Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #30

Body-switching, Dopples and Wererats

Characters: the usual crew

Cadelle tells SF about body switch (see list below) mid-fight – the human’s flickering
SF goes to see about the Dopples.
Lee/Eko to deal with the last wererats
Merek/Star- Star feels masculine, feels JC behind her & Merek tries “Magic Missile” but it doesn’t work
Arabella/Bumble – Bumble excited about being in a new body & Arabella holding her action
Sir Francis – talking to Johnny (Cadelle)
Kenji/Lady Jess – Kenji feeling up boobs on his new body & Lady Jess was leading in the human, now will step in front saying “STOP
Dopples stop “Do you not see what they are?”
LJ – “They are human.” Gives warning.
“yes, Lady Jess.”
Eko/Lee – attack wererats (Lee 15 dam/Eko 13 dam) (attack at 10 – Lee crit hit) both wererate dead.
SF calls for the 2 fighters.
Jonny/Cadelle – Jonny waiting for Lee & Cadelle heading in with Sir Francis (heading where?)
DS/Finn – DS attacks ZackD (dam 7) & Finn ?

Roll Call!
JC & Zack consciousness popped into their own Dopples




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