Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #20

Things are not what they seem

Dm: Amy
Characters: Sir Francis, Star, Merek, Kenji, Lady Jess, Dark Shadow, Jonny, Stealth, Finn, Lee, Bumble.

Resting 3 hrs – 1 hr prayer/study
DS and Jonny watching Stealth.
(3 routes… ?)
- Finn sees 2 orcs (wandering) actually 5 beetles (verified by Star)
- Cadelle sees 5 gnolls
- Kenji sees 1 large 100ft snake

Cadelle keeps shooting herself in the foot (OOC I hate 1’s)
Dead orcs drop from the snake body (must have been an covering illusion)
Sir Francis left the beetles (orcs) to pass – went through ???(scale)
Finn went to wall, popped away (invisible cage)
14 orcs killed (took several rounds before all could see them) Lee was last.
4 killed by Kenji, 4 by Lee, 1 by Merek, 4 by Jonny, 3 by Bumble (not sure why there are 17 now)
5 gnolls – dealt with by Lady Jess & Sir Francis
– 3 put to sleep by Sir Francis
- 1 by Bumble and Sir Francis

Oil of Disenchantment on wall (Stealth sees where they are being held, recalls room) DS walked on invisible wall to door just as Stealth & Lady Jess arrives, door not locked




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