Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #26

(character list only - game details in #27)

DM – Amy

Characters: Del “The Engineer” (Adric’s Time-Wars character), Altair, Sir Raymond, zack drake, Johnny Cade, Lady Jess, Jonny, Ashlee (Dark shadow), Eko, Sir Francis Drake, Star, Content Not Found: null_, _Content Not Found: null, Merek, Lee Sutherland, Cadelle Tabisk (Stealth), Finn (Fiona), Bumble

Pop in the new folks (Del, Altair, Sir Raymond) – Roll Call! and introductions
Star is studying. Arabella – studying her new staff.
Jonny wants to talk more – Lee not so much.
Partner up!
Jonny & Lee / Lady Jess & Kenji / Merek & DS / SirF & SirR / Zack & Cadelle / Del & Altair / Ara & Bumble / Eko & Finn / JohnnyC & Star

((this is continued in Undermountain Adventure #27))



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