Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain - Another Quest pt 4

Finding Prisoners / Troll battle in the Library

Unknown to our usual Undermountain Adventurers (Sir Francis and crew) others have encountered the gnolls with not so happy outcome. The survivors of that battle have been captured and are held captive in prison cells.

At hearing the sound of battle so near their cells the prisoners (Adric Fire, Nova, Edward Hoek, and Dalton) and with no gnolls left guarding their cells the prisoners call out for assistance. This is heard by the group and soon the prisoners are freed.

The large party regroups in the Library and make introductions and rest up, binding wounds and such.

Their rest however is interrupted by a trio of wandering trolls. Battle ensues.

(game paused to celebrate New Years 2014)

Sadly little was recorded of the troll battle however those that were there do recall the mage Star casting FIREBALL. This killed 2 of the trolls, and blasted the party’s thief, Stealth.
The last troll was killed by a book thrown by Sir Francis.



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