Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #30
Body-switching, Dopples and Wererats

Characters: the usual crew

Cadelle tells SF about body switch (see list below) mid-fight – the human’s flickering
SF goes to see about the Dopples.
Lee/Eko to deal with the last wererats
Merek/Star- Star feels masculine, feels JC behind her & Merek tries “Magic Missile” but it doesn’t work
Arabella/Bumble – Bumble excited about being in a new body & Arabella holding her action
Sir Francis – talking to Johnny (Cadelle)
Kenji/Lady Jess – Kenji feeling up boobs on his new body & Lady Jess was leading in the human, now will step in front saying “STOP
Dopples stop “Do you not see what they are?”
LJ – “They are human.” Gives warning.
“yes, Lady Jess.”
Eko/Lee – attack wererats (Lee 15 dam/Eko 13 dam) (attack at 10 – Lee crit hit) both wererate dead.
SF calls for the 2 fighters.
Jonny/Cadelle – Jonny waiting for Lee & Cadelle heading in with Sir Francis (heading where?)
DS/Finn – DS attacks ZackD (dam 7) & Finn ?

Roll Call!
JC & Zack consciousness popped into their own Dopples


Doppleganger Arena

Popped in from Body Swap scene (Undermountain Adventure #29)

CHARACTERS: Lee as “Eko” / Jonny as “Cadelle” / Tris / Topaz

Pop in – determine who’s around “Roll Call!”
Prep for Battle
4 pops – Dopples appear right behind each person
Lee turns around and see Eko, who says he got popped into own body.
Before she can comprehend, Lee is suddenly in her own body and “Eko” is accusing her of being a dopple and attacks.
More pops
2 Jonny’s and no Cadelle.
Lee is upset “Sorry ma’am” the chime in unison
But only one know where she’s from
“Houston, Texas” – Lee knows that’s the real Jonny, attacks the other with her martial arts to pin the fake Jonny down.


Lots more (no details)


ICC - DS vs Finn

DS: (Ds in Finns body talking to Finn in DS’s body) I know what u are going though Finn I did not want to be a girl when I was little I wanted to be a boy as well and I do not blame you for anything u are an amazing person but be who u are be the little amazing beautiful loving little girl I want to see u as!

Finn:(Finn in DS’s body). Thank you ma’am for that sentiment but no. I won’t not til I know I can protect myself. If I were to return to my life back on the streets known as a girl. I’d be forced into a brothel by the end of the week. Lies are my only protection right now.

DS: Finn please I’ll protect u…. U can come back to my home with me and u can be with me protected from everyone and anything I will take u in help u and teach u.
Let’s say a mother figure in your life

Finn: That’s a generous offer ma’am. But I’ve been on the streets long enough to know that offers like that mean well but never work out.

DS: Finn u change or I will change u

Finn: Excuse me ma’am but what gives you the right to make decision for me?

DS: Finn be your self. nobody and I mean that nobody will do anything to you with out me hurting them back u are one beautiful young lady and you need to show your true colors and be the wonderful little girl you are.

Finn: (Finn in DS’s body to DS) this is who I am – why can’t you just accept that? You can’t protect me. You know nothing about me other than I lied about being a boy and that obviously a treacherous underground labyrinth teeming with monsters was a better choice than staying where I was.

DS: Finn please just try to show ur true colors and be the little girl you are and just be yourself with honestly hiding who you are isn’t going to be the way to anything in life maybe if you change who you are I will tell you something that only one person knows about me I didn’t even know about me couple before days

Finn: Finn shakes ‘his’ head in frustration "I’m sorry you don’t understand ma’am but I’m not about to do things different just because you say so. This is my life.

DS: But your not living it

Finn: “Says you. I know otherwise. I’ve had better opportunities as ‘Finn’ than I ever had as a girl.”

DS: Like what

Finn: “Like being accepted as even a temporary squire to nobles such as Sir Francis and Lady Jess.”

DS: Ya pushing u to the side now that they have better things for people to deal with. Finn what is your real name

Finn: “That’s not the way it is.” Finn says in defense of the paladins. “My name IS Finn. I won’t answer to any other. So it doesn’t matter what I was called before.” She shakes her head “This argument is going no where. Do what you feel you must but I won’t change who I’ve become for you”

DS: What is your “girl” name Finn I maybe able to find a guy that will love u for everything u have been through

Finn: The words only seemed to upset Finn more. “Go to Hell Darkshadow! I don’t need you or anyone else to ‘find me a guy’ to love me for who I am” With that Finn stalked away angrily thinking to find Sir Francis. The question was would he be himself or would he too be trapped in someone else’s body.

DS: She will yell go cry to someone like a little baby somewhere else we don’t need a little girl lurking around anyway go cry to ur mommy.

(that’s the scene so far)

Undermountain Adventure # 29
Body Switch

DM – Amy
Characters: The Unlucky 13 – Lee, Cadelle, Finn, Bumble, Jonny, DS, Eko, Lady Jess, Sir Francis, Star, Arabella, Kenji and Merek with Zack, Johnny Cade, Sir Raymond, and Midnight.
Mid-game Popped out – Zack, Johnny Cade, Sir Raymond, Midnight
Mid-game Popped in ZackD, JCD, SRD, Mid-D and Marco-D

Start out resting – Make out session
((I am assuming the couples to be Lee / Jonny, Lady Jess / Kenji, DS / Merek, Bumble getting to know Midnight, not sure about Cadelle and Zack (were they together then?), and likely Finn trying not to daydream about Sir Francis))

Moving on – south hall – n/w hall
See another party… Cadelle alone sees human’s flickering to wererats.
Battle… (no details)
Mid-fight bodyswitch and Marco pop-in

Hearing the pops Lee does “Roll-Call!!”
Lee confused when despite hearing several pops there is only one newcomer.. “Marco”.
Cadelle goes to tell Sir Francis about the flickering and notices the dopplegangers, just as the Dopples move to attack the “flickering” humans.

(game paused)

Undermountain Adventure #28
Let's not 'Forget' the Hobgoblins!

DM – Amy
Characters: (the unlucky 13) Lee, Stealth, Bumble, Finn, DS, Jonny, Eko, Lady Jess, Sir Francis, Arabella, Star, Kenji, and Merek along with pop-ins: Tom, Zack, Johnny Cade, Midnight, and Shadow.

continue from end of #27
Remaining 6 Hobgoblins (pop back with Johnny Cade and Zack.

Rd 1
L out of Fog (cast last game by Tom)
J crit hit on #4 – 24 dam – dead
C in the fog
F hit #11 – 14 dam – dead
E hit #1 – 16 dam – dead
Bumble chant x 4

Round 2!
LJ trying to find K
J attempting to dispel fog (fail)
Z bumps into hobgob looking for C – Z attacks – 17 dam – dead
Midnight (Raven) – helping with Chant
E on #3 – 21 dam – dead
F goes north
T jumps toward B (? hits LJ & K)
DS checks hobgob
JC trying to find Star (north-east)

Round 3!
LJ searching for K
EK crit hit #9 (slaughter / overkill) – dead
Mid – holding action
Zack – holding action
Finn – drops last monster (hobgob) ((OOC when I first read it my notes it looked like “Finn drops last Hamster” ok… huh wait? Hamster?! LOL!!))
K forgets – 3 minutes permanent
DS doesn’t forget (made saving throw) _ ((OOC who cast forget? and why? – Tom maybe??))_

((that’s the last of my notes on that if anyone else remembers something – please add it))

Undermountain Adventure #27 pt 2
When Gargoyles / Hobgoblins attack...

DM – Amy
Characters – the usual (Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn, Jonny, DarkShadow, Lady Jess, Eko, Sir Francis, Star, Merek, Arabella, Kenji) + Del / Altair and Sir Raymond
Monster- Gargoyles (3)

Rd 1
B & A prayer
Gargoyle 1 – J no dam/ L no dam – Gar on L (7 dam)
Gargoyle 2 – Del miss/ K hit (12 dam) / Al crit hit (24 dam)
Gargoyle 3 – LJ no dam / E hit (12 dam) / M hit (12 dam) / SF miss – Gar on SF (2 dam)

Rd 2
Gar 1 – J ready / L no dam
Gar 2 – Star and JC 12 dam each to #2 – DEAD
Gar 3 – LJ hit (10 dam) Al hit (7 dam), K and M both hit – DEAD , Finn misses as it collapses
SF looks for Lee

Pop outs – Del, Altair, and Sir Raymond

Rd 3
Gar 1 – 11 dam (who?) , 1 dam to Lee, 16 dam (who?)

Rd 4
Gar 1 – L hit / LJ hit – DEAD

June 1st continue:

Kieri and Tom pop in just
talk/ romance
11 Hobgoblins
Rd 1
M crit hit (14 dam) on #10
LJ 9 dam on #8
Ds -
B -
SF miss
J crit hit (18 dam) #5 /2nd action (14 dam) #5 – DEAD
K 7 dam on #7
Star “SLOW” on #6
E 19 dam on #2
Kyr misses back attack
F takes 3 dam
T takes 4 dam
E takes 4 dam

Rd 2
Lee – no attack
Tom – “ENLARGE” #7
K 11 dam on #7 – DEAD
LJ 9 dam on #8 – DEAD
J ?
L takes 5 dam
A takes 7 dam
M takes 4
F takes 1
F misses
E crit hit #2 (36 dam) – DEAD
A 6 dam on #3
M 3 dam on #10 – DEAD
Kyria & Tom popped out

Rd 3
J crit hit 16 dam on #4
B prays
A 5 dam on #3
E 15 dam on #1

(game ending) – the rest of the Hobgoblins pop out…

Undermountain Adventure #26
(character list only - game details in #27)

DM – Amy

Characters: Del “The Engineer” (Adric’s Time-Wars character), Altair, Sir Raymond, zack drake, Johnny Cade, Lady Jess, Jonny, Ashlee (Dark shadow), Eko, Sir Francis Drake, Star, Content Not Found: null_, _Content Not Found: null, Merek, Lee Sutherland, Cadelle Tabisk (Stealth), Finn (Fiona), Bumble

Pop in the new folks (Del, Altair, Sir Raymond) – Roll Call! and introductions
Star is studying. Arabella – studying her new staff.
Jonny wants to talk more – Lee not so much.
Partner up!
Jonny & Lee / Lady Jess & Kenji / Merek & DS / SirF & SirR / Zack & Cadelle / Del & Altair / Ara & Bumble / Eko & Finn / JohnnyC & Star

((this is continued in Undermountain Adventure #27))

In Character Conversation - after the pillar fight
Jealous Jonny

(no notes – not even sure of the date)
Lee and Jonny talk about the other Time-Wars fighters they met during the last Arena game. Jonny acts jealous and tries to order Lee to not talk to them again. Seems he’s worried that she’ll leave him if given the opportunity to go back to her own time and realm.

Lee isn’t sure how she feels but is happy that she’s others from ‘home’. When Jonny starts acting all possessive and jealous telling her what to do, she tells him straight out that he has no control over what she does and she’ll do whatever she god-damn well pleases! This puts Jonny in a sour mood … drama abounds… Lee tries to soften her stance by saying that leaving isn’t likely and there isn’t much for her to go back to anyways… (she might have mentioned having lost her fiance)

Not sure but this might be what prompted the proposal.. (gotta check with Kirsten)

Arena Game (On a Stone Pillar)
Pillar Fight

DM – Sinthija
Characters: Viktor (Vaughn’s Timewars character “The Heavy”), Jack Doomheart (Adric’s paladin), Brad Pitt, Jonny, Lee Sutherland, andPenny the Husky

Pop in on a giant stone pillar in like a desert area (nothing on the ground below for as far as the eye can see).

The typical booming voice of the Arena mage telling them they must fight.
Brief introductions around. Lee notes the modern-day weaponry and gives her military rank. Discovers that there are 3 in this group from the Time-Wars program (Viktor, Bradley and Lee). While talking about how Lee has been classified MIA, party is attacked by 5 pop-in Giant Bats. Then later attacked by 10 popped in Skeletons.

(game interrupted before all the skeletons could be killed) – everyone popped back out.

Undermountain Adventure #25
The Doppleganger Fight

DM: Amy
characters: (Amy’s) – Sir Francis, Star, Merek, Kenji and Arabella (OOC Arabella ??? – must have had a pop-in and roll-call at the start of the game that wasn’t in my notes – LOL)
(Kirsten’s) – Eko, DS, Lady Jess, Jonny
(Cynthia’s) – Lee, Cadelle, Bumble, Finn

4 wererats (Cadelle sees lizardmen)
battle (no details sorry other than Cadelle scored a critical hit)

Riddle – answer sponge
Hallway filling with water (Stealth – True Seeing of girl mopping floor)

Around the corner – 15 Doppleganger of party (they are opposite of the group – close knit team)

Doppleganger Fight:
Stealth see 5-10- lots of heat sources (ahead)
She can see Sir Francis in the lead as a doppleganger by the light

There is a doppleganger of each of them. Tight group with CadelleD claiming Cadelle’s group are the illusions.

BATTLE! (rd by rd details- YAY!)

Round 1!
Initiative 1: Bumble casts prayer (1)/ KenjiD and MerekD attack DarkShadow for 3 damage./ Lee and Cadelle fall back @ Sir Francis’ order
initiative 2: BumbleD prayer (does nothing as the doppleganger is not a real priest) / Merek goes for MerekD for 8 dam / Arabella – prayer (
initiative 3 : Eko goes for KenjiD (12 dam) / ArabellaD – prayer (does nothing) / FionaD (is dressed as a female) arrow – hits Finn (1 dam)
initiative 4: DarkShadow going psycho on Finn (OOC I don’t note why) / EkoD misses Eko / SirFrancisDrakeD misses Eko /
initiative 5: Finn goes to attack MerekD (10 dam)
initiative 6: JonnyDgoes for Finn – misses / StarD does nothing (attempted spell)
initiative 7: SirGwaineD attacks Eko – misses
initiative 8: Kenji holds action with Lady Jess
initiative 9: Cadelle fumbles (rolls a 1) oil on herself/ CadelleD goes to back (attempting to circle around behind the party – several initiatives to do) / ZackD follows CadelleD’s safety /
initiative 10: LadyJessD goes up beside KenjiD attacks Eko (3 dam)/ LeeD jumps over party and attacks Merek for 1 damage
(Summary: Undermountain group gains +2 rolls from prayers)

Round 2!
initiative 1: Eko does crit hit to Kenji D (23 dam) / Merek fumbles and hits himself / FionaD arrow does 1 dam to DarkShadow /
initiative 2: Star does Magic Missile to LeeD (12 dam) / SGwD does crit hit on Merek (6 dam) / BD still praying (does nothing)
initiative 3: Jonny does a crit hit to LeeD (10 dam) / JonnyD attacks Finn and misses/ MerekD goes for Merek (3 dam)
initiative 4: Lee does 9 dam to LeeD / DS kills MerekD with a crit hit
initiative 5: EkoD misses Merek / DSD stays back / LJD goes for DS hits- 4 dam
initiative 6: Finn misses JD
initiative 7: Kenji moves up/ KD misses DS / SirFD hits Merek 1 dam / CD and ZD plan for sneak attack (circling around)
initiative 8: SirF commands to “Fall Back. Bring them in”
initiative 9 – none
initiative 10: ArabellaD praying (does nothing)
(Summary 1 doppleganger killed, Bumble and Arabella still praying +2)

Round 3!
initiative 1: LJ falls back as ordered / FinnD arrive to Arabella (1 dam) / CD and ZD sneaking around / Merek falls back / J prayer (+1)
initiative 2: C helps A take out arrow / AD prayer (does nothing) / SGwD on DS (5 dam)
initiative 3: K falls back / LJD on Finn (3 dam) / ED miss on DS / SFD hits self (1 dam)
initiative 4: B CureLightWounds on M (8 hp) / JD on Finn (2 dam)
initiative 5: E hits over DS on LJD 14 dam / DS on LJD 5 dam
initiative 6: BD prays (nothing) / StarD moves up
initiative 7: Arabella and Star -stay holding initiative / Finn stab SFD 11 dam
initiative 8: Kenji falls back as ordered
initiative 9 – none
initiative 10: KD keeps with his party
(Summary: prayer bonus +3)(still just 1 dopple dead)

Round 4!
initiative 1: E moves back / SGwD moves to attack ST – misses
initiative 2: DS moves back and attack SGwD – 5 dam / J gives Lee potion (see ? (potion)) / SF attack SGwD – 30 dam (SF rolled system shocks at killing own henchman – passed) / SFD missed Finn
initiative 3: Star stays back
initiative 4 – none
initiative 5: B heals L for 6.
initiative 6: L holds action defending while being healed / JD hits L (crit hit) for 5 dam
initiative 7: LJD uses bow on F (9 dam) – Finn drops at -3 / Lady Jess does lay of hands on Finn for 12 / BD on B (2 dam)
initiative 8: C of ED (6 dam)
initiative 9: FD on DS (2 dam)
initiative 10: AD on L – misses

Round 5!
initiative 1: E on ED (15 dam) / J on JD (crit hit) (14 dam) /
initiative 2: DS of SFD (5 dam + poison: 10 dam in 2 rds) / M on ArabellaD (crit hit)(26 dam)
initiative 3 – none
initiative 4: Lee on KD (7 dam)
initiative 5: LJD on F (1 dam)
initiative 6: Arabella getting ready
initiative 7: Star on KD (magic missile – 13 dam) / Bumble preps for helping wounded / FD on E – misses
(listed as 1’s off to the side) – E on JD (12 dam) – KILLED / LJ gave C bow string / K on BD (15 dam) KILLED / F on SFD (9 dam) KILLED / Stealth on BD (crit hit) (18 dam)
(game pause)

Continued on May 11th
Round 6!
initiative 1: Lee takes stock of downed people / DS goes for StarD (5 dam) / K goes for StarD (12 dam) / LJ talks to C (about what?) / E on FD (10 dam)
initiative 2: F on FD (8 dam) – skewer / J give L healing potion (18 hp returned)

Round 7!
E kills FD
CD /DSD / ZD sneaking up

Round 8!
CD / DSD / ZD check door
DS notices this
CD daggers the door – stabbed toe by DS

Round 9!
Checking Doppleganger bodies (no treasure but all their gear is present)
CD undaggers door then backs away bow ready

Round 10!
CD misses with bow

Round 11!
DS tells C to focus on her doppleganger
M on DSD (11 dam)
C on DSD (7 dam)

Round 12!
LJ on ZD (9 dam)
M on DSD (Killed)
DS on CD (killed)

Bodycheck (items listed in GM Only)


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