Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain - Another Adventure pt 12


DM – Flipspage
Characters – Lee, Star, Stealth, Jonny, Kenji, Nova, Johnny Cade, Zack

Open the trapped door – leads to zig zag hallway (not taken)
Continue north up a few stair – another door to the left (west). Hears yawning, Stealth checks it out. A tree. Climbs.. attacked by branch. Jonny followed up tree, also attacked and hit. hung upside down.
Tree talks to Lee and group….

“Halister and I were friends for many years he wanted me to be apart of the under mountain project but when my work was done he had no intention on having me even close to be his partner, I heard rumours of him being like this, after all the work was done. We had a two man celebration for our hard work. I had a drink of whatever it was he had made for me. and then I’m this. I stand in the very spot I stood. I have been here for more than a hundred years, I just want to die but the moisture in the walls and the well deep down beneath me is keeping me alive. I need someone to kill me. This is the only way I’ll be free.

I have been thinking of my life before I was turned into this…
it was not a very nice one…I do want to die"

The wizard-tree wants to die, if not it will end up being used to create unending numbers of orcs. Doesn’t want that. Lee agrees to kill it.
Tree opens up and a tunnel down is followed to where its heart is. Lee says a final farewell and stabs her sword through the trees heart.

Tree transforms back into the mage… a dying “thank-you”
Continue on to the sound of fighting. Zack checks door to the right (east) but is unable to unlock. Stealth also unable to unlock. Lee kicks down the door.

Oddly enough their talking had attracted attention behind the door and a file of 7 orcs were knocked down in domino fashion when Lee kicked open the door.

Lee pulls her sword to defend if the orcs attack but doesn’t make the first move. She instead tries to confirm with the mage if the orcs were ‘real’ orcs or more illusions.

Star, and several others that speak orc, greet the orcs as they scramble back up to their feet. they diffused the aggression and a fight was avoided.

Lee stalked off to the north, upset that the mission – to kill off the creatures down here- was being completely ignored. Why were they here now , if they weren’t going to clear out the maze of rooms and kill monsters?

Upset, Lee opened the final door to the north at the end of the hall, without waiting for the following thieves to check it. But though it was trapped, Lee JUST managed to dodge out of the way of the large log that swung down from the ceiling at her entrance.

Others filed in afterwards (game paused).


I remember this one, wow i was not to bad at all, in the story writing part.. It’s been a long time hey? Girls an boys..


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