Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #33

Eko poisoned / DS scroll / evening in the tent

DM – Cynthia

1. Lee/ Jonny/Dark Shadow moving along the hall after the Gargoyle
2. Sir Francis get the rest of the group together
3. cross the room
4. DS checks for traps
5. Lee heal (?)
6. taking route back
7. Room in Acarac baby (bird-people) – Eko poison
LJ/SF/J all notice out E makes little of it.
8. DS continues on SF/E 2nd
9. Ar check out Eko / Lee tries to discourage / DS moves
10. kills one Aakarack (WHO?)
11. ?? goes up with DS (doesn’t puke on DS) – had to roll a Constitution / Bumble does last rites on the Aakarrck
12. DS sees door to No – 13 Checks for traps/ Stealth leaves the room
13. Opens door – cautiously enters (DS?) / Stealth catches up
14. Completely empty room – “Please not staying”
15. SF notices Eko looking worse – orders all to fall back into the room.

20. Entertainment / Eko First Aid
M/K/Cadelle at door / SF checking on Eko (drawn to TV) Arabella / Star
21. Bumb/Ar/SF/Eko in FA room – TV
22. Bumbles holds himself (?? holding action)
23. J dispels (tries to dispel the poison)
24. SF finds E
25. Calls for help from Jonny
26. Tries to get out of help – getting Lady Jess
27. LJ / Lee making popcorn / Bumble tries to help but is ????
28. LJ and Eko talk
29. Popcorn (J holding hands with Lee)
30. UNSEEN SERVANT for DS – carrying scroll from Natass (looks like floating scroll) / Eko passes out in the kitchen
31. Corner (DS/ Merek/ Stealth) Kenji watching door / Bumble asking around for Eko
32. “To Ashlee daughter of Azazel” – closed
33. LJ finds Eko in kitchen / DS reads message
34. “Not sure need more info”
35. LJ – tries laying of hands on Eko – nothing
36. LJ – tries cure disease on Eko – nothing
37. LJ & Bumble – check for poison – yes (type)
38. Cadelle identifies antidote – but she doesn’t have any
39. Bumble suggests Neutralize Posion
40. Arabelle / Jonny PRAYER/CHANT
41. Bumble cast NEUTRALIZE POISON, – 1 constitution for 1 day
42. Eko conscious
43. J in trouble with Lee (why?) / DS & C back outside tent
44. ?? 14 now
45. talk (who?) / Lee & Jonny (holding) / SF helps Eko to room
46. Eko to couch beside Lee
LJ / talks to DS & C – asking about any happen C lies & deflects / M & K don’t say anything
60. J suggests resting / Lee takes Finn to Room (she’s asleep?) – TALK (J&L)
Finn sleeping
Bumble has assumptions on what happened in Finn’s bedroom
Lady Jess tries to get everyone together
Cadelle suggestive comments
Cadelle / DS issue
Bumble passed out in front of TV
Lee forcibly puts Jonny to bed
all go to bed/ except DS & Cadelle (falling asleep)




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