Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Undermountain Adventure #28

Let's not 'Forget' the Hobgoblins!

DM – Amy
Characters: (the unlucky 13) Lee, Stealth, Bumble, Finn, DS, Jonny, Eko, Lady Jess, Sir Francis, Arabella, Star, Kenji, and Merek along with pop-ins: Tom, Zack, Johnny Cade, Midnight, and Shadow.

continue from end of #27
Remaining 6 Hobgoblins (pop back with Johnny Cade and Zack.

Rd 1
L out of Fog (cast last game by Tom)
J crit hit on #4 – 24 dam – dead
C in the fog
F hit #11 – 14 dam – dead
E hit #1 – 16 dam – dead
Bumble chant x 4

Round 2!
LJ trying to find K
J attempting to dispel fog (fail)
Z bumps into hobgob looking for C – Z attacks – 17 dam – dead
Midnight (Raven) – helping with Chant
E on #3 – 21 dam – dead
F goes north
T jumps toward B (? hits LJ & K)
DS checks hobgob
JC trying to find Star (north-east)

Round 3!
LJ searching for K
EK crit hit #9 (slaughter / overkill) – dead
Mid – holding action
Zack – holding action
Finn – drops last monster (hobgob) ((OOC when I first read it my notes it looked like “Finn drops last Hamster” ok… huh wait? Hamster?! LOL!!))
K forgets – 3 minutes permanent
DS doesn’t forget (made saving throw) _ ((OOC who cast forget? and why? – Tom maybe??))_

((that’s the last of my notes on that if anyone else remembers something – please add it))



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