Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermoutain Adventure #16

Thieves mess

DM: Sinthija
Characters: Sarah Jane (from Orlando Florida in the year 2020), Derek, Arabella, Sir Gwaine, Jonny, Echo, Lady Jess, Ashlee (DS) Lee, Cadelle

Ring of Regen is given back to Cadelle
Jonny creates food and water. (prayer)
Group talking. Sarah from Orlando.
DS throws dagger at Cadelle – Lee and the others see this. (Sir Gwaine, Arabella and Lady Jess).
Cadelle retaliates. (Echo and Derek only saw the retaliation)
Argument erupts and in the yelling Echo throws a sword at Cadelle and impales her (Critical hit – HP down to 2.)
Lee tries to tackle Echo but misses.
Drop your weapon – submit or die. (unsure who said that)




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