Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

The Arena Game Two

DM – Sinthija
Location: The Arena
Characters: Drone, Doomrider, Abby McLire, Noque and “Penny the Husky”

Drone, the dwarven warrior woke to find himself laying on a large metal platform (100’ by 50’ suspended over what looked to be a lake by four large chains attached at each corner leading up to … nothing. Obviously magic was involved here.
Suddenly, there was a Pop behind him. And where before there had been nothing there was now an odd looking box or crate. It was made from some unfamiliar material that was pink in colour and had what looked to be air holes? One side looked like it had a metal grate that could be opened like a gate or door. Within there was a large female puppy. Noque opened the door and was greeted enthusiastically. He was quick to give the young female Husky pup a name – Penny.
Then there were three other similar Pop’s and three other individuals were suddenly there as well. A dark-skinned mage, name Noque, recognizable by the arcane symbols painted on him. Abby McLire a priest of the goddess Brigantia and a Dragonborn named Doomrider.
Needless to say, those not familiar with the race of Dragonborn were a bit alarmed at his appearance and the newly gathered group almost fell to fighting amongst themselves.
When Abby, heatedly asked if Doomrider had brought them here, an loud voice answered from the nowhere that they had been brought here to the Games and that they would need to work together if they expected to survive.
This was immediately followed by 5 more popping sounds and the group turned just in time to see 5 orcs attacking them with swords. Battle ensued. Drone killed 3, Noque and Abby were both downed by the orcs, Penny helped where she could biting at toes and pulling her friend the mage to safety as the Dragonborn finished off the last two with a well aimed lightning bolt. The priest and the mages wounds were bound tight and for a moment it seemed hopeless, until a lick from the puppy (and a light slap from the dragonborn) roused the cleric. Seeing the state of the mage, Abby focused and called apon his goddess to heal the short, dark-skinned mage. There was just enough time to check the orc bodies for coins before POP the combatants were sent back to where they came from – injured but alive after a round of the Arena Games. Who will be next to find themselves there?



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