Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Castle Von Jessenstein

DM- Adric
Location: Castle Von Jessenstein
Characters: Ember, Sharandri Pharendel and Blackout

The story begins with Ember, a pyro mage, on a boat headed to the port town of Blackstone. Ember isn’t fond of water travel and is hurling.
Sharandri is an elven cleric oddly dedicated to the worship of Nephythys. She arrived in Blackstone by cart. Two women met unsurprisingly in a tavern. Oddly though they didn’t enter the same tavern.
Ember, entering the first tavern she came across – a two story building built into the side of the hill just off the water. The tavern seemed mini. Child sized chairs and tables, she soon discovered it was a tavern for Hobbits, gnomes and other diminutive statured folk. She was turning to leave when three rather large men entered and demanded everyone hand over their moneys. The tavern folk ran about in a panic. Ember, hoping to avoid a fight slipped out a hatchway in the roof that she could easily reach.
The hatch opened up to another tavern above – an Japanese style tavern with paper walls. This is where Sharandri was. She noticed the woman entering from the floor hatch and was curious about it, going so far as to introduce herself and ask about it.
As the two women talked the thugs from downstairs came around the building and entered the second tavern and the women fled again down through the same hatch.
They sought out help and eventually found Blackout, a lone samurai who was hesitant about helping until Ember, fed up, sought out the thugs and cast a fireball upon them.
This led to a venture to the castle from which the thugs came. Castle Von Jessenstein.
The adventurers ran into goblin janitors who attacked with mops. When the calls of the janitors alerted the guards Ember showed her powerful fire magic once more and cast a fire bolt down the hall in which they were arriving. All 13 were killed in a conflagration of fire.

The Arena Games

DM- Sinthija
Location: The Arena
Characters: Blackout, Content Not Found: miranda-james, Ethendral Tribond and Jacques Dubois

In a strange twist of reality, 4 strangers are brought together magically and dumped in a large sand pit (aka The Arena). There a seemingly omnipotent voice informs them that they are to battle to survive, and monsters begin to suddenly appear. First, there were lizardmen, then there were ghouls. A lone elf archer was sent in next and the party was decent enough to only knock out the summoned elf. They were less forgiving against the following summoned gnolls and broken one.

In the midst of these encounters attempts were made to clamber up out of the pit. Ethendral tried and returned when the party was doing poorly while facing the gnolls. Blackout was the one who finally succeeded just as the party finished dealing with the broken one, and ended this first session of the Arena Games. The moment Blackout crossed the threshold of the sand pit arena, the party was transported back to their original locations, with no time having passed but with the memories and any wounds they might have sustained in the Games.

Into the Sh*t Pit

DM – Sinthija
Location: Raven’s Lair
Characters – Adric Black, Ethendral Tribond, Content Not Found: marco, Sifid Tible

After watching Thane Arguzel, the self-proclaimed messenger of the god Raven, exit his audience room via a secret door to the left of his throne, the party considered what to do next. How were they to find Chester the Jester, defeat him and exchange his head and heart for the gem?

-Fnid missing (teleport or Orc “Daddy”? don’t care)
-Marco heals injured members (Ethandrel and Sifid)
-Sifid and Adric check library
-Adric checks Dance Hall (vines and plants growing wild in the dark room)
-Sifid – library back door – locked and trapped (needle -missed – snapped off and tossed to ground)(unable to open alone)
-Ethandrel and Marco – audience room – side door also locked and trapped (unable to open)
-Ethandrel checks West double doors, barred but able to open.
-Adric checks the last door on the right. It opens to a ball room with vines growing all over. Sees movement in the vines. Shuts door and leaves it for now. He joins up with Sifid who is head back towards the Crushing Walls.
-Sifid and Adric consider going back East the way they came (through the crushing walls) – Sifid changes his mind.. Adric continues on alone
-Sifid joins Ethandrel and Marco to the West – finding a section of hall that is in enchanted darkness, his magical candle helps in this. He goes down the stairs to the section of hallway tied off with a rope.
- His search finds a very familiar section of dungeon – the smell alone should have given it away. It was the cess pit they’d passed weeks ago during their initial visit to the dungeon.
- Adric in the meantime was being very cautious around a mermaid fountain he passed in an alcove. The following alcove however, which contained a statue of Raven with a it’s wings open to accept an offering.
- Adric offered a gem but as he stepped back he triggered a teleportation trap. Pop! He was falling… only to suddenly land in .. eeww what was that smell?!
- Adric can see Sifid’s magic candle about 30 ft above him. Hears movement in the sewage near him. Calls for help
-Sifid finds this too funny. Not helping. So Marco descends the stairs to the edge of the pit and throws over an end to assist. But Adric, in the dark, can’t see the rope at all.
-Sifid has idea to tie candle to the end of the rope. They do this. The candle dangles down until it illuminates a large (10 ft long or more) crawling insect-like creature (Carrior crawler).
-Adric attacks and does fair damage to the creature but gets struck and poisoned with a paralytic for his troubles. He begins to slow.
-Ethandrel plays the hero and comes down the stairs at last, and jumps down into the pit, with sword and torch in hand, to begin battle with the crawler.
- Adric attempts to grab the rope but can’t hold on and drops paralyzed to the sewage pile.
- Marco feels about his pack for a vial of lampoil and popping it open, throws it down onto the crawler with instruction to burn the beast.
-Sifid fires off arrows at the creature.
-Ethandrel lights up the oil which burns the crawler. Within a short time it collapses dead, still burning.
-The party hauls up the paralyzed body of Adric, Ethandrel opts to search the several bodies he’s discovered by candlelight.
-Marco has idea to cast light on a stone and toss it down but must refresh his prayers first and needs light to find his holy item. He ascends the steps only to trigger a trap. The steps collapse into a smooth, slick, slide that leads.. you guessed it.. right into the sewage pit!
-the priest falls the 30ft onto the dead and still burning carrior crawler. Ethandrel pulls him free and smothers the flame but the priest has surcome to his wounds of falling and fire.
-Luckily the experienced elf ranger still has a few potions of healing left and forces one down the throat of the unconscious priest. Sputtering, the priest awakes.
-After several minutes of prayer, Marco casts light on a coin and what they discover is amazing. The sewage pit has several hundred gold worth various coins.. and some of the corpses may have usuable armour or weaponry. Its worth taking the time to search through the foul-smelling cesspool. They find nearly 800 gp worth of coin and even a set of elven chain mail on one of the corpses.
-Eventually both Ethandrel and Marco are pulled out. Adric gains use of his limbs once more as the poison fades and the party clambers up the stairs-become-slide carefully using a rope to steady themselves. They decide to return to the library room to rest up, clean up and eat before continuing on. So far none have stepped on the poisoned needle tossed aside.

What more traps are ahead for the band of misfits?

Following the Orc Child

DM – Sinthija
Location: Raven’s Lair
Characters – Adric Black, Ethendral Tribond, Content Not Found: marco, Sifid Tible, and a cameo by Fnid

The orc was dead, the panther once more in a cage, eating happily on the butcher boar rather than poor Sifid’s shoulder. Marco glanced about to see if he could offer his aid to the injured ranger, Sifid, but Sifid wasn’t in the room anymore, he could see the light of his candle far down the tunnel ahead of them.

The new-found prisoner, Luigi (NPC’d by DM) was too weak to continue on. Enlxo (NPC’d by DM) offered to remain behind and keep watch over him in one of the cleaner prison cells they’d left a short while ago. The others agreed to continue searching and return shortly.

The party then set off after Sifid, who was waiting at a juncture in the hallway. As the three others arrived, there was a sudden Fwash and before them appeared.. a human mage – judging by his robe. The man looked equally startled as they, but was quick to offer a name in greeting. His name was Fnid and he was here in the dungeon in quest of the King’s crown, stolen by Chester the Jester. The party introduced themselves and it was decided that it was safer to travel together than alone in this strange and magical dungeon.

They shared together their knowledge of the Jesters’ riddles and suspected answers.

It was then that a torchlight glow at the far end of the tunnel they were in appeared and seemed to be moving closer. Torches were put out. Sifid had trouble dousing the magic candle though and ended up stuffing the everlit candle into his waterskin to keep it from re-lighting.

The light at the far end of the hallway turned out to be a young male orc. A child. Thinking quickly, Fnid – who spoke orcish, called out to the orc-boy in a friendly manner. The child approached curiously but without threat. “Hello, I’m Gnnsh” he greeted in orc.

Those in the party that could speak orcish, questioned the child, in friendly tones and discovered that the tunnel they were in led to an underground orc village. Further questioning, made easier after Fnid charmed the young orc, revealed there was also a kobold village down here as well. The boy offered up what little information he had about Chester the Jester and rooms that contained needles, he even offered to show they where such a ‘needle room’ could be found.
The party agreed.

The orc child led the group back through the animal cells into the arena and out through the double doors at the far end of the arena to a stairwell off of a mainhall. The stairs led up. They went round and round and round. Up 50 or more feet. By the time the party reached the top two had vomited from the nausea. The stairs henceforth were to be known as the Stairs of Hurling.

Leaving the Stairs, the orc-child led the party to a series of locked doors. The doors however were weak and easily broken down by the muscle bound ranger, Sifid.

From there the orc-child led the party to a hallway that opened up into a hall, but the child stopped before the narrowed hallway. “It is through this way, but the way is dangerous. The walls like to crush people if they answer wrong.”

Warily, the party approached and when mid hall a voice boomed out issuing a dire warning and a riddle. Luckily, the party answered wisely and they were allowed to continue through, un-crushed.

They now stood in a large hall. In the middle of it was a set of stairs leading down and three doors lining each side wall and a set of double doors at the far end, guarded by a stone warrior statue on either side.

The orc-child pointed to the first door on the right. “That’s the room with all the needles. Mama took me there once to to help me sew my first elf ear onto my sash. I like playing with elf heads,” it commented with such innocence.

The party cautiously entered the room and found within a room dedicated to the art of needle-craft. There were quilts, patterns, and thread, yarn and various needles of all sorts. But what caught the attention of the party the most was a embroidered wall hanging still on its rack, a needle tucked into the very end of the embroidered name – Chester the Jester. The wall hanging had a decorative message and riddle.

“More and more my letters you find.
Has my game challenged your mind?
Truly your skill has been well tested,
But as of yet, you have not been bested,
So here is the next riddle, letter and clue
Look on the answer, in the room of blue.

Ten men’s length
Ten men’s strength
Ten men can’t tear it
Yet a little boy walks off with it."

The party took little time in figuring out the answer. Now they just needed to find the room of blue with it within. A thorough search of the room showed little else of interest to the warriors so they headed out to check the other rooms. The orc-child bored… fell asleep amidst a comfortable quilt while the priest Marco and the mage Fnid contemplated where to find the next room.

Adric’s attempt to open the next door on the right side of the hall, resulted in him nearly getting jabbed by an needle-trapped door handle. To show his displeasure he hacked the door to bits. Inside he found only a room of musical instruments. What a waste of his time!

Meanwhile, Sifid and Ethandrel went to search the door across the large hall. The door opened easily, and Sifid, cautious daggered the door open when the room wasn’t fully visible from the doorway. The elves proceed further in only to discover the room was occupied. Ten orc guards and a man sitting on a throne were looking at them as they peered around the corner. No one moved. Ethandrel stepped forward to introduce themselves. The man replied with his own name of Thane Arguzel and his title of Raven’s messenger on earth. Thane accused them of looting his lair, and killing his minions. A half-hearted attempt to justify there quest only met with a bored “Kill them.” At which point the orcs attacked.

Unfortunately, for Sifid and Ethandrel, Sifid had noticed the two men seemingly talking to someone with the room across the hall and felt it best to undagger the door and, after gesturing a returning Adric within to help the elves, shut them all within. Turning to flee they found their route blocked by what they assumed was a locked door. Oh no!

In an attempt to stave off the approaching orcs one of the elves commented that they had one the orc children with them, naming the child – Gnnsh – thinking to use him as a bargaining chip. Bad move. Daddy orc was present and almost frenzied. Yet rather than worry about killing the two elves, Daddy called out loudly for his boy. Who woke to the sound of the bellow and answered back. Marco, in the sewing room with the boy, looked up in alarm. He needed to hide!

Fnid also thought that hiding was much better than an trying to reason with angry father orc and took off to hide the music room that Adric has recently vacated. He crouched small and hid in a large tuba.

Daddy orc, hearing the call of his boy from outside the audience room, bounded past the party, as they engaged in battle with the orcs, and torn open the door to search. He spotted his boy in the sewing room and quickly gathered him up and – oddly – left.

The three warriors in the audience room were out numbered, however made short work of the nine remaining orcs. The man on the throne, did nothing to help his guards or stop the party. It was odd.

Afterward the battle was complete the man spoke again. “Don’t expect me to be impressed. They were just orcs afterall.” This led into another discussion during which Thane Arguzel admitted to having been watching the party – and showed to the three, his large scrying stone – a large ruby red unfaceted gemstone. It was what Adric had sent them to fetch. But how to gain it if the man was as powerful as he claimed?

Sifid, Ethandrel and Adric, questioned the man as to its worth. What could they offer in exchange? Thane Arguzel admitted to an inability to rid his lair of the nuisance known as Chester the Jester. If they could bring him the bards head and heart then he would give over the gemstone to them. That said he bid them good hunting and calmly walked to the back wall where he opened a secret door and left.

The quest had certainly become more convoluted now.

A New Friend (or two?)

DM – Sinthija
Location: Raven’s Lair
Characters: Adric Black, Enlxo, Ethendral Tribond, Sifid Tible, and Marco

After allowing the party some time to play at war between the dwarves and the elves of ?? (Alternate DMed game), Lord Adric Sunborough gathered his retainers together and once more mass teleported them into the dungeons of Chester the Jester to seek the magical ruby red gem.

The party consisting of Adric Black, Enlxo, Ethendral Tribond, Sifid Tible, and Content Not Found: marco found themselves in an unfamiliar curving hallway with a set of wooden stairs coming off the hallway, at the inner part of the curve, directly in front of them, leading downwards. Without any discussion, Ethandrel started down the old and creaky stairs. The stairs continued down at least 50 or more feet before coming stopping at a lower level and opening to a hallway with 6 prison cells off it and a set of double doors at the end of the hallway across from the stair entrance.

There was unflickering light coming from one of the center cells. Peering in, the party could see a human male chained to the far wall. The man attempted to call to them but his voice was hoarse from call too much previously.

After some odd ball attempts, throwing one another at the locked door, to open it, Ethandrel searched the hallway and found the gaoler keys hanging on the way by the stairs. The door was soon opened and the man released. There were brief introductions around as the man croaked out his name, Luigi.

The party, plus Luigi, continued on opening the double doors and discovering what looked to be a large, rounded rectangular fighting arena with tiers of benches lining the 10 ft high arena walls. The arena had three other exits from the fight area. Another set of the double doors opposite the ones they entered then two smaller gated entrances that showed a sloped wooden ramp leading into a narrow 5’tall tunnel.

Once more humourous antics resulted in one of the party, Adric Black, being thrown down the opening gate into the tunnel beyond. There, Adric found several large cell like animal changes with half starved predatory (like panthers, bears and boars) animals within.

While the others waited to hear back as to what was there, Adric seeing an opportunity for some free meat, proceeded to kill the boar from outside the cage. The smell of fresh blood as the boar was kill, sent the remaining animals into a bit of a hunger frenzy. This brought down Ethandrel and his recently acquired war dog. The ranger, upon discovering the caged animals, saw an opportunity to possibly befriend one of the beasts. He managed to calm down one of the panthers enough to feed it some of the boar meat.

But the animals noise, near frenzied at the smell of blood, had attracted the attention of their caretaker. The two warriors, could hear an orcish voice from the door at the far end of the cage-lined tunnel.

Ethandrel, thinking that his new found ‘pet’ might deal with the orc easier than he and his companion, released the panther and ushered Adric back away from the door which was now opening. The panther however was wary and didn’t come out right away. Instead, Adric was forced to fire on the orc with his bow.

Two arrows struck and the orc fell, the commotion gained the attention of the other above and soon Adric, Enlxo, and Sifid Tible were clustered around the corpse searching its body. What they failed to take into account was that the panthers cage was still open and with Sifid’s back to it.. it pounced! A shouted warning from Ethandrel, saving Sifid from a deathly bite as he turned and got it in the shoulder rather than the neck. The cat hung on while the inexperienced ranger tried ineffectively to dislodge it and strike it with his sword.

Ethandrel, commanded his war dog in pointing to the cat. “Bite and Hold!” Enlxo worked at getting out a rope to lasso the cat. With shouted advice from the others, he managed to lasso the loop around the cats neck. The cat released it’s prey and working together the men managed to lure and herd the cat into the cage that once held the boar.

While Sifid, went off to search the tunnel from which the orc had entered, Ethandrel sought to calm the cat and befriend it once again. The cat seemed content enough – chewing on the remains of the boar, but would it attack again, if released?

What's Happened So Far...

The story of new adventurers first brought together in the service of Lord Caladon and Lord Adric.

In the beginning..
Story of Undermountain

This is the story of Lady Teneway Sunborough, Paladin of the Holy Order of the Silver Sword and her squire/younger brother/heir to the Sunborough lands and estates, Adric Sunborough, as they quest the rumours of Undermountain.

Lady Teneway was given orders by her friend and liege, King Jandar Ryanhart, to investigate and deal with reports of people going missing in an underground dungeon beneath the port city of Waterdeep. She arrived in the town with only her younger brother, acting as her squire.

Knowing she would need assistance and information, one of her first stops was – you guessed it- a local tavern. There she listened to the details from the barkeep of the several disappearances, and gained knowledge of a known entrance to the underground lair. She posted notices advertising her search for ‘adventurers willing to brave the unknowns of the underground beneath the city’.

Several responded to her ad including: a female mage – Timora (lastname?), a male cleric of her own faith – Taviss-D, a male gnome illusionist – Blirr, a male ranger – Caladon, and … (?). These she made agreements with to have come with her for a fee or a reasonable share of any confiscated treasures. Most went with this option as since the underground lair was unsanctioned by the King, with no tithe having ever being received from its owner, all within could be confiscated.



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