Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain - Team Sir Francis

Scene Intro

Those in the midst of various Arena games found themselves suddenly ‘popped-out’ of that situation – whatever it might have been, and into a new one.
Sir Francis had been resting in the Blink Dog room after several pop-outs with various members of this party, first with Bumble and Kyria, then in a completely white room with Lady Jess and Lee. The popping in and out had become quite bothersome of late – as if Halaster, the master of this underground warren, was extremely bored and was seeking a means to entertain himself through the party and their drama-filled interactions. He let out a quiet sigh and hoped it settled down soon.
As if to make mockery of his hope, the room suddenly came alive with the sound of popping. Sir Francis groaned then opened his eyes to take in the changes to the party’s make-up.
What he noted first was that the room seemed suddenly spacious but dark, what with about half the party’s members missing and their secondary light source – the torch usually held by Finn – was missing along with the young lad.. err girl (dammit he’d never get used to that!). He glanced about looking for Lee, half expecting her usual accented ‘Roll Call’ shout. But he didn’t see her and her voice never sounded. Rather than assume the call himself, Sir Francis, merely did a mental head count of those who remained.
There were six remaining including himself. That meant 6 were popped out.
Cadelle was glancing about the room from her crouched position at a nearby door – she had been checking it for traps.
Bumble who had been talking animatedly to the nearby Blink Dogs, was holding up his hands in a show of peace as the creatures were suddenly issuing growls at the sudden disappearance of several members all at once.
Kenji who had been making good time with Lady Jess, was suddenly alone looking about in bewilderment.
Merek and Star were likewise confused and getting to their feet half expecting trouble.
Before anyone could speak, an amused male voice sounded – those who had previously spoken to the mage Halaster, would recognise the voice immediately.
“At the request your friends, now elsewhere in my labyrinth, I will refrain from teleporting your party members in and out and about for my amusement – my teleport traps however remain. Good luck finding them.” There was a burst of chaotic laughter then sudden silence.
(the only light source at present is Star’s light stone which she took out just before the Blink Dog encounter)
Sir Francis all rested was seeing a shift in our team once a again.. ‘oh boy now what?’

Cadelle groaned at the mage’s message. “Seriously?” She glanced back towards the group, “We lost half our party!” She glanced skyward continuing, “We’re doing too good at this eh? So you had to make things harder? Whatever! We’re still gonna kick ass down here- just you watch!”

“Is every one ok?” Sir Francis asked.. awaits a response..
Kenji who saw he was alone said. "Ya but I.. I dont se.. "
Merek interrupts.. “where the hell did you put our friends?” In a pissed off tone..
Star is all puzzled and hoping bumble was with her.. all she did was a walked towards bumble in worry.. thinking her other friends are dead.

Bumble continued trying to placate the growling Blink Dogs, who seemed to take the disappearance of the others as some sort of attack. “Uh, Star keep back please, everyone keep back- these dogs are a getting aggressive”

Star paused for a moment forgetting the dog in her sorrow.. she stopped and backed off.. “oh okay Bumble..”

“Yeah I’m good.” Cadelle didn’t know whether to be annoyed or relieved to see that Dark Shadow was one of the others taken. She didn’t mind one whit that Lee, Lady Jess and Eko were taken – Thanks Halaster. Sir Francis was way more pliable with the two women fighters gone and Cadelle still hadn’t forgiven Eko for his attack on Zack last week. Jonny however was a bit of loss at least for the others healing wise. She had her Ring of Regeneration- so she’d be fine regardless. “So what’s the plan now, oh fearless leader?”

(Jan 22nd 2017 continued)
Cadelle motioned towards the door she’d been checking “Door Number One to the north? Path Number One to to the northwest where we’ve encountered an undead horde?” She adjusts her pointing to indicate the route they’d come down from a short while ago. Then turns about pointing south west. “Path Number Two to the west – which we skipped earlier. Or Path Number Three,” She turns again and points east this time. “to the caved in passage and Door Number Two?”

(Jan 28 2017 continued)
After Star successfully alters her Hold Person spell to encompass the Blink Dogs; it is decided by the paladin that they should continue on.

Sir Francis’ group goes north back through the north passage that they originally entered – heading back towards where they encountered the undead horde. They can still hear some moaning up ahead. The walking order is Cadelle and Sir Francis leading, followed by Star and Bumble then lastly Kenji and Merek – with Merek keeping watch from behind with his infravision. The only light is from Star’s magical stone. (unless I missed someone sparking a torch) . The area is completely black save for this 30 ft radius of light.

By the sound of the echoing moans, the area they have entered is rather large and empty of furnishings. Cadelle’s map shows the first area to extend 100 ft to the west and go 50 ft north before opening up again into unknown territory. A door to the east is seen ahead but Cadelle comments that by her mapping that door would lead to an area of the dungeon they have already been down just the day before.

At Sir Francis’ command the group continues forward along the east wall passing the door, and into what sounds like might be another open area. At the edge of the light there looks to be a passage to the east. The sounds of moaning are louder in this open area though nothing can be seen in the darkness – by the humans at least. Demi-humans with infravision (Cadelle, Merek and Bumble) however see a shuffling mass of blue outlined figures (the blue denotes undead with infravision) gathered to the north west just at the edge of their infravision (60 ft). Cadelle quietly mentions the undead to Sir Francis. “We’ve got easily a score (20) of undead ahead about 60 ft away to the north. We don’t seem to have attracted them yet – maybe Star could use that massive ball of fire to take them out before they get closer or we can take the passage to the east and avoid them entirely – but have them at our backs… making retreat uncertain.” She waits for his decision – hoping he’ll be smart about it.



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