Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #14

The Caterpillar Paladin?

DM: Sinthija
Characters: Lee, Stealth, Ashlee (DS), Lady Jess, Jonny, Zack, Sir Raymond, Orion, cameos by Adric Fire and Cascadia.

Cadelle killed one of the caterpillars (am I missing a scene from before this?) It turned out to be an unknown Paladin! Cadelle is shocked and alarmed at this discovery. She’s just unintentionally killed someone. For her theirs a big difference between being hired to kill and being tricked into killing.

Lee is fighting the other caterpillar and tries to knock it out instead of killing it. Doing so doesn’t change its form. She reasons that it is in fact a monster, since when fighting the altered wererats, they would transform back into human once unconscious. Trusting this to be fact, she kills the second caterpillar. It remains a giant caterpillar.

During this Cadelle takes off upset, around the corner. Ashlee is checking doors.
Lee orders everyone to follow after the two thieves, she brings along the paladin corpse. She has an idea and places the regeneration ring she has from Cadelle on the corpse and it slowly revives and becomes conscious. It introduces itself as Derek.

Because Derek is still injured and the ring takes too long to heal someone fully, Lady Jess does a lay of hands on him.

Ashlee opens a door and discovers a room with 8 skeletons. Jonny checks for magic on the skeletons and the door. They don’t appear to be illusioned or altered.

Jonny and Adric Fire rush in to kill them in an attempt to impress Lee. Jonny kills 2. Adric Fire quickly dispatches 6 of them – crushing the head of the last one in front of Lee impressing her.

In the room was a rusted 2 handed sword ( Vorpal +5) – (believe this was given to Adric Fire??)



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