Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #18

Stress continued

DM: Amy ? (Sinthija “after Amy got tired”)
Characters remaining: Lee, Cadelle, Jonny, Bumble, Finn, Sir Raymond, Lady Jess
Lost: Eko (popped out by Halaster after dropped to -2 hp), Zack left after Cadelle told him to leave for stabbing Lee, Johnny Cade left with Zack

(All of Amy’s characters popped out – Star, Sir Francis, Derek, Merek, Kenji, Sir Gwaine, Arabella)

Zack vs Eko. Zack goes after Eko for lobbing a sword at Cadelle and nearly killing her.
Lee and Lady Jess intervene.
Lee pins Zack. Lee drops Eko (order of this might be backwards)
Zack gets HELD and injured into negatives. Bumble binds wounds (hp 0)
Discussion of how to split party and who should go. Eko is bound up.
After awhile, Lady Jess and Finn agree to leave with Eko.
Once he’s free, Eko surprises everyone and goes to stab Zack (while the thief is unconscious). Bumble saves Zacks life with a Cure Light Wounds, even as the attack is happening.
Eko is attacked in return by others and drops (-2 hp) Halaster pops Eko out before anyone has time to do anything to save or finish him off.
Zack is woken and he backstabs Lee for pinning him.
More argument ensues and Cadelle tells Zack to leave.
Zack and Johnny Cade leave.



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