Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #19

Some times its not an illusion

DM: Amy
Characters: Lee, Cadelle, Finn, Bumble, Sir Francis, Arabelle, Derek, Merek, Kenji, Star, Sir Gwaine.
Missing: Dark Shadow, Lady Jess, Jonny, Sir Raymond, Eko (with Halaster)
Left: Zack, Johnny Cade

Popping In / Popping Out
Lee reports recent issues

walking order:
Stealth – Merek
Lee – Sir Francis
Finn (torch) – Sir Gwaine
Arabella – Star
Bumble – Derek

Come upon 5 werewolves (Star confirms they aren’t illusion)

  1. killed by Merek/Star/Lee
  2. killed by Stealth / Sir Francis
  3. killed by Lee / Stealth
  4. killed by Kenji / Sir Francis / Merek
  5. backed away and escaped



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