it.

Star dispels magic – the whole floor disappears – all but Kenji & the little girl fall. Some like Star got hurt bad, others land gracefully or at least without injury – Lee, Merek and ?.
Cadelle thinking to heal Star and herself with her ring, discovers its been lost with Derek the paladin who popped out when she did – he has not returned. Cadelle curses and calls Lee a bitch. She tries to walk off and DS follows, Cadelle gets the feeling that DS has been assigned to watch her and that pisses her off.

Kenji throws rope around a torch & climbs down with kid. With everyone down Lee finally discovered the little girl and was adamant that they go back up to get the girl topside. Her name is Sarah Jane.

All make it back up – the last two, Lady Jess and Sir Francis, scrambling as the stone blocks began to reappear. Cadelle not knowing about the reappearance of the stone blocks was attempting to climb walls to the stone floor across the way but with her injured and slightly lame food was finding the task impossible and frustrating.

Add onto that DS suddenly there behind her again asking in that annoying voice “Where do you think you’re going?” Cadelle snapped, mumbled a snarky comment under her breath and tried to walk away – DS followed – others were remaining in the room.

Cadelle told DS to leave her alone snappishly. DS continued to follow. Cadelle snapped and threw the first punch but missed. DS punched back with a solid hit.

Cadelle furious by this point, drew her knife to warn the other thief away, but DS just drew out her own knife. Cadelle attacked first (how well?). DS struck a critical blow. They continued on for several minutes with Cadelle too furious in her attacks to aim well. It got to the point where after the 3rd round of strikes at each other Cadelle walked away applying poison to her blade – just wanting DS to leave her alone by any means. She threw the knife and misses.. (ARRGH), even as DS struck again.

The commotion attracted the paladin, Sir Francis and he tried to intervene, but DS kept on swinging. Eventually Lee got involved and called on Star to put them both to sleep – it only worked on DS (Cadelle being half-elven was resistant to sleep magic)..

(after 8pm IRL)
Lee, Sir Francis and Cadelle talk. Discuss what happened and what they are going to do. Cadelle, still pissed off, was vulgar and threatening to kill DS if she kept pestering her. Lee nipped that in the bud and said either the threats stop or Cadelle would either be out on her own in Undermountain, or kept as a prisoner.

“How far were you willing to do?” Cadelle was questioned.
“I’d continue until she stops, Sky is the limit” was her reply.
“Either I can trust you or I can’t – which is it?” Sir Francis asked.

After some cussing, Cadelle calms enough to make a truce. She would leave off on her attacks, and instead rely on Lee or the paladin to intervene if DS became an issue. Cadelle was to continue up front – as the lead of the party. DS would be at the back.

Cadelle doubts this would be tolerate by the other thief but agrees seeing no other way to deal with the issue other than killing DS – which with the paladin around- wasn’t really an option.


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