Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #32

Where (or were) are we?

DM- Amy?
Characters: Lee, Cadelle, Finn, Bumble, Sir Francis, Arabella, Merek, Kenji, Star, flickering humans.

Pops outs… all the Dopplegangers of themselves are gone, as are several of their companions (DS, Zack, Jonny, Johnny Cade, Lady Jess, and Eko)
Lee: Roll Call!
The flickering humans (dopples) ask the group about Ashlee. “Have you seen a female gnome?”
Cadelle sees the flickering and cuts off Sir Francis’ answer. “Sorry haven’t seen her”
The flickering humans leave, Cadelle daggers the door shut behind them and then explains her lie to Lee and Sir Francis with “They gave me a bad vibe.”
They head north.
Walking order: C & M / SF / K & F / A & B / St & L
Lee takes Cadelles dagger as they leave the room.
Come across a room. handle seems hot with cool breeze beneath – checked for traps (none)
Merek tries to bust in the door while Cadelle peers ??
Cadelle rolls away, knocking Merek down as the door opens
Cadelle peers inside – nothing – cautiously enters
TELEPORT to large empty room – sees nothing all is dark. (OOC what about her infravision?)
Suddenly Merek arrives, followed by everyone else – Finn has torch.
Stealth (Cadelle) checks doors.
Booming voice “Welcome to the Arena!”
Pops – Werejackals (4) – surprise attack
Also present are Eko, Lady Jess, Dark Shadow and Jonny as stone statues.

Round 1:
WJ on Bumble (4 dam), WJ on Arabella (miss), WJ on Lee (botch – 2 dam to itself), WJ on Finn (3 dam)
Arabella crit hit on #1 (12 dam)
Bumble miss
Kenji miss
Finn miss
Merek hit on #1 (12 dam)
Cadelle backstab on #4 (18 dam)
Star levitates herself (lasts 1 hr)
Lee hit on #4 (12 dam)
Sir Francis hits on #3 (8 dam)
10 – second attacks Sir Francis hit #3 (12 dam) / Kenji hits #3 (15 dam) /
Monsters miss SF / miss Finn / miss Merek / crit hit Lee for 8 dam

Round 2:
1 – Lee hits #4 (12 dam) – dead – Eko released
3 – Kenji miss #3
4 – Eko miss #2
5 – Arabella dodges #1 / Merek miss #1/ Werejackal attacks – #1 miss Merek, #2 miss Eko, #3 hit Kenji for 6 dam
6 – Bumble prayer / Star MAGIC MISSILE #3 (6 dam) – dead – Jonny released
7 – Finn hits #2 (2 dam)
8 – Jonny walks behind Lee / Stealth goes to help Merek hits #1 (? dam) – dead – Lady Jess released
10 – Sir Francis hits #2 (13 dam)

Round 3:
1 – Star MAGIC MISSILE #2 (8 dam) / Jonny ?
2 – Eko crit hit on #2 (30 dam) – dead – Dark Shadow released

DS/Cadelle talk about the other seeking her.
Paladin calls.
Told secrets (sharing circle) (OOC details!!!)
Merek sang to DS (OOC what prompted that?)

Left stone door ( Cad / Eko)
More gargoyles in room (fight)
SF/ L /E/K/ J /DS holding torch
attacks on each monster – K hit for 1/ Lee missed / Jonny & Kenji hit #1 (34 dam), Eko & SF on #2 (36 dam)
Eko poisoned (7 rd til it shows)
Monsters dead. Treasure 40 gp & 70 gp
Lee & DS down the hall
Stealth checking door
Other on watch.



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