Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain - Team Lady Jess

Scene Intro

Those in the midst of various Arena games found themselves suddenly ‘popped-out’ of that situation – whatever it might have been, and into a new one.
Lee who had just questioned Jonny about the black staff he’d just retrieved from the room with a ghost, suddenly found herself back in the Blink Dog room with the usual crowd for what seemed like a heartbeat before being popped away again; this time finding herself in darkness, with the sounds of other poppin’ fading into the darkness.
“Dammit all Halaster.” She vented in a frustrated whisper. “I wish you’d quit with poppin’ people about.” She then back to business and shouted “Roll Call!” while keeping alert and feeling about her clothes for where she’d left her flint and tinder. They’d need a torch to see.
Before anyone could answer back there was the sound of laughter vibrating the ground. “As you wish.” Halasters voice seemed to echo in the darkness.
Lee got the sense that she’d just made a mess of things. “Aw Hell!”
Jonny also found himself being ‘popped’ back to the Blink Dog room briefly before arriving in darkness. Before the expected “Roll Call” sounded, he heard a few feet to his left Lee’s whispered frustration to Halaster. Jonny smiled slightly, knowing exactly how she felt. Her “Roll Call” sounded.
Before Jonny could think to answer her roll call request, an ominous laughter boomed all around him, vibrating the ground. “As you wish.” Halaster’s voice echoed.
“Aw Hell!” was Lee’s response.
Lady Jess who had been spending her time back at the Blink Dog room with Kenji, just relaxing while the thieves did their checks on the nearby doors, suddenly found herself plunged into darkness. With the sounds of poppin’ fading away. Lady Jess wasn’t one to complain but the constant change of party members were wearing on her. She idly wished there was something she could do to negate Halaster’s power to teleport them about.
She faintly heard a familiar Texan accent whispering several feet to her right but couldn’t make out the words, the whisper was immediately followed by the usual “Roll Call!”
Before the paladin could respond, she felt the ground vibrate from a sudden evil laughter that sounded from the darkness around her. “As you wish.” Halaster taunted, his voice echoing.
“Aw Hell!” Lee complained.
Finn, or rather Fiona, had been keeping rear guard by the Blink Dog room – with torch in one hand and sword in the other, when she heard the distinctive poppin’ sound of people being teleported about, she was in the midst of glancing about to see who was gone or had arrived this time when she was plunged into sudden darkness. Oddly, she still had both torch and sword in hand. She bit back the alarmed yelp that threatened to erupt from her. She should be used to this by now, the poppings anyway, but to arrive in darkness just made everything that much worse. She wished it would just stop.
She was relieved to hear Lee’s voice call out a moment later “Roll Call!”
Being the least important of the party, Finn always answered back last, but even before anyone else could respond, the ground shook with a loud frightening laughter. It sent shivers down her spine. “As you wish” the voice spoke.
It’s words prompted an “Aw Hell” from Lee. Finn waited quietly for others to speak up first. She hoped it wasn’t just her and Lee this time.
Eko had been resting back at the Blink Dog room, watching the others pair up and socialize while he had been left on his own. It always seemed like he was the odd man out. His thoughts on the subject were interrupted by the sounds of poppin’. ‘Here we go again.’ And sure enough he was suddenly in darkness. Would it ever end?
Eko unsheathed his sword in anticipation, as he alertly waited listening, he heard a muffled sound to his immediate right along what sounded like the faint snap and crackle of torch fire, to his left he heard quiet mutterings followed by the expected “Roll Call” from where the muttering had been heard . He rolled his eyes – this was getting tiring.
Before he could bother to respond, loud laughter filled the darkness making the ground shake with its sheer volume. “As you wish” answered the male voice (not sure if Eko ever has spoken to Halaster before).
Lee’s voice sounded next in dismay, “Aw Hell”
DS had been by the Blink Dog room, checking a door for traps when suddenly she found herself in darkness, with several poppin’ going on all around. Rather than be alarmed or upset the versatile thief adapted to the situation, grinning. It took only a second for her Gnomish infravision to kick in and the shapes of 5 other bodies were visible as hazy red silhouettes. She recognized each silhouette. From her position which seemed to be in the midst of the lined up group, there was Lady Jess, Lee and Jonny to her left and Eko and Finn to her right. Finn held a flaming torch that hurt the thief’s heat sensitive eyes. So she quickly looked away.
Keen gnomish ears or maybe it was more the thieves’ ability to Hear Noise that she’d instinctively focused in the dark, whatever the reason, DS heard more than most in the darkness. She heard Eko unsheathing his weapon, the unmistakable bit off yelp of surprise from Finn, the creak of Lady Jess’ armour, clearest of all she heard Lee’s frustrated whisper to Halaster wishing he’d quit poppin’ people about. Hearing the fighter take in a deep breath to issue her usual “Roll Call” DS turned away so it wouldn’t be so loud.
Unfortunately there was no turning away from the booming laughter that filled the hallway they stood in. The sound of it made the gnomes head ache. The laughter ended with a “As you wish”.
Lee’s “Aw Hell” was pleasantly quiet after that.

(slight correction to this Jonny also has a lit torch that isn’t giving off light – just discovered this while rereading some of the back notes)

Lee let out a bit of a huff after Halaster’s words. She hoped it didn’t mean that she was stuck wherever she was without possibility of getting out. As yet there had been no reply to her Roll Call, which was disturbing since she could hear movement in the dark.. as well as what she thought was the snap and crackle of a torch yet there was no light. Warily she pulled her sword free of its scabbard, senses alert. “Who’s there?”



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