Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

The troubles of Smit

DM – Amy (NPC Ariel)
Location: Lake Smit
Characters – Jacques Dubois, John (Walks in Moonlit ‘aka’ Unseen), Kenny, Cartman, Bowan, Doom

The party was gathered at an waystop, an inn, in the midst of the wilds. The Smit Inn and Tavern was rumoured to be haunted with patrons disappearing mysteriously.

Al (Ariel) spoke to the patrons gathered that night and warned of the disappearances. Jacques spoke up and announced his intention of investigating the disappearances – others offered to help.

As the next expected disappearance was that evening, plans were made for the PC’s to stay up all night and keep watch from outside the inn. Jacques attempted to set up snares in an area where some odd footprints were seen.

Just before midnight, noises from the nearby wood could be heard from the right hand side of the building where John, Kenny and Al were. From the woods emerged a Kuo-Toa. Other kuo-toa appeared in other areas surrounding the inn. Battle ensued.


i love this, and i love DMing too

The troubles of Smit

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